Recent hot topic - Immigration and Studying Overseas

[Ming Pao News’ article 2020.11.16 -  translated from Chinese]

Recently, Immigration and sending children to study overseas are hot topics amid many parents and students. Litz USA Student Service held an Study Overseas & USA Education Exhibition yesterday, the fair attracted close to hundred parents and students. Some parents said that the political situation in Hong Kong in recent years is getting complicated. "If Hong Kong focusing more on politics instead of economic development, it may be better to send their kids to study overseas." Some parents worry about the tightening of security law in Hong Kong.  Kitty Wu, in charge of Litz USA Student Service said that in the past, students were enrolled in foreign countries purely for studying, but now many people are asking about work and immigration. After the "National Security Law" came into effect, the company received hundries of enquiries about higher education within two days which is unprecedented.

The Leungs who visited the Study Overseas Education Exhibition held in a hotel in Mong Kok yesterday told Ming Pao that, their son is studying in an international school in Hong Kong. They said that even the employment rate in the United States is not good, his son wants to study abroad because there are more development opportunities in foreign countries. Mr. Leung also worries that his son will participate in politics if he stays in Hong Kong. He believes that "it is better to focus on studying and developing your career than to engage in politics." He said that he has set aside around 2 million dollars  for his son's education in USA, and he added that once his son leaves Hong Kong, he is likely to stay abroad.

Ms. Li who attended the same fair said that her nephew who was studying in Form 5 went to the United States for exchanges (a cultural exchange program with Litz USA) in September this year, this is to prepare for his university study in the United States. Ms. Li hopes that her nephew will stay in the United States for future development. She thinks that the political  scene in Hong Kong have been tightening, as if becoming mainland like." She is worried that her nephew might have to make some comprises in order to make a living in Hong Kong. Kitty Wu, director of the Litz USA which hosted the event, believes that last year's social unrest in Hong Kong has stimulated inquiries about study overseas education.