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Best Game Design Schools 最佳電玩電腦遊戲設計學院 |美國升學顧問|美國留學途徑|升學展覽/留學講座|美國名校大學資料|Study USA



最佳電玩電腦遊戲設計學院 - 排名

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A good game design colleges need to have

. Great technological tools.

. Computer lab with up-to-date technology and computers.

. Classes that help students learn the basic programming skills required for a successful career in game design and development.

. Experienced teachers who have worked in game design and know the industry.

. Internship programs or access to jobs within the industry.

What you need to find the right program that match your career goals

. An understanding of the creative aspects of the gaming experience.

. Need to develop the story and characters of the game.

. Game development requires the technical skills to focus on programming.

25 best schools for game design for 2019 by “The Bachelor’s Degree Center” 

注意: University of UtahUniversity of Central Florida Litz USA的合作學校,請致電  + 852-2391713與我們聯繫有關於申請這兩所一流遊戲設計大學。 

Rank-Bachelor’s Degree Center Course Summary
1. GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The Georgia Institute of Technology’s BS in Computational Media, from the Ivan Allen School of Literature, Media & Communication, has set the standard for gaming education. Students graduate prepared for rewarding careers in Special Effects Creation, Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling, and Interactive Game Simulation, among others. Potential internships for students in the video game design degree are available with IBM Boeing, Microsoft, Sapient Nitro, and General Motors, among others. Coursework includes Principles of Interactive Design, Animation, and Constructing the Moving Image.
2. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA The University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Digital Media Design. UP’s game art degree has been designed from an interdisciplinary approach combing coursework from computer graphics, computer science and courses in fine art. Degree graduates from UP’s video game design degree have found rewarding jobs with Electronic Arts, Google, Pixar, and Dreamworks.
3. WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Interactive Media & Game Development degree program is offered as either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design offers emphasis paths in animations, technical artistry and sculpting, and design. The BS degree program takes a more in-depth look at computer game development from the perspectives of computer science, art, math, English, and music. WPI’s students compete in national gaming events and build game systems to meet course requirements.
4. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA The University of Southern California’s video game design degree programs offer either a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Design or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Games). The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program is offered through the Cinematic Arts School. The Bachelor of Science program is available through Viterbi School of Engineering. The game art degree programs required the completion of 128 credit units, which includes USC’s core curriculum required for all baccalaureate degree programs.
5. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY North Carolina State University’s BS in Computer Science degree includes an emphasis in Game Development, from one of the South’s most renowned engineering schools. Students explore the historical, technological, and scientific fundamentals required to develop computer gaming programs and serious educational programs. NC State’s video game design degree requires degree candidates to complete 121 credit hours of core curriculum and video game design coursework.
6. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN The University of Texas at Austin’s BS in Computer Science with a Game Development Concentration degree program, is one of the best gaming programs in the world, and it’s about to get better. In 2020, UT Austin will offer a brand-new video game design degree – a BS in Arts & Entertainment Technologies. UT Austin’s new cutting-edge game art degree program is offered in partnership with the school’s Department of Computer Science with the Department of Arts & Entertainment technologies. Animation Career Review recognizes UT Austin’s game design program among the top 10 offered by public institutions of higher learning.
7. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The College of Arts, Media and Design offers Northeastern University’s BFA in Game Art & Animation degree program. NU’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences offers a BS in Computer Science/Game Development. Northeastern’s video game design degree programs prepare students to excel at visual arts in game production through rigorous coursework and cooperative work experience. The Bachelor of Science degree option requires the completion of 133 credit units and a cooperative experience/internship in order to graduate. Career opportunities include web design, interaction design, and design entrepreneur, among others.
8. RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s BS in Games & Simulation Arts/Sciences (GSAS) degree program comes from the renowned Hass School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences. RPI’s video game design degree requires the completion of 128 credit units of coursework to graduate. Coursework includes Data Structures, Calculus for Architecture, Game Storytelling, Additionally; degree candidates are required to complete a GSAS Research Project. The game art degree offers several concentrations – Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Writing, Electronic Arts, Management, and Music.
9. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Michigan State University’s BA in Media & Information allows students the opportunity to explore the many ways to transform the power of the media using computer science tools to design powerful messages. MSU’s Bachelor of Arts in Game Design degree requires the completion of 120 credit units divided between MSU’s core baccalaureate requirements and the game art degree requirements. Michigan State University video design program requires the completion of a capstone project from more than ten offered capstone courses.
10. INDIANA UNIVERSITY Indiana University Bloomington’s (IU) Media School offers a BS in Game Design degree program. IU’s video game design degree prepares graduates to create engaging designs the can be used to teach or entertain the world. Coursework covers topics that include design & production, game production, art & sound, game theory strategies, all while staying current with emerging design technologies. Students of the IU’s Media School are required to participate in a 3-semester team-related workshop with the objective to build from prototype to publishing, a fully functioning game.
11. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE The BS in Game Science at University of California, Irvine’s Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences is a video game design degree exploring the world of game design from several perspectives – Gaming, Computer Science, and Math. Degree graduates in the UC Irvine Game Science program build several complete video games throughout the standard curriculum. Students can opt for a focus on mobile games, modeling and world building within the game art degree program. Coursework culminates with a capstone game project, with summer internships available.
12. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY The world-class Tisch School of the Arts offers NYU’s BFA in Game Design degree program. NYU’s Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program is designed to provide each student an in-depth look of video game design from a cultural, technological, and design-lensed perspective. The game design program offers flexibility as students have the option to design a schedule that suits meets their time needs. New York University’s BFE Game Design degree culminates with a 2 semester project; with a team or as an independent project.
13. BRADLEY UNIVERSITY Bradley University’s Slane College of Communications & Fine Arts offers several game art degree programs. These include a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Game Design, a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media, and a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. Each baccalaureate degree programs offers degree candidates various minors like Animation, Interactive Media, and the Design of User Experiences. Bradley University’s game art degree program requires the completion of 124 credit hours. Coursework includes Game Production, Interactive Theories, Concepts and Practices, and Critical Game Studies, among others. Academic requirements include a capstone project before graduation.
14. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS The University of Texas at Dallas BA in Arts Technology & Emerging Communication (ATEC) provides students with an educational pathway that focuses on Games. This video game design degree allows students to explore the required critical thinking and artistic approach to understand how game players learn from games and how games perpetuate social constructs. Degree candidates learn their craft in cutting-edge on-campus studios and labs.
15. NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s (NJIT) Ying Wu College of Computing/College of Architecture & Design offers a trio of multidisciplinary video game design degree programs — the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Each game art degree pulls from the IT and design disciplines in a collaborative effort to teach game production, design, and programming. NJIT’s game development program’s coursework includes Game History, 2D and 3D Game Engine Programming, and Virtual Reality, among others.
16. STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY (SUNY) Stony Brook University’s BS in Game Programming degree program, from the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, also offers an accelerated option where students can earn their BS/MS in only five years. SUNY Stony Brook’s video game design degree requires students to complete coursework that includes Computer Graphics, Scripting Languages, Computational Geometry, and Security Fundamentals. Additionally, degree graduates must also complete one of three final projects – Senior Honors Research Project, Research in Computer Science or Internship I Computer Science.
17. UNIVERSITY OF UTAH The University of Utah’s BS in Games degree program is part of the innovative Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) Interdisciplinary Teaching Program. U of U’s game art degree brings an interdisciplinary approach to the art of game design — film studies and computing. Students graduate prepared to enter the fields of software design and development, game learning environments, and/or the development of digital healthcare tools for society in general. U of U’s video game design degree requires the completion of 121 credit units to graduate.
18. QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY Quinnipiac University’s Bachelor of Arts in Game Design prepares students to enter the design facets of gaming, virtual reality, educational tools, and even the world of eSports. Quinnipiac University’s, according to the Princeton Review, is recognized among the top game design international programs. Students are prepared to enter the game design field as a usability tester, a designer, and or writer.
19. MARIST COLLEGE The Department of Computing Technology offers Marist College’s BS in Games & Emerging Media degree program that delves deeply into the design and creation of games through various emerging media options. Degree graduates for Marist’s video game design degree select from three dedicated concentrations: Design, Writing & Culture, and Technical Development & programming. Marist’s game art degree requires the completion of 120 credit units. Marist game design students have the opportunity to participate in the Play Innovation Lab.
20. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA The University of Central Florida offers a BA in Digital Media-Game Design concentration. UCF’s game art degree is recognized by the Princeton Review & Kiplinger’s as one of the country’s best value institution of higher learning. Additionally, Forbes Magazine considers the University of Central Florida as one of the country’s most affordable universities. Students who plan to move on to a graduate video game design degree at UCF should know that UCF’s graduate game development degree program is ranked first in the world.
21. ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The Rochester Institute of Technology’s cutting-edge School of Interactive Games & Media offers a BS in Game Design and Development. Students graduate from RIT’s game art degree program prepared for rewarding careers in the many facets of the professional gaming industry. These include specialties in visualization, simulation, and digital educational tools. Applicants possessing pre-approved associate degrees (i.e. engineering science, liberal arts or computer science) will receive transfer credits as earned. Students have the option of earning their undergraduate and graduate degree in an accelerated fashion, if academically eligible.
22. DREXEL UNIVERSITY The renowned Westphal College of Media Arts & Design offers Drexel University’s BS in Game Design & Production that is recognized among the top four national games programs by the Princeton Review. The curriculum includes a vigorous dive into the many specializations within the realm of digital media. Additionally, video game design degree candidates must also complete a half-year cooperative project to graduate. The coop project is the backdrop upon which students can apply their newly acquired skill-set in the industry of their choice.
23. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-STOUT The University of Wisconsin-Stout  Game Design and Development program has received accreditation from the National Association for Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). UW-Stout offers both a BFA in Game Design and Development or a BS in Computer Science-Game Design and Development. UW-Stout’s uniquely interdisciplinary program explores technical and artistic approaches to gaming, education, and training content. Courses are entirely project focused, allowing our students to develop key skills in communication with different areas in game production.
24. UNIVERSITY OF DENVER The Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science offers the University of Denver’s BA in Game Development. DU’s Bachelor of Arts in Game Design coursework integrates the disciplines of art and computer programming. Degree graduates earn their degree by exploring the role of 3D texturing and modeling using virtual angling techniques. Programming coursework explores scoring methods and animation. DU’s game art design program requires the completion of a Capstone project — each student will build, debug and create a complete working digital game.
25. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ The University of California, Santa Cruz Jack Baskin School of Engineering offers a BS in Computer Game Design and a BA in Art & Design-Games & Playable Media. The BS game art degree combines the fields of computer science, music, and art in the creation of computer games. The BA game art degree requires the completion of a 12-month game project managed in a team environment. Princeton Review recognizes the UCSC game design program among the top 18 programs in the country.



A Game Design Career 

Successful game designers have a surprisingly broad skill set. They combine everything from graphic design abilities and computer programming know-how to creative writing talent and storyboarding. More often than not,   many game designers report working intense schedules. But for many, working in the career field they’re passionate about makes it all worthwhile.


Game designers have duties like designing characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation. They may also write code, using various computer programming languages. Depending on their career duties, they may also be responsible for project management tasks and testing early versions of video games. 

Typical jobs available

Game designers often start out as artists, programmers or testers and get promoted. Though many of these jobs on a production team are specialized areas in which a student may need a degree as well, a degree in game design encompasses the following possible roles: Concept/storyboard artist | Programmer | Systems designer |Digital animator | Texture artists |Creative writer | Storyline editor | Character artist/animator | Level designer | Game tester

Choosing the right Degree

It can be helpful to have a degree in something such as graphic design or web page design. But, you also need to know which degree in game design is right for you. You must decide what role on a development team you would like to have upon graduation. Once a desired role has been established, you should then fine-tune to the degree they are to receive.

Choosing the right School

We have listed the top tier game design schools in the table below. If you would like to study game design, we can discuss with you in details which school will suit your needs best so you can begin your studies as soon as possible. We have many years of valuable experiences in applying schools for our students, so you can relax and let us do the job for you.

美國有很多電玩(電腦遊戲)Game Design設計學院,麗斯美國留學中心為你們編制了幾項排名,讓您對Game Design School有更廣泛的認識 - 第二欄是以行業為基礎,第三欄則以學生意見為主。

Best Game Design Schools in USA