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Spence School 史賓莎學校 (紐約州 NY)


Spence is a wonderful school, with tremendous academics, top notch facilities, and outstanding teachers. Founded in 1892 by Clara B. Spence, The Spence School is an all girl, independent, private day school located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City.

The Spence School is a highly respected and competitive school, with a total student enrollment of 660 approximately, and educating students in the liberal arts and sciences traditions from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Spence integrates visual and performing arts and athletics both within its academic program and as extracurricular activities.

The Basics
Setting Downtown
School Type Private Independent Girl (Day) School
Tuition ~US$41,000
Housing n/a
Current Weather http://www.weather.com/weather/today/USNY0996:1:US
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5BFTJIUgsk
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spence_School
School Website http://www.spenceschool.org/Page/About-Spence
General Information
State New York (NY)
Location Upper East Manhattan
Year Founded 1892
Level Offered K-12
Enrollment ~660
Student-to-Teacher 6:1

Academics & Classes

The teachers in Spence are all experts in their fields, most have doctorates, and have graduated from some of the best schools in the country such as Yale and Harvard. They all are excited and ecstatic to teach, and it shows with the excellent academic record of the school.

Class discussions are the core part of learning experiences and everyone feels comfortable to speak out.

Academic achievement is valued both inside and outside the classroom. Though most students here want to do well, there isn’t an atmosphere of such competitiveness that it is stifling. There is no class rank, so everyone only has a general idea of the academic standing of others and it isn't a central topic of conversation.

Student Organizations:

Middle School: A Capella, Chess Club, Debate Club, Dr. Who Club, Environmental Club, Math Club, Poetry Club, Spanish Club and others.

Upper School: Spence School offers more than 40 clubs and activities, including Amnesty International, Asian Focus Club, Booster Squad, Debate Club, Chess Club, Classics Club, Jewish Culture Club, Microfinance Club, Mock Trial and Photography Club.

Students’ University Admission

In a Worth magazine study, out of the 31,700 private and public high schools in the United States, Spence ranked the sixth most successful school in the country in placing its graduates in Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

The top most frequently attended colleges and universities for Spence graduates from 2006-2010 were: University of Pennsylvania (14), Princeton University (13),Duke University (12), Cornell University (10), Dartmouth (10), Harvard University (7), Yale University (6), Stanford University (5), and Brown University (5).