Students' cases


A Life Changing Experience - South Puget Sound Community College


South Puget Sound Community College, Washington

Ohio State University, Ohio


"Before I studied abroad, I lived in my comfort zone and didn't want to leave Hong Kong for challenges.

After the HKCEE, I felt like I wouldn't do great in A-Levels because I am sick of the torture of HK education system. Therefore, I decided to try out something new, South Puget Sound Community College!

My first impression of SPSCC and Olympia was that their style of living and learning are so different from Hong Kong.

In SPSCC, I found the joy of studying because the whole living environment is relaxing. Also Olympia is a small, quiet but also a beautiful city, so I'm glad to experience what I called a "life" in Olympia and SPSCC!

Moreover, SPSCC is a good place to improve your English. Since the majority of students (approximately 95%) are native English speakers, it will definitely do good if you try to talk to them. People from small town are mostly more friendly and talkative then urbaner.

To conclude, I found the joy of learning and experienec a life in Olympia. Also, it's definitely a good place to practice American culture included their language."