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American Honors Program

Litz USA is proud to announce the introduction of American Honors to Hong Kong. American Honors works with selected Community Colleges in USA to provide courses that are more rigorous and academically more challenging, they are designed to affordably serve students of high motivation and ability for the first two years of their college education.


American Honors - your stepping stone to the very top universities in the US





Tuesday 4-5pm


Room 1601, 655 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon


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Among the elements of American Honors program are small classes, taught by dedicated faculty, personalized academic and career advising, and expanded opportunities for transfer to four-year colleges across the country. Note that individual courses vary by college.

For students registered with American Honors program, there will be counselors to work with students individually on credits and applying to their ideal college. This is important to most international students who are not too familiar with the American University Transfer process.

Since its launch in 2014, American Honors program graduates have been accepted to Cornell, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Michigan, USC, Rutgers, Purdue, Reed, Union, Occidental and other top universities in the US.


Currently, the participating colleges (state) are:


  1. Pierce College (Washington)
  2. Community Colleges of Spokane (Washington)
  3. Navarro College (Texas)
  4. Jackson College (Michigan)
  5. Ivy Tech Community College (Indiana)
  6. Mercer County Community College (New Jersey)
  7. Union County College (New Jersey)


American Honors program is a rigorous academic program that will enable high-achieving community college students to transfer to some of the top four-year universities in USA.

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What is American Honors?

American Honors (AH) is a 2+2 pathway program to Top 200 U.S. colleges and universities. AH is a nationally recognized 2-year selective honors program at leading community colleges across the United States. Students can start at American Honors then transfer to a top school for their junior and senior year.

Why apply to American Honors?

*   Locations across the United States

*   A dedicated advisor who provides customized one-on-one transfer advising and support for each student

*   Small, interactive honors-level classes with U.S. and international students.

*   Prestigious, large transfer network with assured admission pathways#

*   The college experience: community activities, opportunities to become involved outside the classroom, professional development, etc.

#assured admission is awarded when students fulfill certain requirements

American Honors Transfer Network

*   All members of the American Honors Transfer Network specifically seek out our program graduates for transfer to their institution.

*   A distinct set of institutions provide assured admissions, meaning admission is guaranteed if students successfully complete the American Honors program and meet specific requirements, such as GPA level.

American Honors Transfer Network