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Linden Hall School 林頓女子中學 (賓夕凡尼亞州 PA)


Linden Hall is situated on a 49-acre piece of land in Lititiz, Pennsylvania, the small town is a quaint, historic community and Linden Hall is just a short walk almost to everything such as shops, galleries, restaurants and markets. It is 1 to 3 hour drive from NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.


A special feature of Linden Hall is it owns a horse stable that provide horse riding to students, and students have opportunity to learn to fly as well. Linden Hall  is definitely a good fit for girls who enjoy outdoor activity with a bit of adventure.


Recent Graduate College Admission

Admission ratio - 100% 

Top US Universities include - University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Cornell , Vanderbilt, University of Notre Dame, George Washington, Emory, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State University ...

Elite Liberal Arts Colleges include - Wesleyan College, Williams College, Pomona College, Haverford College, Hamilton College, Smith College …


The Basics
Setting situated between Harrisburg and Philadelphia
School Type Girls
Tuition US$51,000 (with boarding) for International Students
Housing Homestay or boarding
Current Weather
School Website
General Information
State Pennsylvania (PA)
Location Lititz
Nearest City Philadelphia
Environment Small town
Campus Size 47 acres
Year Founded 1746
Admission Req.m HK F.3
Academic Calendar Fall/ Summer
Level Offered Grade 6-12
Enrollment ~210 students
International ~40%
Student-to-Teacher 8:1

Signature Program – Aviation 

This unique Aviation Program provides young women with the knowledge, skills, and in-flight training to obtain their private pilot’s license while still in high school. Created for Linden Hall by airline pilot, the program provides a unique application of classroom concepts including engineering, physics, and math.

The program course of study consists of eight (8) modules. Students must complete all modules to be eligible for a private pilot certificate. Supplemental modules can be added if students require additional training. Students are required to take the modules in order, however, students may skip a semester if the need arises.

Classes meet on a weekly basis, during or after school, and on weekends.

Each Module Consists of: Five hours of flight training, Five hours of one-on-one ground school, Use of Linden Hall’s reserved Cessna 150. 


AP Courses             

Art History, Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Literature, European History, French Literature, US Government & Politics, Physics B, Physics C, Spanish Language, Statistics, Studio Art, US History      


Typical daily schedule


8:00 Classes start

9:30 Assembly starts

10:00 Classes resume

12:00 Lunch


12:30 Classes resume

3:15 Academic help (optional) starts

4:15 Sports or club meetings

6:00 Dinner

6:30 Some late-night activities



Linden Hall has great academics, it offers rigorous course loads. 

Classes are appropriately challenging - a non-honors class at Linden Hall is close to an honors class at many other schools. Because classes are small and the students and teachers are dedicated, students can move efficiently through material and really learn everything in depth. 


Dorm Life

Students always have somewhere they could go to if they don’t want to stay in their rooms - they could go to town or to common rooms, and also have trips planned on the weekend. On snow days, the faculty would find suitable activities for the boarders so that they would have something fun to do.


Activities & Extracurricular Opportunities

There are many activities, international students should get involved in, so they can learn more from the school experience and have the opportunity to build up friendship.

It is very easy to join any club that a student may be interested in, and also to start clubs that she would like to have. The clubs are there for students to act on their interests, and fulfill that job nicely.

One of the best parts of the school is the community, where students interact with each other and how teachers interact with students in a friendly way.



Library, dining hall, outdoor track, gymnasium, performing arts center etc.



The athletic program is not too strong, this is only to be expected from a small school as they don’t recruit athletes. However, it actually works to the advantage of students interested in doing a sport, as there is less competition and it is easier to make the team.


Town Life in Lititz

There are a fair number of food shops around. It's a nice and safe small town, and Linden Hall and the surrounding community have a pretty good relationship.


Benefits of an All-Girls' School

An all-girls' education lays the groundwork to help her succeed in life. Girls that attend single-sex schools have greater educational opportunities and spend more time on schoolwork than students at co-educational schools. Young women who attend all-girls' boarding schools report feeling more valued, having a higher satisfaction level, and receiving more attention than their co-educational school peers.


Students Life

At Linden Hall, students experience a globally-focused environment with rich geographical and cultural variety. Everything Linden Hall has to offer – from the visual arts to the literary and performing arts, as well as numerous social and travel events – makes students’ lives more culturally enriched.





Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is an independent, college-preparatory, day and residential school for grades 6-12 girls. The school is the oldest all-girls’ boarding school in the United States.