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Studying in USA - that easy to get into Top Universities?

( April 29, 2019)

Many students have found that it is easier to study in the United States. but! What we want to add this time is - it was not that difficulty to get into prestigious schools such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, New York University, and Washington University, these are the most popular world-class universities among Hong Kong students. For ordinary students as you might classify yourself, all you need to is to make use of the flexible education system in the United States, your chances of being accepted into the above schools are much higher.


If you have always been excellent on your he school's grades, you can start your college application one and a half years before enrollment, take SAT or ACT, prepare a resume with recommendation letter, resume, personal statement before the deadline. (Litz's Elite Program can help you on this path so you can avoid the tedious application procedure and to focus on your study)

Litz USA has been focusing on studying in the US for over 30 years, their senior education specialist, Kitty pointed out that most Hong Kong students actually have a fairly good academic foundation, sometimes, they fail to achieve good results in exam due to their lack of interests in individual subjects or they simply cannot adjust to the learning environment of local schools in Hong Kong.

Now for students with moderate or poor grades and like to study overseas, Kitty suggests the following for them:

1. Consider the less competitive yet still pretty good quality universities, usually ranked from 70 to 120 in US news and world. They will conclude some famous state universities as in California, Washington and New York State.

2. Start their university study with either a two-year community college or a private liberal college first, then their chances of entering the top US universities will be increased many times.

20-year-old UCLA graduation is not a dream?

Christina (from Dean College to UCLA)

Seeing her sister successfully transferred from Dean College to UC Berkeley, Christina decided to follow her sister's footsteps as well. After completing Form 5 in Hong Kong, Christina went directly to Dean College's to start her university year. After two years, she received an associate degree in addition to a high school diploma. With her hard work at Dean College, she finally get accepted by UCLA, which has always been her dream school.

Dean College – a school that teach students in accordance with their aptitude

Ofelia, is quite person and little bit introverted, she felt a great deal of pressure when studying secondary school in Hong Kong. She often felt dismay due to her undesirable school grades, so her mother decided to send her to study in USA, hoping that the more flexible learning environment in America can help her daughter rebuild her confidence.

Ofelia chose Pierce College in Seattle. After arriving in the United States, Ofelia became active and confident, and eventually transferred to the University of Washington after 2 years at Pierce.

Ofelia's younger sister, Jasmine was studying in a boarding school in UK, she always eagers for a free and inspiring learning environment, and she knows the liberal nature of education in America can fulfill her wish and better exploit her potential. And seeing the success the success of her sister, she too chose the United States for her higher education. Jasmine enrolled in Dean College for her freshman and sophomore years and successfully transferred to UCLA, her dream school.

Jasmine (from Dean College to CCLA), Ofelia (from Pierce College to University of Washington)

Kitty believes that the US has a flexible education system with many top tier universities. The first two years of the four-year university is for general education, the courses are not difficult and serve for students to broaden their knowledge base and to explore their interests. Students can choose subjects according to their interests before deciding their major studies in the third year, this is now better known as the “2+2”system which allows students to start off from any high education institutes, such as the more affordable community colleges before going to universities to start their major studies.

The co-founder of Apple computer founder Steve Wozniak also attended a two-year community college due to lower tuition fees. For his junior year, he went to the University of California, at Berkeley where he studied engineering and computer science.

University of Washington

Apart from two-year community colleges, there are the private liberal arts colleges and small to medium-sized universities that can serve as bridge to the top universities as well.

Many middle-class families in the United States like to send their children to universities with a small student population. The quality of education is higher due to small teacher to student ratio. Most of the professors only need to focus on teaching as their main role, and they are full of enthusiasm to educate their students. Students are easier to seek help from their professors due to the small class environment, and the many professors even know their students by name. In terms of applying to universities, this will be of great help because the professor would be more than likely to write a good recommendation letter for you when transferring to another, provided you have been performing well at his or her classes.

Small schools often provide a more intimate atmosphere in terms of personal relationship, students will enjoy their students’ lives a lot more, what’s better than having a memorable time while studying in the states? Comparing to their public schools, it is also easier for a student to register his or her unit courses.

Kitty encourages those students who have a medium or even poor grade in Hong Kong, that there are many ways to succeed in the United States, and Litz USA are here to help you fulfill your dream.

Pierce College

source:  Ming Pao online 明報升學網