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US High School case - Deni at Village High School (TX)

In recent years, youth films on the American campus have become so popular that many Asian students are longing for a taste of riding in the yellow school bus and attend class in a lively environment. American high school has a flexible academic system and a diverse selection of subjects. It emphasizes the cultivation of students' artistic and sports expertise, and let you enjoy a wonderful and low-pressure campus life. If you are interested in going to the United States to study at a university, you may choose to attend high school in the United States, get used to the local life, and get a discount on college tuition. 

德州的The Village School與MIT麻省理工合設STEAM(科學、技術、工程、藝術和數學)課程。
Picture above: The Village School in Texas has a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) course with MIT.

Flexible learning

In the United States, schools are organized according to the academic ability of the students. Students in the same class can enroll in different classes. For example, if a 9th class student is particularly outstanding in mathematics, he can enroll in the 10th class; on the contrary, if his English is not as good as expected, he have the opportunity to study the English section of the 8th grade to ensure he can progress well in that subject. In addition, American high schools advocate small class teaching, with only about 20 students per class, so that teachers have time to take into account the needs of each classmate. If a student take the initiative to ask for help, the teacher will always willing to help even in after school hours.

In addition to flexible academics, multi-disciplinary options in American high schools are equally attractive. Apart from core subjects such as English and mathematics, students can choose to learn drawing, stage design, astronomy or anatomy according to their interests. After school, they are encouraged to participate in various academic or sports societies as well.A balanced development

While academic results are important, American high schools also attach great importance to the social lives of students. Schools often hold various kinds of extracurricular activities, such as publications, fundraising and volunteer activities, which incidentally can help develop the social and organization skills of their students.

Unlike the most school kids in Hong Kong, whether a student lives in a dormitory (for Boarding School) or a Home Stay (for Day School), he/she is responsible for some housework, self-management is important time which will help develop an independent personality. 

Student’s Testimony

Deni, one of Litz USA students came from a traditional secondary school in Hong Kong. She always long for studying overseas since she was a child. After discussing with her parents, she decided to go to the United States. She told us she can learn in a more relaxed environment due to the high degree of academic freedom in US High school.

Deni followed Litz’s recommendations and went to the Village School in Texas to attend the 9th class, which is located in a safe and peaceful city of Houston. The Village School promote small class teaching and academic achievement as well as participation in extracurricular and charity activities. Deni was among the best in the four years of her high school and graduated with a great score. She is currently studying at the University of Texas - Austin and will move on to it’s pharmacy school in September. (Deni's mother would like to thank the Study Centre for its professional recommendation.)

Tuition Fee Remission for same state University study

The “same state students" have better chance of receiving college tuition reduction. Take Texas and Washington States as examples, if a student graduates from a private high school in the state, he or she can enroll in a state university at a lower tuition fee.

AP Program

Given that a student has achieved a higher level academic level, he or she can enroll in the University's Advanced Placement (AP) program. The results can be counted as university credits, and can save money and time for the student when studying at University. 

位於佛羅里達州的North Broward Preparatory School,其演藝課程由The Juilliard School(茱莉亞學院)授教。
North Broward Preparatory School,Florida, its' performing art program are taught by members of the Juilliard School。
佛羅里達州的Windermere Preparatory School,附設The Juilliard School(茱莉亞學院)暑期跳舞課程。
Windermere Preparatory School,provides summer program for dancing as orgnaized by The Juilliard School.


Litz USA Student Case

Village School-TX Hong Kong Student

Student: Deni from one of the top girl schools in Hong Kong

School and years attended:  Village School (Texas), Grade 9 to 12 

University attended:  University of Texas - Austin

Current status: accepted by the Pharmacy School of UT Austin

Remark: Note: Deni saved a lot of tuition fee at UT Austin as the university offered her a tuition fee same as the local resident since she attended a private high school in Texas (Please call Litz on +852-23919712 for further information regarding tuition fee reduction) 

Village School-TX Hong Kong Student

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Other Reasons of studying high school in USA

* You'll Add Impressive Experience to Your Resume

* You'll Narrow down Your College Major

* You'll Experience a Different Culture & New Ways of Life

* You'll Make New Friends from around the World

* You'll Better Appreciate Life Back at Home

* You'll Learn That You're Capable of Looking After Yourself

* You'll Become More than just a Tourist

* You'll Find Out if You Enjoy Being Far From Home

* You Can improve your English

* You'll Travel Abroad with a Safety Net