交流生计划 (印第安纳州)

“I did learn a lot form the past ten months. I am so glad that I could be the exchange student last year. In the entire exchange student program I experienced a lot of things that I have never experienced before.

When I thing about my exchange student journey, everything seems just happened yesterday. Remember that, the first few weeks when I just arrived United States, everything were so strange to me. I did not know anyone or anything there. I was really scared to talk to people. There are no one could speak the same language as I do and I was afraid that my English was not good enough to communicate with people. I was totally lost. But few weeks later I recognized that I have to change myself to adapt to this environment. So, I started to make friends in school and joined the basketball team. I am so lucky that I could be friends with any of the teammates in the basketball team. The coaches gave me a lot of opportunity to play in the game, although I was not as good as the other teammates. I have a lot of unforgettable memory with the coaches and the teammates.

Also, when the relationship between me and the friends in school became closer and closer, we spent time together a lot. Sometimes, we may go to one of the friends’ house and play video games there. If the weather was good, we will go to park to play basketball as well. That was so fun to hang out with friends there. They are all my good friends and they gave me the confidence to do things. I am so glad that I have those people to be my friends.

Of course, the most important part were between me and my host family . I am so happy that I could stay with a wonderful family —- “Steele Family”. My host dad and mom (Nancy and David) really treated me like their real son. We have a very good relationship. Also I have two older sisters (Noelle and Danielle). They also treated me like their real little brother as well. We can talk about everything. We always hang out and have a lot of fun time together. Of course, I treated them like my real dad, mom and older sisters as well. Also they help me a lot in the exchange student program. I love them a lot.

I have never regretted to be a exchange student although sometimes I felt lost or sad about far away from my real family. That is because I learned a lot of new things from the program and I made a lot of new friends. Also I did learn a lot of American culture.”