Student stories


"There are still more things that I haven’t mentioned here, because it takes forever to write it all down."


Exchange - Utah

Tacoma Community College, Washington


"To live in a home stay, never expect they will have enough food for you or the host parent will become exactly like your mummy and daddy. Talking about my first host parent, they gave me only a potato for dinner. This is something I didn’t expect. I am a growing teenager, how will I get satisfy for having only a baked potato for dinner every night? In Hong Kong, I don’t have to worry about food supply, but now I do. I feel really sad about this and disappointed. I really wish I can go back Hong Kong that moment. But I knew, the cost of being an exchange student is not cheap. I will waste that amount of money if I just buy a ticket to go home next day. I am 17, I need to be independent. So, to solve this problem, I went to Wal-Mart almost every day to buy enough extra food, to make sure I won’t be starving after dinner. There is also another problem in this host. There children wants me to play with them every second. If not, they yell at me and cry. But I got my homework to do. So I haven’t done much homework in the first month of school. Anyway I can not live like this for whole year. I have to look for another host by myself.

When I’m in my second host parent, everything starts getting better. I have enough food and I’m no longer living in a small bed at night. I have desk for doing my homework. The new host parent treated me so well. My hosts will help me everything you can think of, even my schoolwork. They treat me as their son. And they even brought me to lots of trip, such as San Francisco, Disneyland, Universal Studio, Sea World and Grand Canyon. Those are the places I wish to visit when I was little. I was so lucky to have a host parent like this. Although sometimes my host mum will argue with me about little things but after we both calm down, we apologize and forgive each other. It makes us more feel like a real family. We all love each other with all our passion no matter what.

About school, it’s kind of different with Hong Kong traditional school. Unlike Hong Kong, we have to go to the teacher’s classroom. In Hong Kong, we just sit there and wait for the teachers to come to our room. The teachers in the high school were so patient, they will make sure we understand of what he/she teaching about no matter how long it takes. So I usually get good grades. Talking about friends in school, you cannot have no friends in the entire school year, right? To solve this, I speak to the people actively. Because I knew no one will speak to you unless you speak to someone. People in United Sates were so nice and polite. So I never afraid if they don’t answer me back. I also joined the sports team and school clubs. That really helped me to made lots of friends. That's a reason why I am so popular and famous in my high school.

Those are just some of my experience form this year. There are still more things that I haven’t mentioned here, because it takes forever to write it all down. To conclude this exchange student year, I became more independent, tougher and handsome. Also now I can speak English confidently.

There is a quote that I’ve learnt from this year. “When you suffer from hardship, don’t give up, go through it bravely, and you will notice that's not really difficult.” Because you are actually tougher than you think. I always remember these in my deeply heart to help me get through all the difficulties."