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I Gave Up on My UC Berkeley’s Acceptance 我放棄了加州大學伯克萊分校(UC Berkeley)的錄取|美國升學顧問|美國留學途徑|升學展覽/留學講座|美國名校大學資料|Study USA



我放棄了加州大學伯克萊分校(UC Berkeley)的錄取


麻省 Dean學院 (中學完成課程) Dean College, Massachusetts (High School Completion Program)

馬里蘭州 約翰·普金斯大學 Johns Hopkins University, Maryland


Timmy說:「當初由中五揀選到Dean College是個明智的決定,除了省卻一年時間,現在更獲多間著名大學取錄為三年級學生,包括加州柏克萊大學 UC Berkeley, 維珍尼亞大學 University of Virginia, 威斯康辛大學 University of Wisconsin - Madison 等。

不同於社區學院,這所私立博雅大學的教授很樂意給我寫推薦信,此外Dean College的同學大家都互相幫助,師兄師姐也給他們寶貴的意見。我可以說祗要努力,一定可以得到好的GPA。」


Timmy補充說除了學業成績,也要積極參與一些有意義的活動。例如他在暑期經一個自願組織(UBELONG), 到了墨西哥參加一些義工活動。






UBELONG – the Mexico program


Volunteer in Mexico. It starts here.

Merida is the capital of the state of Yucatan, home to many of Mexico’s indigenous populations, including descendants of the Maya. The city is far removed from the violence found in the country’s border regions with the United State. Its enormous draw of American and European tourists looking to enjoy its colonial sights, delicious food, lively lifestyle, and warm weather is testament to Merida being a very safe destination.

Tourism and the growing oil industry mean lots of new money in Merida. The area’s strong growth in the last decade mirrors that of the rest of the country, and it has brought improvements in areas like education and health. However, Merida reflects Mexico’s significant disparity between rich and poor. Serious poverty exists, especially among the large indigenous population. Chances to advance are limited for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and, for vulnerable groups like disabled children, life is a struggle. When you volunteer in Mexico you have many opportunities, including teaching, caring for children and working in conservation.