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Majoring in Computer Science - AI at undergraduate level


A degree in artificial intelligence (AI) engineering? In fact, there are enough universities in the United States that offer programs in AI.

Artificial intelligence is the science as well as engineering of making intelligent machines, particularly intelligent computer programs that are related to process making use of computers to understand human intelligence, however AI doesn't have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.

Branches of AI include - Natural language, Genetic programming, Epistemology,  Robotics, Expert system, Logical AI, Perceptive systems, Inference etc..

First, most programs are at the graduate level – and in a majority of those cases, the study of artificial intelligence was confined to a few measly elective courses. But luckily there were quite a few schools providing specialized and/or comprehensive academic degrees in artificial intelligence starting at the undergraduate level.

At this point, we noticed another trend: our searches of artificial intelligence degrees led us to schools’ research webpages as often as their admissions sites. Clearly, research is an important part of the subject. Students who really want to be on the cutting edge of the field need to do everything they can to get their hands dirty by helping out in an on-campus lab – or in the case of graduate students, completing original research.

Below are the Best 20 AI Schools offering undergraduate programs (click here for more details)

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University of Tennessee-Knoxville


Artificial Intelligence


University of Washington


User Interface and Human-Computer Interaction


Stanford University


Artificial Intelligence


University of Georgia


Cognitive Science


University of Pennsylvania




University of California-Berkeley


Technical Electives in Cognitive Science


University of Michigan


Artificial Intelligence or Robotics & Vision


U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, & Cybernetics


University of Massachusetts-Amherst


Artificial Intelligence


Indiana University


M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction Design


Oregon State University


Human-Computer Interaction


Northwestern University


Depth in Artificial Intelligence


University of Rochester


Machine Learning, Vision, & Robotics or Human Computer Interaction & Web


The Ohio State University


Artificial Intelligence


Harvard University


Mind, Brain, & Behavior


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Elective Options


Columbia U in the City of New York


Artificial Intelligence Track


Purdue University


Machine Intelligence Track


Georgia State University


Concentration in Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction


University of California-San Diego


Artificial Intelligence Cluster


Amazon has become the latest tech giant that’s giving away some of its most sophisticated technology. Today the company unveiled DSSTNE (pronounced “destiny”), an open source artificial intelligence framework that the company developed to power its product recommendation system.

Applications of AI include

  • Science
  • Improvement associated with new drugs – model clinical research within animals as well as humans
  • Remote controlled surgical procedures – utilizes robotics as well as computer-based optical techniques – can be executed 50 percent approach around the world
  • Innovative weather modeling • Doppler redar • speech recognition – In the 1990s, computer speech recognition reached a practical level with regard to limited purposes. Therefore United Airlines provides swapped out the keyboard tree with regard to flight information with a program using speech recognition associated with flight numbers as well as city names. It's very convenient. Alternatively, although you are able to teach several computers making use of speech, many people have gone back to the keyboard as well as the mouse as still more convenient.
  • Industrial
  • Machine vision inspection techniques – cameras as well as computers are put about assembly lines to get problems
  • Robotic systems
  • Use computer automation and also mechanical equipment – be held connected with humans in manufacturing associated with cars
  • Understanding natural language
  • Expert systems
  • Heuristic classification
  • Modeling human performance • Planning and robotics
  • Game playing
  • Computer vision
  • Language and environmental of AI
  • Machine learning
  • Intelligent Agents Features Topic Goal-motivated behavior State space search logical Decision making System, reasoning patterns Knowledge based behavior Knowledge representation • Information
  • Data
  • Knowledge Adaptive behavior Machine learning Interaction and communication Vision, pattern recognition natural language processing Physical activity Robotics