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HPU Hawaii Pacific University (HPU)


HPU has three campuses.

The Downtown campus - Many chose downtown HPU for Business, Finance and International Studies. Classes are well presented and captivating. For some, the downtown campus could be a distraction, for others a perk.but for most students, it is an initiative to get work done to go out and enjoy all the islands had to offer.

The Wndward campus has most of the chemistry, biology and nursing classes - on this campus, everywhere you look is green and the smell of the air after it rains is so refreshing. It will be a great change from the environment back in Hong Kong.

The Ocean center campus is for ocean study - This would be the dream school for those who want to study marine biology near the ocean. Students can participate in more hands-on learning. You probably find yourself on the catamaran, learning and experiencing even on the first semester.

* The counselors, teachers are all knowledgeable and accommodating.

* The diversity of the school is fantastic, and it is widely celebrated here.

* HPU is a good school with small classes (anywhere from 10 to 30 students in a class)

* There is a lot of diversity

* Great teachers at the school

* It's a private university, but it is worth the tuition

Having so many people of different cultures and places makes this school unique and interesting

The Basics
Setting City
School Type Private (Not for profit)
Tuition ~US$24,000
Housing ~US$14,000
Popular Subjects International Study, Business, Finance, Biology, Marine Biology
Current Weather
School Website
General Information
Location Honolulu
Weather Tropical
Environment Beautiful and peaceful
Year Founded 1965
Level Offered Undergraduate, Master
Enrollment ~7,500 (4,300 FT, 3,200 PT)
Student-to-Teacher 1 ~ 30

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) is situated in paradise. The campus is near the ocean and the mountains, making it easy not to be bored. 

The Main (downtown) Campus

The location of HPU’s downtown campus is highly convenient for every student attending the school.

The downtown campus has limited parking. Walking, catching the bus or a cab here are the main means of transportation. wo you don’t really need a car.

Students, faculty, and staff of HPU really show the “Aloha Spirit.” People hold the door for each other, say a friendly hello, greet each other, and smile at everyone who they pass by, even if they haven’t even met

Although HPU has multiple buildings all over downtown, it should not take more than seven minutes to travel from one class to another. If someone is having a difficult time navigating their way around campus or town, there are security guards who are variously stationed and can be found practically anywhere you need them to ask for directions.

There are many restaurants ranging from Mexican to Filipino Restaurants and Italian to Local dining eateries. In addition, there are clothing shops such as Macy’s, Ross, and Local Fever where students are able to buy clothes within walking distance from school.

Furthermore, if students need to buy school supplies, grocery shop, or other necessities, there is Longs, Fishers Hawaii, and Chinatown which are all again, within walking distance.

In addition, HPU has many clubs and organization to join.