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Pace University NYC Campus (NY)


Pace University is a private university with campuses in Manhattan and Westchester County, NY. Originally founded as a business school in 1906, Pace now offers 140 bachelor’s degree programs, 130 master’s programs and 29 doctoral programs. The two campuses have a total enrolment close to 13,000 students. 

Pace NYC is just that -right there, Manhattan is your campus, although there is a little park across the street and they do have 1 or 2 trees in their little courtyard.

Reasons students should attend Pace University are:


  • This location is top for anyone that is trying to get into business or make it in the music world

  • To experience NYC and its diversity, even the school itself diverse

  • To be able to find themselves in one of the most diverse places in the world, and get to embrace any hobby or joy they find in life

  • The chance to experience social situations that someone going to school in the country or even in a suburban area would not experience


  • The Lubin School Of Business is an excellent school for all business majors prospects

  • The Actor's Studio Drama School MFA provides a great program for students who are interested in pursuing acting, directing, or play writing as a career. Its dance department is one of the best in the country and the only commercial dance program. (Audition required)

  • The Dyson College of Arts and Sciences where one can study popular major such as computer science and economics

  • Majority of your professors are highly successful and talents individuals who have multiples year of real world experience and life lessons they can share with you

  • Classes vary from 20 to 60 students which is nice when wanting the teacher to know you

  • Pace is under-rated so one should not judge the school merely by reading ratings, it  does have professors and mentors who do care about guiding students' futures towards success 

Student Life 

  • Numerous on campus job opportunities so you don't have to look anywhere else

  • The student body is diverse and welcoming. Everyone can find a space and group of friends that they feel comfortable with

  • Opportunity to network and create ties to the surrounding community

  • The tutoring center and the counseling center are there for every student's academic and emotional needs

     Internship opportunity 

  • Good job and internship - the school has connections with many businesses, so there is something for most of the majors

  •  A wide variety of career opportunities

  • Pace helps set students up with career experience before we graduate; that way everyone has a little extra on their resume when entering the real world 


  • There are many people from places like China, Italy, Argentina, Texas, and even in the city itself who bump into each other at this school

  • You can learn new cultures and learn to be accepting of every single person who are different from each other.

  • In the big city, you learn a lot about the world and people, and they help you be prepared for the real world



The Basics
Setting City
School Type Private, non-sectarian
Tuition ~US$42,000 (in-state and international students)
Housing Dorm
Popular Subjects Accounting and Finance
School Website
General Information
Location NYC
Environment undergraduate ~5,000 (NYC campus)
Campus Size 950,000 sq ft.
Year Founded 1906
Level Offered Undergraudate, Master and higher
Enrollment ~12,500 (for both campuses)
Student-to-Teacher ~20 to 60 : 1

Pace University provides numerous events to network. Pace University's location is by Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, the City Hall and a couple stops from Radio City. Pace offers so many opportunities.

Academic experiences at Pace emphasize small class teaching from both a practical and theoretical perspective, drawing on the expertise of full-time and adjunct faculty members who balance academic preparation with professional experience to bring a unique dynamic to the classroom.


College of Health Professions, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Lubin School of Business, School of Education, School of Law, and Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.


Pace’s NYC campuses have 430 technology-focused classrooms and computer labs at their disposal.

The NYC campus is relatively small, students should not expect the nicest facilities or equipment as gym, library, cafeteria.


Pace University is within NYC, it is generally up to the student to find their own place in this huge city. There may not have a great sense of community as compared with traditional USA University campus.

Students at Pace are probably or need to be more independent, and most students aim for a professional degree hence, not too keen other aspects of school life.

Coming from high school straight into this big city university require quick adjustment of the students in Pace as to be independent and to have good time management.

Pace students participate in 120 student organizations across both campuses.

A 2017 study by the Equality of Opportunity Project ranks Pace University first in the nation among four-year private institutions for upward economic mobility based on students who enter college at the bottom fifth of the income distribution and end up in the top fifth.


This is the National Honor Society for Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems

Beta Alpha Psi is the national honorary and professional fraternity for students of accounting, finance, and information systems.  Beta Alpha Psi brings excellent students and business professionals together and fosters professional and social development by sponsoring activities that enhance the educational experience and broaden the perspective of each member.

Club - Pace Ascend

The Ascend Pace Chapter was established in January 2007.

The mission of the Ascend is to continually influence and encourage the development of finance, accounting and business professionals, and students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the finance, accounting and business related fields.

Ascend provides support to students in their young career by providing network events, resume critiques and interview workshops by professionals and recruiters.

Numerous corporations such as PWC, Deloitte, ING, Cargill and Ernst & Young encourage students to participate in campus activities by offering annual scholarships exclusively to Ascend student member.

Note on the Pleasantville campus.

The location of Pleasantville is awesome. It is a perfect distance from New York City and all the surrounding states, like New Jersey and Connecticut. The town is beautiful, quiet, and crime free. Another reason someone should attend Pace is since it is small, Pace feels like home. It is so easy to make friends, join clubs, and get involved.

Pace University campus overhaul (Feb, 2017)

The university unveiled a three-phase expansion plan for its lower Manhattan campus. Responding to increasing enrollment, the $190 million plan will reinvigorate academic and common areas at the school’s two main academic buildings.

The goal was to create a master plan that matches the clarity and aspirations of Opportunitas: Embracing the future Pace’s plan to respond to the needs of today’s learners, fosters an increased sense of community, and encourages engagement. And to focus on student-centric solutions to activate, reveal and connect spaces and places at Pace.

Phase One channels $45 million into reviving more than 55,000 square feet of space at One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row, right near City Hall. Improvements will target the courtyard entrance, first, and then lower levels, adding a welcome center, new student center, learning commons, and quiet study areas.

Construction on Phase One is expected to wrap in fall 2018.