University of Illinois at Chicago 伊利諾大學芝加哥分校


University of Illinois at Chicago 伊利諾大學芝加哥分校

University of Illinois at Chicago 伊利諾大學芝加哥分校


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the largest university in the Chicago area with more than 33,000 students enrolled in its 16 colleges, UIC is an acclaimed research center and a vital partner in the educational, technological, and cultural fabric of one of the nation's largest and most diverse cities

* Ranked 129th in the “best national universities (2019 U.S. News)

* UIC is a great place to do something involving STEM.

* The professors are excellent at teaching.

* The teaching assistants are always available during the week for extra help.

<b>Most popular degrees at UIC with international students</b>

Business Administration & Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Systems Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, Management Sciences & Quantitative Methods, Public Administration, Civil Engineering.


州份Illinois 伊利諾伊州
學生人數18,000名本科生 (總學生33,000名)


* UIC provides a lot of resources for its students.

* Transportation to the university is also very good with the Metra and CTA.

* There are a lot of privileges at UIC, because basically everything is free – pool, tutors, and 24/7 help with work.

* The UIC campus located in the center of Chicago so you always have something to do.

Students’ Life

* UIC is mostly a commuter school – around 90% of the students don’t live in dorm), which means a sense of campus community.

* The campus has a nice gym, Starbucks as well as other restaurants on campus.

* Students can see the view of downtown Chicago daily.

* The University of Illinois at Chicago is very diverse.

* UIC is mostly a commuter school – around 90% of the students don’t live in dorm.

* The college has a diverse student body has allowed for the growth of many clubs, organizations.

* As a student, you will be granted a free Chicago CTA pass to travel around the city completely free. With this freedom, you are given endless opportunities to explore and discover more about the city of Chicago.

Diversity and International students

Overall, UIC is among the most popular schools for international student (UIC was ranked 48th out of 1,288 in an overall most popular U.S. Colleges & Universities for International Students.)

The presence of international students on campus means a greater diversity of options, perspectives and knowledge to add to the diversity of thought on campus. As the economy becomes more global in scope, interaction with students from all different countries becomes an important part of higher education.

Affordable Tuition and a good cultural mix

Chicago boasts many fine universities, such as Northwestern, Loyola, Depaul, and the University of Chicago, but they are all private institutions and their tuition rates are extremely high and likely to be out of the budget of most middle class families in Hong Kong.

The state University, UIC is more affordable. It may not have beautiful campuses like Northwestern and University of Chicago, but cost-wise, it’s the better financial deal.

UIC is rated in the top five U.S. universities in student diversity. There is a good mix of both local and international students, and the viewpoints and contributions of the student body is incredible and insightful. Getting their perspectives on issues raised in the class is an education onto itself and a valuable cultural resource and tool for any student.

Study in Chicago

* Illinois is home to the so called ‘Windy City’ but do not defer the prospect of studying in Chicago, it could be the best decision you have made, and has more to it than incredible deep pan pizza.

*Chicago is the third most populous city in the USA, with over 2.7 million residents

* The metropolitan area known as Chicagoland has almost 10 million residents. * Chicago is continuously bustling, it would be impossible for anybody to be disenchanted by Chicago’s cultural charm and atmosphere.

* Due to Chicago’s impact and influence as one of the most important cities in the USA.


* The school of design has small class (40-80) that allows students to get to know everyone, the professors really know what they are doing.

* The business and engineering departments are one of the best in UIC.

* UIC’s Applied Psychology program is great, it offers a lot of insightful and diverse courses to really allow students to immerse themselves in the program, students can also take an internship, which gives them the ability to get hands-on experience in their potential career field.