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University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 猶他州大學


The University of Utah is a great school for academic purposes, it is a highly rated public university located in Salt Lake City, Utah, a large institution with an enrollment of 24,000 undergraduate students. 

*ranks #104 in the Best National Universities (US News 2020) 

*operates with seventeen colleges/schools that offer programs through nearly 155 departments. 

*popular majors: Speech Communication and Rhetoric; Psychology, General; Economics, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; and Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse. And lately Game Design and eSports. 

*the Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) program at the University of Utah is the No. 1 undergraduate school for studying game design. The EAE graduate program is ranked No. 3. (Princeton Review 2016) - The University of Utah’s School of Computing have artists and engineers working together, learning to think like the other side and relying on each other. The program’s project-based environment and professional facilities, including a motion capture system, also contribute to the high ranking.

The Basics
Setting Mid-sized city
School Type Public
Housing Dorm
Popular Subjects Computer Science, Business Administration & Management, Economics. (for International students)
Current Weather
School Website
General Information
Nearest City Salt Lake City
Weather 4 seasons
Environment Nice
Campus Size 6.2 km² (1,530 acres)
Year Founded 1850
Level Offered undergrudate to post graudate
Enrollment 24,000 undergraduate (total 32,000)
Student-to-Teacher 16:1


EAE and Game Design Program

Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) is one of the top programs in the world in innovative games education. Their research tackles the hardest challenges for the future of games, and their student athletes break new ground - UoU lead as thinkers, makers, and players.

The University of Utah’s Game Design degree ranks among the top 25 in the US , the program is part of EAE Program. U of U’s degree brings an interdisciplinary approach to the art of game design - film studies and computing. Students graduate prepared to enter the fields of software design and development, game learning environments. (Note 1)

Utah Varsity eSports

In 2017, EAE created the first varsity-level esports program from any school in a Power Five athletic conference. With strong support from EAE, the University of Utah is leading the nation in collegiate eSports, Supported by sports psychologists, nutrition and wellness coaches, and cognitive and behavioral trainers the Utah eSports team is Game On.


Salt Lake City has a population of close to 200,000, a far cry when you compared it with just the Central and Western districts in Hong Kong which has 240,000 people! Utah state has a population of only 3.2 million compared to Hong Kong’s 7.5 million.

If you are into the outdoors and want a big city feel, Salt Lake City is a place for you. It’s on you to get out there and making an earnest effort to experience the city via your interests. It might be on a smaller scale than you're accustomed to, but everything you enjoy exists here.

School’s atmosphere

The University of Utah is a great school that has room for a lot of different opinions and mindsets.

The University of Utah can be somewhat liberal at times but with good intent, and they are good at making sure everyone is welcome no matter their opinions, political/social views, or background.

It's growing all the time and they tried to keep things up to date and relevant in the every-changing world. (Note 3)

Students Life

There are always events going on and ways to get involved in campus life. School spirit is everything on campus. (Note 4)

U students aren't too liberal, but you'll find the student body very diverse. The Residence Halls claim to be the most diverse on-campus housing in the Western U.S. There are plenty of student groups for anyone to find similar interests.

Undergraduates interested in university housing can choose from traditional residence halls, two- and four-bedroom apartments and common-interest living communities. The Utah sports teams, the Utes, compete in the NCAA Division I PAC-12 Conference and are rivals with Brigham Young University's teams. The U of U runs a variety of research centers and institutes, including the Brain Institute, the American West Center and the Center for High Performance Computing.

Notable alumni

Include Alan Ashton, co-founder of WordPerfect; Nolan Bushnell, founder of both Chuck E. Cheese's and video game company Atari Inc.; and John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe Systems Inc.


#1A. The City

Salt Lake City was named one of MarketWatch's top 10 towns for young techies. Top degree programs in the area, high startup growth, the number of startup incubators & accelerators, and our own Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute were factored in the ranking.

More on the ranking:

#1B. The State

Utah is a good balance of all different kinds of people. It's actually probably a pretty decent microcosm of society in general.

While it is true that the LDS (Latter-Day Saints) church has a large influence in the state, Salt Lake City is an open city where most people find their place and love it. It's a big-small city, meaning that you have the great feeling of large but without the headaches and problems of traffic, cleanliness, and crime.

Utah is a western U.S. state defined by its vast expanses of desert and the Wasatch Range mountains. Salt Lake City, the capital, is centered around Temple Square, headquarters of the Mormon Church and site of its majestic temple and tabernacle, with its massive dome and renowned choir. The Great Salt Lake’s buoyant waters attract swimmers and sunbathers, especially at Antelope Island State Park.

#2. The University of Utah’s BS in Games degree program

The Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) Program at the University of Utah is a top-ranked program in video game education and research and is a national leader in the nascent discipline of games. The program is contributing to the definition of a new interdisciplinary informatics field that deeply integrates art, humanities, social science and computational research and practice.

The Program brings an interdisciplinary approach to the art of game design - film studies and computing. Students graduate prepared to enter the fields of software design and development, game learning environments, and/or the development of digital healthcare tools for society in general. U of U’s video game design degree requires the completion of 121 credit units to graduate.

The diverse faculty has expertise in every facet of game creation, and we have consulted with top industry professionals to build a one-of-a-kind learning experience in game development.

For more on UoU’s related programs:

Game Design -

eSports -  &

“” -

#3. The University of Utah was integral to that world-changing occasion (Oct 30,2019)

The University of Utah was one of the original four "nodes" of the ARPANET (the internet precursor).

50 years ago, the precursor to the internet (ARPANET) was born when four institutions—UCLA, Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara & the University of Utah—connected computers at their respective locations to communicate w/ each other. On Oct. 7, UoU celebrated this world-changing milestone.   (more… )

#4. Religious issue

While going to Brigham Young University (Known as "The School Down South" around campus) might prove the stereotypes about the Mormon culture to be true, the University of Utah is quite different. The U hosts the majority of the Mormon counterculture in Utah, and so people who perhaps don't accept the Mormon faith, will feel quite welcome here at UoU. In addition, if you are of the Christian faith, there are many campus groups with which to involve yourself - Campus Crusade (, Ute-Nited (, Salt Co., or Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

There is a large Catholic population on campus and many of them attend at Newman but many students do not know about the Newman Center and do not utilize that.