Community College


Union County College - Cranford 聯合縣學院 - 克蘭福分校 (新澤西州 NJ)


Union County College is the oldest community college in New Jersey. It is situated in a convenient location - about 40 minutes’ drive to New York city and around one and half hour drive to Philadelphia.

American Honors at Union County College

In 2014, Union County College launched its first class of the nationally recognized American Honors Program. Union ’s first cohort of American Honors includes about 60 of Union County’s brightest students.

American Honors students benefit from an enhanced curriculum that qualifies them for transfer to top universities across the country and the Garden State. American Honors students will work closely with honors advisors to ensure they take the classes they need and navigate the transfer process smoothly.

Once they graduate from Union with an associate degree, American Honors students can complete their bachelor’s degree by selecting from a growing network of over 35 top four-year college and university partners in American Honors. These senior institutions include University, Ohio State University, Rutgers University, and George Washington University etc..


The Basics
Setting Large Town Setting
School Type Public 2-Year Community College
Tuition Total around HK$200,000 (including room) for American Honors Program
Housing Homestay
Current Weather
School Website
General Information
State New Jersey (NJ)
Location Union County
Nearest City New York City (40 minutes drive)
Environment Suburgan
Year Founded 1933
Academic Calendar Semester - August and January
Level Offered Associate degree, University Transfer with American Honors Program
Enrollment ~6,000 full time students
International ~2% overseas students
Student-to-Teacher ~27:1
ESL Intensive ESL

Academic Programs

Union county college offers more than 70 associate’s degrees in a variety of categories, like Liberal Arts, Business/Commerce, Science, Mass Communication/Media Studies, Education, Drama and the Fine Arts.

Student Life

Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of student life activities. For students looking to gain leadership skills and real-world career experience, they  can join the Phi Theta Kappa honor society or work for the student newspaper.

The school also offers many campus events like community service projects and academic seminars. Academic, personal and career counseling services are also available to all students.

Faculty staff seems to be friendly and approachable, there is much diversity in the student body because there is different people coming from different countries.

Student Organizations

Business, Environmental, Theatre/Drama, Phi Beta Kappa, Religious Organizations, International Organizations, Student Government, Student Newspaper, Radio and TV Stations etc.

Union County College has a plethora of clubs from which to choose. They vary from the honor society to the Islamic Society for Peace. Clubs are fairly easy to join, and starting a club just requires a small effort from the student. The honor society and the student government organization are the most active groups. Sports are not a very integral part of UCC.

Students are reminded that joining clubs shows that you are an active and interested student, which in turn looks great when you apply to other schools.




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