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Best Actuarial Science Schools and College Ranking, 最佳精算科學大學排名 |美國升學顧問|美國留學途徑|升學展覽/留學講座|美國名校大學資料|Study USA



最佳精算科學大學排名 (Rankings in Actuarial Science Program)

請同時按此來看有關主修精算科學(Actuarial Science)及課程簡介

精算科學(Actuarial Science)是依據經濟學的基本原理,利用現代數學方法,對各種經濟活動未來的財務風險進行分析,估價和管理的一門綜合性的應用科學。


取得精算師資格還需通過嚴格的科目考試,並獲得精算組織,的認可。在美國的和加拿大,必需取得美國災害保險精算學會Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS)或精算學會Society of Actuaries (SOA)的會員資格。


麗斯的「精英計劃|EliteProgram」可助你以SAT成績直接進入這些學院。過去我們的「精英計劃」成功幫助不少學生進入美國首六十名大學。 另一方面,如果學生未准備好直入讀這類學校,我們建議你從適當的社區學院(CC)或我們的私立文理學院(Liberal Arts)學院修讀一些有關課程,兩年後再轉到這些院校。

麗斯個案: 今年我們的麗斯學生,Winnie 就是在華盛頓州的Edmonds Community College完成大學首兩年課程獲幾所以數學著名的大學錄取了(2017年秋季)。她最後揀選了印第安納州的普渡大學|Purdue University的Actuarial Science 課程,原因是此課程提供雙主修 - “Actuarial Science & Statistics” 及另加一個副修”Management”



Best Actuarial Science Schools in USA 

Characteristics of a good Actuarial Science Programs

You might want to enroll in a school that prepares you to complete the preliminary professional credentialing exams of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) or the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) prior to graduation. Based on curriculum, faculty, graduate quality and research, each of the following schools is designated as a top choice for students looking to study actuarial science. University strength in math, applied statistics, accounting and finance could further support your program. Special seminars, classes or internship options could also be beneficial to you.

Typical program features

A program that focuses on the mathematical and statistical analysis of risk, and their applications to insurance and other business management problems. Includes instruction in forecasting theory, quantitative and non-quantitative risk measurement methodologies, development of risk tables, secondary data analysis, and computer-assisted research methods.

Best Actuarial Science Schools Ranking | 最佳精算科學大學排名 

Best Actuarial Schools in USA - Ranking



There are two categories of schools – I. Universities & Colleges with Actuarial Programs (UCAP) and II. Centers of Actuarial Excellence (CAE)


Universities & Colleges with Actuarial Programs (UCAP) must meet the following requirements:


1. Maintain course coverage for at least two actuarial exams


2. Have approved courses for at least one VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) topic


Universities with Centers of Acturial Excellence (CAE) designation must the following criteria:


1. The university must meet four A criteria which are related to the degree offered, curriculum, graduate count and faculty composition.


2. The university must also meet four B criteria which are by nature more qualitative. These relate to graduate quality, appropriate integration with other areas of study, connection to industry as well as actuarial research and professional involvement.



Program descriptions of some top Actuarial Science Schools in USA 

Purdue University     

The Department of Mathematics, one of the seven departments of Purdue’s College of Science, is a renowned center of excellence in mathematics research, education, and scholarship. It is home to sixty-five professors, and it offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. It also offers joint degrees with Computer Science.   

Actuarial science at Purdue University is a joint, interdisciplinary effort between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics, this joint program offers a full major in Actuarial Science. With its cross-departmental resources, national reputation, research activity, and affordability, Purdue offers one of the best program in USA.

Students graduating from this interdisciplinary program receive both an actuarial science degree and statistics degree, with a minor in management. Some of the unique and interesting courses students will take include financial management, management accounting, and introduction to arbitrage-free pricing of financial derivatives.

In addition to the formal curriculum, Purdue’s actuarial science program provides comprehensive preparation for students to take the first five exams of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CSA). The program is for undergraduates only, which means that B.S. students in actuarial science receive 100 percent of the program’s resources and attention.

Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carnegie is home to one of the most prestigious mathematics departments in USA. It features decades of cumulative experience and expertise in applied mathematics, discrete mathematics, logic, and mathematical finance, and students can avail themselves of a wide range of concentrations, majors, minors, and areas of specialization in pursuit of their B.S. The current areas of concentration are mathematics, operations research and statistics, statistics, discrete mathematics and logic, and computational and applied mathematics.

Carnegie Mellon places a strong emphasis on individual student advising to ensure that each graduate is prepared not only in the general skills all mathematics and statistics students should acquire but also to pursue the areas of specialization they are particularly suited for.

Students preparing for a career in actuarial science will pursue the statistics concentration, which offers training in a comprehensive array of skills, including data analysis, modeling and forecasting, and other actuarial applications that are directly relevant to the insurance and financial industries. Many students in the statistics concentration proceed to further graduate study, but graduates also enjoy a strong placement record in a variety of professions.

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin

BBA in Actuarial Science

The University of Wisconsin is designated as a Center for Actuarial Excellence by the SOA. This actuarial science degree is designed to prepare students for five of the SOA professional exams and to begin credentialing while enrolled in the program.

The University offers actuarial training through its Bachelor of Business Administration program, which is regularly recognized as one of the top B.B.A. programs in the country. The program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and it aims to prepare all its students, actuarial science or otherwise, to develop professional analytical, communication, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in combination with a rigorous business foundation in analytical methods.    

The actuarial science program within Wisconsin’s B.B.A. trains students specifically in applied mathematics, statistics and finance. Students will encounter courses like loss models, regression and time series for actuaries, and theory of interest and life insurance.

Additionally, it offers training in the construction of new systems and models that advance the discipline’s understanding and application of financial management, insurance, and pension systems. While the program does prepare students to take the standard actuarial exams, it does not require students to pass the exams prior to graduation from the program. Wisconsin graduates have an excellent track record of placement and in a success in a variety of industries, including insurance companies, consulting firms, and governmental agencies.

University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign (UIUC) - Champaign, Illinois
BS in Actuarial Science

UIUC is a Center for Actuarial Excellence, and its program is the largest in the United States. The program at UIUC not only prepares students for four of the actuarial science professional examinations, but students may earn departmental distinction by passing two or three of those exams before graduation. Some of the classes students will take include casualty actuarial mathematics, linear algebra and financial apps, managing financial risk for insurers, and employee benefit plans.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Lincoln, Nebraska
Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science

Students will be prepared for the SOA exams on probability, financial mathematics, actuarial models-financial economics, actuarial models-life contingencies, and construction and evaluation of actuarial models. Students will have access to a minor in finance and will take courses like life contingencies, actuarial applications in practices, principles of corporate risk management, linear algebra, and interest theory.

Florida State University (FSU) - Tallahassee, Florida
BS in Actuarial Science 

Students at Florida State University interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science will study in the Actuarial Science Program, an interdisciplinary major, through the Department of Mathematics. The Society of Actuaries classifies the program as Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Education by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) / Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Listing of Academic Actuarial Science Programs.

FSU’s curriculum is geared toward preparing students to pass the major actuarial exams in probability, financial mathematics, life contingencies, financial economics, and construction of models. FSU grads have an excellent success rate on these exams, and the program has a strong history of placement in the field through holding company interviews in the department.

FSU has a credit course called Actuarial Applications, a tutorial course designed specifically to prepare students for their actuarial examinations. Some of the other courses students will take are security analysis and portfolio management, econometrics, time series, and mathematical economics. The school is located in close proximity to the State of Florida Department of Insurance and other departments with actuarial positions where students often intern and sometimes find employment after graduation. The summer internship program offers opportunities nationwide.

Students interested in furthering their academic training will be interested in FSU’s Financial Mathematics Master’s Program, which is offered through the Mathematics Department and features a concentration in Actuarial Science and also offers advanced courses to well-prepared undergraduate majors. In either degree, students can expect to be prepared in a wide range of general and specific skills, including but not limited to mathematics, statistics, economics, business, insurance, accounting, and computer science.

Bingham Young University (BYU) - Provo, Utah
BS in Actuarial Science 

BYU will prepare students for the first four professional actuarial examinations. Classes designed to prepare students for those exams include theory of interest, actuarial problems, life contingencies, and statistical distributions for actuarial modeling and data analytics. Students have found internships with companies like Utah Retirement Systems, Select Health, Great-West Financial, and Northwestern Mutual. Some of the companies that advertise jobs available to BYU graduates are GRS and Company, Blue Cross of Idaho, American National, and Intermountain Healthcare.

Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio

The University offers training in actuarial science through its Department of Mathematics. Students interested in this area of study must first start as an actuarial science pre-major and demonstrate competence in the general areas of expertise, such as mathematics and statistics.

In order to declare actuarial science as a major at Ohio State University, students must either earn a B or better in probability, introduction to mathematical statistics, and honors probability, or take and pass one of the SOA exams. This is to ensure that the student will be successful in the pursuit of the degree and an actuarial science career. VEE requirements for economics, corporate finance, and applied statistical methods are met through courses like principles of microeconomics, business finance, investments, applied regression analysis, and econometrics.

Once they have passed the first steps and have submitted an application to the program, they are eligible to be appointed an advisor who will guide them through the final phases of the program.  

OSU’s program is geared toward preparing students to pass the five major actuarial exams of the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society before receiving their bachelor’s degree. Thus the students who are able to meet OSU’s rigorous standards will be prepared for employment immediately upon graduation.

OSU’s curriculum places a heavy emphasis on the development of analytical skills, the importance of which can hardly be overestimated in this profession. It is also home to an Actuarial Science Club, which further supports the mission of the program through group study sessions, invited speakers, and more.

University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) - Richardson, Texas
BS in Actuarial Science 

The actuarial science degree at UT Dallas will prepare students for jobs in corporate and consulting services, security and commodity brokerage, government, and insurance. This bachelor’s in actuarial science degree is designed to prepare students for the first four SOA professional exams. Some of the classes that cover exam material and validation by educational experience are probability, corporate finance, applied statistical methods, and economics. The distinguished faculty of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics includes a Nobel Prize-winner and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

The University of Texas at Dallas, part of the University of Texas system, is quickly establishing itself as a major contender in business education and related fields, and its program in actuarial science is no exception. UTD offers a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science through the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Actuarial Science students are required to take the same foundational courses as other students in the department, which also offers majors in Mathematics and Statistics. This creates an environment that encourages the development of a strong base in the general skills common to all three areas.

Beyond these general requirements, actuarial science students will take courses uniquely tailored to their discipline, such as finance, economics, applied statistics, insurance, and actuarial science. A total of 77 hours in the major are required to graduate from UTD with an actuarial science degree.

While students are not required to sit for the major actuarial science examinations prior to graduation, the program does prepare students to take them, and students will also be prepared to continue their studies in graduate programs if desired. An added benefit of actuarial science at UT Dallas is its proximity to the Dallas metro area, which is major center of employment in the insurance industry and the many consulting firms that serve it.

CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College - New York, New York

Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science

Baruch College, part of the City University of New York system, offers undergraduate majors in mathematics, actuarial science, and financial mathematics. It also offers an M.S. in Financial Engineering. Students interested in actuarial careers will benefit from a broad curriculum in a variety of mathematics disciplines. In addition to this strong foundation in mathematics, actuarial science students and financial mathematics majors can take courses at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business, where they can gain exposure to auxiliary disciplines as well as applications of their degree. Students can also minor in mathematics if they are committed to another area of study for their major.         

The CUNY Baruch College actuarial science degree fully prepares students for the first three professional exams of the Society of Actuaries. Some of the courses available to students are introduction to stochastic processes, computational methods in probability, numerical methods for differential equations in finance, stochastic calculus for finance, mathematical finance, and algorithms, computers, and programming I.

Baruch College’s actuarial science degree also covers all three areas of SOA’s validation by educational experience categories.

Baruch College’s actuarial science program specializes in preparation for work in the insurance industry. To this end, students are trained in mathematical foundations and also in computational techniques, applied mathematics, and financial modeling. Students are encouraged to consider preparing for the official examinations administered by the Society of Actuaries, and majors should be prepared to pass all five upon graduation. The program is highly demanding and requires careful planning, so students are encouraged to contact the Department of Mathematics early in their studies in order to prepare accordingly.

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
BS in Actuarial Mathematics

UMich is listed as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the SOA and prepares students for five of the organization’s professional exams. In order to be eligible for this particular actuary science degree program, students must acquire a working understanding of a high level computer programming language like C or C++. Actuarial mathematics students choose electives from a select list that covers subjects like finance, sociology, philosophy, economics, accounting, and mathematics.

Binghamton University (SUNY) – Binghamton, New York

It is a member of the State University of New York system, it offers two options through its Department of Mathematics Sciences for students interested pursuing careers in the field of actuarial science and mathematics: the B.A. and the B.S., both of which are offered in Actuarial Science. The B.A. is intended for students interested in a general education.

The B.S. is the more intensive and geared toward preparing students specifically for careers in the field.      The course of study offers explicit preparation in four of the major exams required of actuarial professionals: P/1, FM/2, MFE/3F, and MLC. The department offers masters and doctoral degrees in addition to the two bachelor’s degrees, and students who know they want to pursue further graduate study and teach in the field of actuarial science and mathematics have an option of a combined, five-year B.A./M.A.T (Master of Arts in Teaching) degree. Binghamton students have an excellent track record of placement in both career positions and graduate programs.

University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) - Santa Barbara, California

A number of options are available at the University of California Santa Barbara to students interested in an actuarial career. Through the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, students can pursue a B.A. in Statistics or a B.S. in Applied Statistics or Probability and Statistics.

More recently, the Department has added at B.S. in Actuarial Science as well as a major in Financial Mathematics and Statistics. A minor in Statistics is also available. There is something for just about anyone at UCSB.      

Actuarial Science students in particular have a number of resources at their disposal at UCSB, including an active Actuarial Association, and the program is the only one of its kind in the state of California as well as one of the only two on the west coast. Students are trained in all relevant areas and sub-disciplines, including but not limited to probability theory, statistics, finance, and advanced mathematics.

Highly motivated students also have the option of completing a combined B.S.-M.S. degree in Actuarial Science over the course of five years, although some students manage to complete the program in four years. The program emphasizes real-world preparation and professional skills for the workplace, and graduates have experienced excellent placement results in recent years.