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Symbiotic relationship between University’s researches and Industries

The University of Michigan and its College of Engineering were crucial for the auto industries headquartered in nearby Detroit, as they supplied invaluable engineers and research

During World War I

The University of Michigan and its College of Engineering were crucial for the auto industries headquartered in nearby Detroit, as they supplied invaluable engineers and research

100 years after

The University of Michigan (U-M) and Ford Motor Company have opened a new facility dedicated to advancing robotics, autonomous vehicle technology and future mobility solutions.

U-M’s Ford Motor Company Robotics Building is a four-story, US$75m, 134,00 0ft2 complex situated on the north campus. As the new hub of the U-M Robotics Institute, its first three floors hold custom U-M research labs for robots that fly, walk, roll and augment the human body – as well as classrooms, offices and makerspaces. Through a unique agreement, the fourth floor houses Ford’s first robotics and mobility research lab on a university campus, as well as 100 Ford researchers and engineers.

Litz USA’s Elite Program

This popular program has seen many of our students entering this prestigious university in USA. The fact that preparation for competitive schools likes UMich takes lots of time, please do contact us as soon as you can – Phone 2391-9713, WhatsApp 5531-1001




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Are you ready to earn a nursing degree? The U.S. Nursing Shortage: A State-by-State Breakdown

Nurses_by_state_Nurse_Journal_Mar_2021 (pdf)




At this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, alum Chloé Zhao won the Best Director and Best Drama Motion Picture - with “Nomadland”. Although it seems all glitz and glam now, Zhao has worked hard for her mega-success, and her winding, history-making path may surprise you.

The Chinese director, screenwriter and producer got her start at 27 years old, when she moved from Beijing to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to pursue her dreams in film. There, she created her standout 2010 debut, “Daughters”, a short film about a 14-year-old girl in rural China who tries to escape an arranged marriage. Already signaling her future success, the short film won several awards, including Best Student Live Action Short at the Palm Springs International ShortFest. In essence, her tremendous talent was evident from the start.

The Tisch program was an incredible opportunity for Zhao, as she also got the chance to develop her first feature film in 2015, titled “Songs My Brother Taught Me”. Premiering at Sundance, it was a spectacular step into the film industry that enlisted Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker in the production. Detailing the lives of two Native American siblings who live with their single mother on the Pine Ridge Reservation, it showcased the complexity of Zhao's work.

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USA Public and Private School Programs for 2021-22 is due soon - Apply now!

Public School - HK$107,000 for 2021-22

Private School - HK$167,000 

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What's like 

When you experience a different culture through educational and cultural exchange you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you- deepening your knowledge of foreign cultures and strengthening international relationships.

Make Lasting Connections

When you live with a host family, you are integrated into the family and temporarily become part of it. By doing so, you become aware of the inner concerns, hopes, and dreams of a family, a city within USA. And with this realization comes the corresponding knowledge of what it means to belong to your own particular country and culture.

Self Developments

Participants develop leadership skills, self-confidence and a greater understanding of the complexities of the world around them. Getting to know the locals, experiencing USA culture, and living as they do; these are things tourists miss, and this is where you really discover the way of life in USA.


 US News & World Report unveils its University Rankings - check out our webpages with list of universities specially catered for you.

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How a curious girl from Hawaii became a science superstar – Jennifer Doudna 2020 Nobel Prize co-winner


Litz USA presents, “Next 2020 US Presidential Debate”

Live on TVB Pearl (Channel 84)

Oct 23 Friday 09:00AM

2020 America presidential election - trump vs biden 1st debate

Times Higher Education World University Ranking [2020.09.05]

Times Higher Education announced the latest global university rankings 2021 on 2nd September 2020. Litz advise students look beyond the comprehensive rankings, pay attention to other factors such as the faulty you are interested in, your intended major, the school culture, geographical environment, teacher-student ratio, social activities and the important tuition and living expenses. Again, your "best school" should be the one that suit you best. Also ask yourself, can you handle the study of the school you aspire to? Will you study happily at that school?

Road to become a computer game computer designer, then entrepreneur - story of Tim Sweeny who is one credit shy of graduating from University of Maryland [2020.09.03]

"Litz USA Student Servicer" we are the only agent in Hong Kong that carries the Chinese name「麗斯美國留學中心」[2020.09.01]

Litz USA - Chinese company name with logo

In recent months, people have spotted advertisements by a new study USA agent that carries a Chinese company name with「麗斯」美國升學中心, we therefore solemnly advise the public that we never carry other company name since 1989 when Litz was established known. And our only office is located at 655 Nathan Road, Mong Kok. If you have any doubts, please contact us on 2391-9713.

JUPASS announces the official selection results [2020.08.13]

Student of Litz USA arrived Hawaii - KCC Community College [2020.08.04]

Let’s talk about the Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii. Today, our students will send and compare with our saying that the school will start in the past! Although there are many different news from the outside world recently, all our students have successively applied for visas, succeeded in visas, and then entered safely. You can rest assured, I want to study in the United States, welcome to scare us! @ Honolulu, Hawaii.

Facebook about our students’ arrival in Hawaii earlier (KCC Community College)

DSE (Diploma of Secondary Education) Exam Result announced – Options to study in the U.S. (2020.07.22)

As of July 15, the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong has resumed F1 and J1 students visas [2020.07.18]

The US Consulate General in Hong Kong has resumed certain categories of non-immigrant services, including: F, M, J categories (overseas doctors, government visiting officials, international visiting professors, research scholars, short-term research scholars, middle school students and college/university students), C1/D, E, I, O and P visas, as well as certain types of immigrant visas, including IR1, IR2, CR1 and CR2.

Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 Information and Resources for American Colleges and Universities [2020.04.1]