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Albright College 艾布萊特學院 (賓夕凡尼亞州 PA)|美國升學顧問|美國留學途徑|升學展覽/留學講座|美國名校大學資料|Study USA



Albright College 艾布萊特學院 (賓夕凡尼亞州 PA)


Albright College是一所東岸名校學府,在這裡同學可得到最好的引導,大部份同學都會以校內的GPA 去申報其它的著名大學,如Brown University、Harvard University、U Pennsylvania 等。同學亦可在Albright College 繼續去完成學位。


Albright College是一所學習氣氛濃厚的國際化私立名校,學院教學嚴謹,被普林斯頓雜誌評為「大西洋中部最好的學院」之一。根據美國新聞報告的大學排名,該校獲美國最高的200名博雅大學Liberal Arts College。此校提供約200種不同的主修科目。Albright College能給與學生一種自由的學術環境,以探討那些科目最適合學生的長處和利益,使學生能充分實現其潛力及理想。

座落環境 座落於人口約八萬人的雷丁市,近多個東岸大城市,距離費城1小時車程。
學校類型 私立男女大學
學費 US$34,000 - $35,000
住宿 學校宿舍(Dorm)
轉校紀錄 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
面書 (FB)
維基 (Wiki)
州份 Pennsylvania (PA)
校址 雷丁
最近城市 費城
環境 住宅區
校園面積 118 英畝
建校年份 1856
入學要求 香港中六
收生季度 春季及秋季
開授班級 HKDSE / F.6
學生人數 約1700人
海外學生 4%
師生比例 13:1


這所學院能給香港同學一個難得的機會進入心儀的學府。在最近的十年間Albright College已獲得很多香港學生認同為進入名校的橋樑。此校提供優秀的大學本科教育,很多香港學生在這裡的首兩年大學課程裡。同學經教授們的悉心教導,很多都能考取到優異的成績,從以轉入他們響往的大學第三年繼續他們的主修科,更可享受小型學院可提供到的愉快學習生活。以下是這數年間部份麗斯同學的轉校記錄,亦可參閱 Albright College 之轉校記錄 -



Universities transferred (3rd year)

CHU, W. S.

UniversityofMichigan,Ann Arbor

HO, C. W.

UniversityofSouthern California



LO, K. C.

UniversityofMinnesota, Twin Cities

LO, L. K.

UniversityofMichigan,Ann Arbor

SIU, Y. Y.

UniversityofMichigan,Ann Arbor



SIU, Y. K.

UniversityofMichigan,Ann Arbor


Helen Cheung - 於聖士提反女子中學完成中七後進入Albright College。後轉入著名的密芝根大學安娜堡分校University of Michigan - Ann Arbor主修傳理科。


Dorothy Ma - 於嘉諾撒聖心書院完成中六後入讀Albright

College,後轉入Indiana University。


Leo Wong - 中五畢業於拔萃男書院,他說Albright College給他一個既輕鬆又良好的學習環境。兩年後獲著名的長春藤大學Cornell University商學院取錄。在Albright College所修學分全被Cornell接納。


Derek Wong - 畢業於沙田崇真中學,於Albright College完成兩年大學課程後轉入 U of Wisconsin - Madison修讀Bio-Chem。





Albright College提供以下本科課程:





校園裡還有很多學會組織,包括話劇,戲劇,報社,電台(WXAC-FM )及合唱團等。



Albright College是一所私立文理學院 / Liberal Arts College,位處於歷史文化豐富的賓夕法尼亞州(註1),校園景色優美佔地110英畝,座落於人口約八萬人的雷丁市,近多個東岸大城市,距離費城1小時車程,紐約2.5小時,首都華盛頓特區3小時,學生可以在這裡多作旅遊、從以了解多些東岸文化。


香港學生如果希望體驗美國傳統校園生活,Albright College會是一個十分理想的選擇,因為學院是一所小型四年制私立學院Liberal Arts College(註2),國際學生與美國本地學生較易融合成一片。學術方面學校提供嚴格但富彈性的課程,教授十分關注學生的學習。Albright College被普林斯頓雜誌 / Princeton Review評為“大西洋中部最好的學院”之一,也被美國新聞與世界報導 / U.S. News & World Report列為最佳liberal arts schools前二百名。


熱門科系為企管、會計、教育、社會學及化學 (化學課程更榮獲美國化學協會ACS認可) 此校具有小型私立學院的優點,包括嚴格但富彈性的課程,及友善的學習環境。此校教授對學生極為照顧。 學生們認為學校的最大優點是 -「能獲得教授和各職員的細心教育及照顧,達到教學相長的境界」。


以下是一些從麗斯出發的學生心聲 Message from Litz Student in Albright:


1. Life inAlbrightCollege-  An American college likeAlbrightCollegeis not a usual place for boring school life. It is a college where community and relaxation exist, which can rarely be found in the world today. Students can easily manage to do well on their schoolwork yet they can have fun communicating with different students from other countries. There is no racial problem, and the local people are always willing to help and aid us, whether based on assignments or daily life issues.


When you enter Albright, you can have the feeling of being taken care by your parents, you can always be served by fine dormitories, well-prepared food and most importantly an excellent education. The door ofAlbrightCollegeis always opening for us.


Cheng, Tsun Hon (Matthew)



2. My name is Vincent. I went to study abroad inAlbrightCollegeon Litz’s recommendation after finishing my Form Six study at Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College. Albright College is a small liberal art school which is located in Reading, Pennsylvania with around two thousand students. Since the size of every class is pretty small, the relationship among students and teachers is very good. Reading is a quiet, nice and small city located one and a half hour away from Philadelphia, the capital city of Pennsylvania. To me, Albright College is a nice place for one to concentrate on his studies because of the great study atmosphere among those students there.


In Albright College, the teachers are very friendly and always ready to give us a hand whenever we need help from them. To be honest, I think that the educational system in Albright College is much better than the one in Hong Kong. Being fed up with spoon-feeding, examination-oriented style of education, I found the urge to seek for a form of education that is more effective and more suitable to me; one that would not overload students blindly with tremendous amount of knowledge such that much of it is left undigested and unabsorbed. To me, the best way to learn is to do it with self-motivation and extensive reading, which I believe is what education at Albright College is all about. In addition, I broadened my vision by living in the dormitory, where people of many different nationalities reside. It’s the acquaintance and interaction among people of different cultural backgrounds that allowed me to appreciate how life’s like in different parts of the world.


At Albright, I studied a variety of interesting subjects, such as psychology and philosophy. Besides, as a business major, I studied Accounting, Economics and Statistics as well. I plan to transfer after my sophomore year.


The year at Albright College provides me with an extremely precious experience and fond memories. I have sharpened my determination, perseverance, independence and diligence. I am sure that those who are going to study in Albright will feel exactly as I do.




3. Before I went to the US, I thought many Americans were so arrogant that they would look down on the Chinese, and some may even discriminate us. But after I reached Albright College, I found everything was reversed from my imagination. I found Americans were actually much nicer than I thought. They were all very kind to us, always help voluntarily, and interested in different kind of food and cultures very much.


About academics, I thought it would be very tough for me to study in English totally, but actually not. With professors’ clear explanation, I was motivated to study much more than in Hong Kong.


Last winter, that was my first time to see snow. The scene was so lovely that all grasses, roofs, vehicles, roads were covered by bright white snows, with some squirrels eating nuts on it. Everything there made me enjoyed studying in Albright so much.


Lai Ying-Ping  June, 2007


註1. Albright College 是文理學院 (Liberal Arts College)﹕

美國除了國立大學 (National Universities) 外,還有以大學本科教育(Undergraduate study)為主的文理科學院。這個類別下的學院共約有600所,絕大部份為私立學校。香港學生不太懂“College”和“University”這兩個名詞的分別。“College”除了兩年制大學之外,也用來形容那些只提供四年制學士學位的大學。至於 ”University”的大學亦會提供碩士和博士學位課程。




註1. 賓夕法尼亞州Pennsylvania ﹕

學生住在這個州應當多了解它的?史文化背景,以便與當地人溝通。賓夕法尼亞州是美國初其立國13州之一。東北接紐約州,東界新澤西州,西南為西弗吉尼亞州。其間有特拉華河水道,是該州東南部出海的通路。人口約一千二百萬(2006年)。首府為哈裏斯堡 (Harrisburg)。


1600年前後,荷蘭人、瑞典人及英國人都移民到此。初期瑞典人在特拉華河上建立殖民區,稱為“新瑞典”。之後荷蘭移民建立貿易點。1655年,荷蘭人與瑞典人發生戰爭,荷蘭獲勝後統治了這個地區。後來英國以約克公爵的名義從荷蘭人手中奪取了這塊殖民地。1681年英王查理二世簽署特許狀,把這塊地方送給艦隊總司令小威廉‧佩恩 (William Penn),並指定以“賓 / Penn”的名字命名這一地區,同時應他的請求,加上“夕法尼亞 / Sylvania”(林地)一詞,所以該州的含義為“賓的林地”。


該州以宗教自由和政治民主著稱,在北美有很大影響。該州地處13州的正中(北部六州,南部六州),再加上在美國獨立時的中堅作用,故有“拱頂石州 / Keystone State” 之稱。1776年,13州代表在該州東部的費城,簽署了《獨立宣言》,宣告了一個新國家的誕生。華盛頓將軍在此州率軍縱橫馳騁、抗擊英軍。南北戰爭期間,中部的葛底斯堡,是美國南北戰爭中最著名的戰場遺址。在1863年7月1日到3日期間,南北雙方進行了殊死的戰鬥,傷亡士兵多達5萬人。戰役後不到五個月,就建立了國家烈士公墓,在落成典禮上,林肯總統發表了廣為傳誦的簡短演說,提出了“民有、民治、民享政府 / Government of the people, by the people, for the people” 的口號。


地形上此州可分為三部分,中部是南北山區,東南部為平原,西部是高原,東西有特拉華河與俄亥俄河流過。此州屬大陸性氣候,季節變化較大。1月平均氣溫-6℃,7月為20℃。全州有1/3面積為耕地,奶牛和家禽飼養業發達,還盛產水果和蔬菜。此州蘊藏著豐富的礦產資源。該州煤質優良,與大湖區水運而來的鐵礦石結合,發展了規模龐大的鋼鐵工業。賓夕法尼亞州文化古老,大學眾多。最早的大學是賓夕法尼亞州立大學 Pennsylvania State University, 建於1855年。賓夕法尼亞州旅遊業非常發達。因為多山、多湖、多古跡。該州別名是“教友派之州 / The Quaker State”。座右銘是“道德、自由和獨立 / Virtue, liberty and independence”。