MCPHS University 麻省藥劑及健康科學大學 (麻省MA)


MCPHS University (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) is the oldest institution of higher education in the entire city of Boston and the second-oldest university of pharmacy in the United States. The campus has new laboratories, a technology center, and 50,000 square feet of classrooms. MCPHS University-Boston is place to prepare for your health care career.

MCPHS University-Boston's modern, urban campus is located in the heart of the world-renowned Longwood Medical and Academic Area. This dynamic locale provides students with opportunities for academic and clinical experiences at some of the most prestigious medical and research institutions in the world.

MCPHS has a special program - a six-year accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program provides direct entry from high school and includes a two-year liberal arts and sciences phase followed by a four-year professional phase, ensuring that graduates are both critical thinkers and capable professionals.

The Basics
Setting Urban
School Type Private (Professional) University
Tuition ~US$30,000 (Scholarship $1,000 for Litz Students)
Housing ~US$16,000
Popular Subjects Pharmacy and Health Science
Current Weather
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General Information
State Massachusetts (MA)
Location Boston
Year Founded 1823
Academic Calendar Rolling
Level Offered Bachelor, Master, PhD
Enrollment ~4,400 (Boston Campus)
International ~15%
Student-to-Teacher 68:32

Bachelor's Degrees offered:


Biological/life sciences

o      Pharmacology and Toxicology Related

Health professions and related sciences

o      Dental Hygiene

o      Health Professions Related

o      Medical Radiologic Technology

o      Nuclear Medical Technology

o      Pharmacy

o      Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration Related

o      Pre-Medical Studies

o      Radiologic Technology/Science

o      Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse

Physical sciences

o      Chemistry


o      Health/Medical Psychology


The Center for International Studies (CIS)

The MCPHS University Center for International Studies strives to provide every student, American or international, with the skill set necessary to succeed as competent professionals in a global environment.

Today there are nearly 700 international students from 43 different countries on the University’s three campuses, representing 10% of overall enrollment. International enrollment is projected to increase to 20% of the student body within the next three to five years.

MCPHS has affiliation agreements with universities in China, Cuba, Ireland, Japan, Peru, and Saudi Arabia that have produced faculty and student exchanges, international conferences, and service learning opportunities.


Bachelor Programs - Bachelor of Science


Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene (BS)  (Boston, Worcester)

Dental Hygiene (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston, Worcester)


School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics

Computed Tomography (CT) (Advanced Certificate)  (Boston)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography-General (BS)  (Boston, Worcester)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Echo (BS)  (Boston, Worcester)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (BS)  (Boston)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) (BS)  (Boston)

Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

Radiation Therapy (RTT) (BS)  (Boston)

Radiation Therapy (RTT) (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

Radiography (BS)  (Boston)

Radiography (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)


School of Nursing

Nursing (Accelerated BS)  (Boston)

School of Pharmacy - Boston

Biomedical Informatics BS  (Boston)

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business (BS)  (Boston)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (BS)  (Boston)

Pharmacology & Toxicology (BS)  (Boston)

School of Physician Assistant Studies - Boston

Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)  (Boston)


School of Arts & Sciences

Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BS/MS)  (Boston)

Global Healthcare Management (BS)  (Boston)

Health Psychology (BS)  (Boston)

Health Psychology Pathway: Master of Public Health (BS/MPH)  (Boston)

Health Sciences (BS)  (Boston)

Health Sciences (BS Degree Completion Option)  (Boston)

Medical and Molecular Biology (BS)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Podiatric Medicine (BS/DPM Temple)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Histotechnology (BS/MSH Drexel)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Forensic Science (BS/MFS Drexel)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Pathologist Asst. (BS/MSPathA Drexel)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Clin. Lab Sci. (BS/CLS NY Methodist)   (Boston)

Premedical & Health Studies (BS)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Chiropractic Medicine (BS/DC D'Youville)  (Boston)

Public Health (BS)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Doctor of Nursing Practice (BS/DNP UVM)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Medicine (BS/MD Commonwealth) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Medicine (BS/MD Ross University)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Communications Sciences and Disorders (BS/MS UVM)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Optometry (BS/OD MCPHS University-Worcester)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Osteopathic Medicine (BS/DO AT Still)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Physical Therapy (BS/DPT)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Dental Medicine (BS/DMD LECOM) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Podiatric Medicine (BS/DPM Barry)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Veterinary Medicine (BS/DVM Ross)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Podiatric Medicine (BS/DPM Temple)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Osteopathic Medicine (BS/DO LECOM) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Medical Science Preparatory (BS/MSP Drexel) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Interdepartmental Medical Science (BS/IMS Drexel) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Master of Science in Anesthesia (BS/MSA)  (Boston)

Public Health (BS/MPH)  (Boston)