年度美國新聞及世界日報 全國大學排名 US News & World Report – National Universities Ranking

2024年修改後的《US News美國新聞與世界報道》提升了公立大學的排名 

2024 U.S. News’ revamped college ranking boosts public universities  

在《美國新聞》的 2024 年大學排名中,許多常享盛譽的院校仍然位居榜首,但一些學校的排名也大幅提高。


U.S. News revamps formula for its latest national university ranking

U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 college rankings features many of the usual prestigious institutions at the top of the list, but also vaults some schools much higher after the publisher revised its grading system to reward different criteria.

“The significant changes in this year’s methodology are part of the ongoing evolution to make sure our rankings capture what is most important for students as they compare colleges and select the school that is right for them,” U.S. News CEO Eric Gertler said in a statement.

2024《US News美國新聞與世界報道》修改了全國大學排名計算法

2024 US News National University Top 28
2024 US News National University Top 28


在這個重大的改變之前,很多人抱怨舊排名強化精英主義(Elitism) ,無助於幫學生找到適合他們的學術需求和財務狀況的學校。

新排名更加強調“社會流動性”- 通常是指個人在教育、收入和其他社會經濟地位標誌方面所取得的進步。

今年徹底修改使用 19 項學術品質指標來評估學校,放棄了影響排名的五個因素:1.班級規模2.擁有最終學位的教師3.校友捐贈4.高中班級排名5.借用聯邦貸款的畢業生比例。

請參閱註釋 1 – Methodology方法論。

Changes to suit students’ Academic Needs and Financial Circumstances

The change comes after a chorus of critics complained that the publication’s old rankings reinforce elitism and do little to help students find schools that suit their academic needs and financial circumstances.

The system places greater emphasis on “social mobility,” which generally refers to an individual making gains in education, income and other markers of socioeconomic status.

This year’s overhauled ranking formula uses 19 measures of academic quality to asses schools. It dropped five factors that affected a college’s ranking: 1. Class size 2. Faculty with terminal degrees 3.Alumni giving  4. High school class standing  and 5. Proportion of graduates who borrow federal  loans.

Refer Note 1 on Methodology.

新排名 – 更重視大學畢業生的社會流動性與事業成果




Greater emphasis on social mobility and outcomes for graduating college students

This year, US News increased the emphasis on how often schools’ students from all socioeconomic backgrounds earned degrees and took advantage of information on graduate outcomes that was not available until recently.

As in past years, changes in methodology, together with changes in individual schools’ data, can result in significant changes to schools’ rankings.

As a result, a growing number of schools, including elite institutions such as Columbia University and the Harvard and Yale law schools, also have stopped participating in the ranking and publicly criticized U.S. News’ methodology.

2024 US News National University Top 28-53
2024 US News National University Top 28-53


總體而言,有十幾所公立(州立)大學在年度排行榜上上升了 50 位。儘管如此,傳統名校 仍然堅守陣地。

許多學生和家庭參考該排名來選校。公立大學在《美國新聞》的排名中取得了很大的進步,例如,德州大學聖安東尼奧分校和加州州立大學東灣分校分別躍升 92 位和 88 位。 其他知名公立大學,如新澤西州羅格斯大學,其三個校區各上升了至少 15 名。

The State schools rose. The Private universities fell

Overall, more than a dozen public universities shot up 50 spots on the annual list of the U.S.’ best colleges, while several elite private schools largely held their ground.

Public institutions notched some of the biggest gains on U.S. News’ ranking, which many students and families use to help guide their choice of where to matriculate. For example, the University of Texas at San Antonio and California State University, East Bay, jumped 92 and 88 spots up the list, respectively. Other well-known public universities, like Rutgers University in New Jersey, saw its three campuses rise at least 15 places each.

Meanwhile, private Christian institutions such as Gwynedd Mercy University and the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, rose 71 and 106 spots in the ranking, respectively.

儘管採用了新的排名制度,《美國新聞》排行榜上的前十名大學幾乎沒有變化。 普林斯頓大學在新學年排名第一,其次是麻省理工學院、哈佛大學、史丹佛大學和耶魯大學。

在以文理科(Liberal Arts)為主的學校中,馬薩諸塞州的威廉斯學院排名第一,阿默斯特學院、美國海軍學院、加州的波莫納學院和賓夕法尼亞州的斯沃斯莫爾學院躋身前五名。

Despite the new ranking system, the top 10 universities on U.S. News’ list barely budged. Princeton notched the No. 1 spot for the new academic year, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Stanford and Yale.

Among schools focused on liberal arts, Massachusetts’ Williams College was ranked No. 1, with Amherst, the U.S. Naval Academy, California’s Pomona College and Swarthmore in Pennsylvania rounded out the top 5.

2024 US News National University Top 53-86
2024 US News National University Top 53-86

2024 Best National Universities – Top 3

  1. Princeton University (NJ)
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Harvard University (MA) (tie)
  4. Stanford University (CA) (tie)

2024 Best National Liberal Arts Colleges – Top 3

  1. Williams College (MA)
  2. Amherst College (MA)
  3. United States Naval Academy (MD)

2024 Top Public Schools: National Universities – Top 3

  1. University of California, Berkeley (tie)
  2. University of California, Los Angeles (tie)
  3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2024 Top Public Schools: National Liberal Arts Colleges – Top 3

  1. United States Naval Academy (MD)
  2. United States Air Force Academy (CO)
  3. United States Military Academy at West Point (NY)

2024 Top Performers on Social Mobility: National Universities – Top 3

  1. California State University, Long Beach
  2. California State University, Fullerton (tie)
  3. California State University, Riverside (tie)
  4. California State University, San Bernardino (tie)
  5. University of California, Merced (tie)

2024 Top Performers on Social Mobility: National Liberal Arts Colleges – Top 3

  1. Lake Forest College (IL)
  2. Agnes Scott College (GA) (tie)
  3. Salem College (NC) (tie)
  4. Spelman College (GA)

Schools with significant increases in their rank:

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (NC) +106

University of Texas at San Antonio (TX) +92

California State University, East Bay +88

Florida Gulf Coast University +80

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley +72

Gwynedd Mercy University (PA) +71

University of Nevada, Reno +68

Northern Arizona University +68

The University of Texas at El Paso +68

California State University, Fresno +65

The University of Texas at Arlington +63

Northern Illinois University +62

Aurora University (IL) +62

Texas Woman’s University +62

San Francisco State University (CA) +56

Florida Atlantic University +54

Augusta University (GA) +52

University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh (WI) +52

Texas State University +51

University of Houston, Clear Lake +51

Note 1 – The Methodology

How U.S. News Calculated the 2024 Best Colleges Rankings.



2024 Best National University Rankings


“U.S. News’s change in methodology has led to dramatic movement in the rankings overall.


“U.S. News’s change in methodology has led to dramatic movement in the rankings overall, disadvantaging many private research universities while privileging large public institutions,” Chancellor Daniel Diermeier and Provost C. Cybele Raver wrote in an email to alumni, according to the news service.



RankUniversityUndergrad enrollmentTuition & FeesLocation
1Princeton University5,604 (fall 2022)$59,710Princeton, NJ
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology4,657 (fall 2022)$60,156Cambridge, MA
3Harvard University7,240 (fall 2022)$59,076Cambridge, MA
3Stanford University8,049 (fall 2022)$62,484Stanford, CA
5Yale University6,645 (fall 2022)$64,700New Haven, CT
6University of Pennsylvania9,760 (fall 2022)$66,104Philadelphia, PA
7Duke University6,640 (fall 2022)$66,172Durham, NC
7California Institute of Technology982 (fall 2022)$63,255Pasadena, CA
9Johns Hopkins University6,044 (fall 2022)$63,340Baltimore, MD
9Brown University7,639 (fall 2022)$68,230Providence, RI
9Northwestern University8,659 (fall 2022)$65,997Evanston, IL
12Cornell University15,735 (fall 2022)$66,014Ithaca, NY
12Columbia UniversityN/A$65,524New York, NY
15University of California, Los Angeles32,423 (fall 2022)$46,326 (out-of-state)$13,752 (in-state)Los Angeles, CA
15University of California, Berkeley32,831 (fall 2022)$48,465 (out-of-state)$15,891 (in-state)Berkeley, CA
18Dartmouth College4,458 (fall 2022)$65,511Hanover, NH
18V&erbilt University7,151 (fall 2022)$63,946Nashville, TN
20University of Notre Dame8,971 (fall 2022)$62,693Notre Dame, IN
21University of Michigan-Ann Arbor32,695 (fall 2022)$57,273 (out-of-state)$17,786 (in-state)Ann Arbor, MI
22University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill20,210 (fall 2022)$39,338 (out-of-state)$8,998 (in-state)Chapel Hill, NC
22Georgetown University7,900 (fall 2022)$65,082Washington, DC
24University of Virginia17,496 (fall 2022)$58,950 (out-of-state)$22,323 (in-state)Charlottesville, VA
24Emory University7,101 (fall 2022)$60,774Atlanta, GA
24Carnegie Mellon University7,509 (fall 2022)$63,829Pittsburgh, PA
28University of Southern California20,699 (fall 2022)$68,237Los Angeles, CA
28University of California, Davis31,532 (fall 2022)$46,043 (out-of-state)$15,266 (in-state)Davis, CA
28University of California, San Diego33,096 (fall 2022)$48,630 (out-of-state)$16,056 (in-state)La Jolla, CA
28University of Florida34,552 (fall 2022)$28,658 (out-of-state)$6,381 (in-state)Gainesville, FL
33Georgia Institute of Technology18,415 (fall 2022)$32,876 (out-of-state)$11,764 (in-state)Atlanta, GA
33University of California, Irvine28,661 (fall 2022)$47,759 (out-of-state)$15,185 (in-state)Irvine, CA
35University of California, Santa Barbara23,460 (fall 2022)$45,658 (out-of-state)$14,881 (in-state)Santa Barbara, CA
35New York University29,401 (fall 2022)$60,438New York, NY
35University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign35,120 (fall 2022)$36,068 (out-of-state)$17,572 (in-state)Champaign, IL
35University of Wisconsin-Madison37,230 (fall 2022)$40,603 (out-of-state)$11,205 (in-state)Madison, WI
39Boston College9,484 (fall 2022)$67,680Chestnut Hill, MA
40Rutgers University-New Brunswick36,344 (fall 2022)$36,001 (out-of-state)$17,239 (in-state)Piscataway, NJ
40University of Washington36,872 (fall 2022)$41,997 (out-of-state)$12,643 (in-state)Seattle, WA
40Tufts University6,815 (fall 2022)$67,844Medford, MA
43Purdue University-Main Campus37,949 (fall 2022)$28,794 (out-of-state)$9,992 (in-state)West Lafayette, IN
43The Ohio State University46,123 (fall 2022)$36,722 (out-of-state)$12,485 (in-state)Columbus, OH
46University of Maryland &, College Park30,353 (fall 2022)$40,306 (out-of-state)$11,505 (in-state)College Park, MD
47Virginia Tech30,434 (fall 2022)$36,090 (out-of-state)$15,478 (in-state)Blacksburg, VA
47University of Georgia30,714 (fall 2022)$30,220 (out-of-state)$11,180 (in-state)Athens, GA
47Wake Forest University5,447 (fall 2022)$64,758Winston-Salem, NC
47Lehigh University5,624 (fall 2022)$62,180Bethlehem, PA
47Texas A&M University57,512 (fall 2022)$40,607 (out-of-state)$12,413 (in-state)College Station, TX
47University of Rochester6,767 (fall 2022)$64,384Rochester, NY
53Northeastern University16,302 (fall 2022)$63,141Boston, MA
53Florida State University32,936 (fall 2022)$21,683 (out-of-state)$6,517 (in-state)Tallahassee, FL
53University of Minnesota, Twin Cities39,248 (fall 2022)$36,402 (out-of-state)$16,488 (in-state)Minneapolis, MN
53Case Western Reserve University6,017 (fall 2022)$62,234Cleveland, OH
53William & Mary6,797 (fall 2022)$48,841 (out-of-state)$25,041 (in-state)Williamsburg, VA
58University of Connecticut18,983 (fall 2022)$43,034 (out-of-state)$20,366 (in-state)Storrs, CT
60North Carolina State University26,254 (fall 2022)$31,976 (out-of-state)$9,105 (in-state)Raleigh, NC
60Br&eis University3,687 (fall 2022)$62,722Waltham, MA
60Michigan State University39,201 (fall 2022)$41,958 (out-of-state)$15,372 (in-state)East Lansing, MI
60The Pennsylvania State University-University Park41,745 (fall 2022)$38,651 (out-of-state)$19,835 (in-state)University Park, PA
60Santa Clara University6,115 (fall 2022)$59,241Santa Clara, CA
60University of California, Merced8,344 (fall 2022)$43,777 (out-of-state)$13,000 (in-state)Merced, CA
67George Washington University11,482 (fall 2022)$64,990Washington, DC
67University of Miami12,504 (fall 2022)$59,926Coral Gables, FL
67University of Pittsburgh19,928 (fall 2022)$39,890 (out-of-state)$21,524 (in-state)Pittsburgh, PA
67University of Massachusetts-Amherst24,391 (fall 2022)$39,293 (out-of-state)$17,357 (in-state)Amherst, MA
67Villanova University6,989 (fall 2022)$64,906Villanova, PA
73Binghamton University-SUNY14,402 (fall 2022)$28,203 (out-of-state)$10,363 (in-state)Binghamton, NY
76University of Delaware18,883 (fall 2022)$39,720 (out-of-state)$16,080 (in-state)Newark, DE
76University at Buffalo-SUNY20,761 (fall 2022)$30,571 (out-of-state)$10,781 (in-state)Buffalo, NY
76University of California, Riverside22,903 (fall 2022)$46,266 (out-of-state)$13,692 (in-state)Riverside, CA
76Pepperdine University3,662 (fall 2022)$66,742Malibu, CA
76Stevens Institute of Technology3,988 (fall 2022)$60,952Hoboken, NJ
82University of California, Santa Cruz17,502 (fall 2022)$47,862 (out-of-state)$15,288 (in-state)Santa Cruz, CA
82University of Illinois-Chicago21,807 (fall 2022)$32,833 (out-of-state)$17,811 (in-state)Chicago, IL
82Worcester Polytechnic Institute5,246 (fall 2022)$58,870Worcester, MA
82Rutgers University-Newark7,511 (fall 2022)$35,348 (out-of-state)$16,586 (in-state)Newark, NJ
86Clemson University22,566 (fall 2022)$39,502 (out-of-state)$15,558 (in-state)Clemson, SC
86Marquette University7,528 (fall 2022)$48,700Milwaukee, WI
86New Jersey Institute of Technology9,019 (fall 2022)$34,972 (out-of-state)$18,512 (in-state)Newark, NJ
89Fordham University10,098 (fall 2022)$61,567New York, NY
89Temple University24,106 (fall 2022)$35,956 (out-of-state)$21,095 (in-state)Philadelphia, PA
89University of South Florida38,046 (fall 2022)$17,324 (out-of-state)$6,410 (in-state)Tampa, FL
89Southern Methodist University7,056 (fall 2022)$64,460Dallas, TX
93Baylor University15,213 (fall 2022)$54,844Waco, TX
93Auburn University25,379 (fall 2022)$33,944 (out-of-state)$12,536 (in-state)Auburn, AL
93Gonzaga University5,084 (fall 2022)$53,500Spokane, WA
98Texas Christian University10,523 (fall 2022)$57,220Fort Worth, TX
98Drexel University12,482 (fall 2022)$60,663Philadelphia, PA
98University of Oregon19,565 (fall 2022)$41,194 (out-of-state)$14,751 (in-state)Eugene, OR
98Illinois Institute of Technology3,125 (fall 2022)$51,763Chicago, IL
98Rutgers University-Camden4,185 (fall 2022)$35,841 (out-of-state)$17,079 (in-state)Camden, NJ
98University of San Diego5,669 (fall 2022)$56,444San Diego, CA
105CUNY-City College11,929 (fall 2022)$19,010 (out-of-state)$7,340 (in-state)New York, NY
105George Mason University27,014 (fall 2022)$37,976 (out-of-state)$13,812 (in-state)Fairfax, VA
105University of Tennessee, Knoxville27,039 (fall 2022)$31,434 (out-of-state)$13,244 (in-state)Knoxville, TN
105University of Colorado Boulder31,103 (fall 2022)$41,966 (out-of-state)$13,622 (in-state)Boulder, CO
105California State University-Long Beach32,711 (fall 2022)$17,200 (out-of-state)$6,904 (in-state)Long Beach, CA
105Arizona State University65,492 (fall 2022)$32,193 (out-of-state)$12,051 (in-state)Tempe, AZ
105Saint Louis University7,426 (fall 2022)$53,244St. Louis, MO
105American University7,917 (fall 2022)$56,544Washington, DC
115SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry1,621 (fall 2022)$21,036 (out-of-state)$9,206 (in-state)Syracuse, NY
115University of New Hampshire11,480 (fall 2022)$38,882 (out-of-state)$19,112 (in-state)Durham, NH
115The University of Texas at Dallas21,617 (fall 2022)$44,812 (out-of-state)$16,412 (in-state)Richardson, TX
115Iowa State University of Science & Technology25,241 (fall 2022)$26,617 (out-of-state)$10,133 (in-state)Ames, IA
115University of Utah26,355 (fall 2022)$33,045 (out-of-state)$10,287 (in-state)Salt Lake City, UT
115Brigham Young University31,401 (fall 2022)$6,496Provo, UT
115University of San Francisco6,018 (fall 2022)$58,222San Francisco, CA
115Howard University9,809 (fall 2022)$33,344Washington, DC
124James Madison University20,346 (fall 2022)$30,790 (out-of-state)$13,576 (in-state)Harrisonburg, VA
124University of Oklahoma21,294 (fall 2022)$25,880 (out-of-state)$9,312 (in-state)Norman, OK
124University of Missouri23,752 (fall 2022)$34,322 (out-of-state)$14,122 (in-state)Columbia, MO
124University of South Carolina27,343 (fall 2022)$33,928 (out-of-state)$12,688 (in-state)Columbia, SC
124Fairfield University4,757 (fall 2022)$56,360Fairfield, CT
124Florida International University45,442 (fall 2022)$18,964 (out-of-state)$6,566 (in-state)Miami, FL
124University of Central Florida58,749 (fall 2022)$22,467 (out-of-state)$6,368 (in-state)Orlando, FL
124University of Denver6,160 (fall 2022)$59,340Denver, CO
133University of Maryl&, Baltimore County10,625 (fall 2022)$30,308 (out-of-state)$12,952 (in-state)Baltimore, MD
133University of Vermont11,898 (fall 2022)$43,890 (out-of-state)$18,890 (in-state)Burlington, VT
133University at Albany-SUNY12,264 (fall 2022)$28,998 (out-of-state)$10,408 (in-state)Albany, NY
133Miami University-Oxford16,865 (fall 2022)$38,127 (out-of-state)$17,055 (in-state)Oxford, OH
133California State University-Fullerton35,239 (fall 2022)$18,954 (out-of-state)$7,074 (in-state)Fullerton, CA
133University of Houston37,943 (fall 2022)$27,110 (out-of-state)$11,870 (in-state)Houston, TX
133Elon University6,337 (fall 2022)$44,536Elon, NC
133Chapman University7,869 (fall 2022)$62,784Orange, CA
133University of Dayton8,416 (fall 2022)$47,600Dayton, OH
142Loyola University Chicago11,703 (fall 2022)$51,706Chicago, IL
142University of Alabama at Birmingham13,032 (fall 2022)$26,520 (out-of-state)$11,040 (in-state)Birmingham, AL
142Clark University2,389 (fall 2022)$55,187Worcester, MA
142Clarkson University2,668 (fall 2022)$57,950Potsdam, NY
142Oregon State University28,905 (fall 2022)$35,664 (out-of-state)$13,494 (in-state)Corvallis, OR
142University of Cincinnati29,989 (fall 2022)$27,140 (out-of-state)$13,530 (in-state)Cincinnati, OH
142University of the Pacific3,294 (fall 2022)$55,340Stockton, CA
142Thomas Jefferson University3,771 (fall 2022)$45,733Philadelphia, PA
151Simmons University1,789 (fall 2022)$45,538Boston, MA
151University of Rhode Isl&13,927 (fall 2022)$35,804 (out-of-state)$16,408 (in-state)Kingston, RI
151University of Kansas19,241 (fall 2022)$28,035 (out-of-state)$11,167 (in-state)Lawrence, KS
151Colorado State University26,062 (fall 2022)$33,752 (out-of-state)$12,896 (in-state)Fort Collins, CO
151Duquesne University5,095 (fall 2022)$47,146Pittsburgh, PA
151Michigan Technological University5,710 (fall 2022)$41,340 (out-of-state)$18,392 (in-state)Houghton, MI
159University of Massachusetts-Lowell12,391 (fall 2022)$35,396 (out-of-state)$16,570 (in-state)Lowell, MA
159University of Nebraska – Lincoln19,189 (fall 2022)$27,748 (out-of-state)$10,108 (in-state)Lincoln, NE
159University of Kentucky22,735 (fall 2022)$33,406 (out-of-state)$13,212 (in-state)Lexington, KY
159Stockton University8,138 (fall 2022)$23,420 (out-of-state)$15,532 (in-state)Galloway, NJ
163Rowan University15,264 (fall 2022)$25,564 (out-of-state)$15,700 (in-state)Glassboro, NJ
163Montclair State University17,290 (fall 2022)$22,470 (out-of-state)$14,767 (in-state)Montclair, NJ
163University of Mississippi17,302 (fall 2022)$26,980 (out-of-state)$9,412 (in-state)University, MS
163Seattle University4,099 (fall 2022)$54,285Seattle, WA
163Adelphi University5,055 (fall 2022)$47,290Garden City, NY
163University of St. Thomas (MN)5,942 (fall 2022)$52,284St. Paul, MN
170University of Hawaii at Manoa14,198 (fall 2022)$34,218 (out-of-state)$12,186 (in-state)Honolulu, HI
170Kansas State University15,046 (fall 2022)$27,816 (out-of-state)$10,942 (in-state)Manhattan, KS
170California State University-San Bernardino16,813 (fall 2022)$14,311 (out-of-state)$7,679 (in-state)San Bernardino, CA
170The University of Alabama32,458 (fall 2022)$33,200 (out-of-state)$11,900 (in-state)Tuscaloosa, AL
170Mercer University4,859 (fall 2022)$40,890Macon, GA
170Quinnipiac University6,073 (fall 2022)$53,090Hamden, CT
170Florida A&M University7,709 (fall 2022)$17,725 (out-of-state)$5,785 (in-state)Tallahassee, FL
178Ohio University17,860 (fall 2022)$24,114 (out-of-state)$13,746 (in-state)Athens, OH
178Drake University2,835 (fall 2022)$50,114Des Moines, IA
178San Francisco State University21,868 (fall 2022)$19,404 (out-of-state)$7,524 (in-state)San Francisco, CA
178Washington State University22,612 (fall 2022)$29,073 (out-of-state)$12,997 (in-state)Pullman, WA
178University of North Carolina-Charlotte23,461 (fall 2022)$21,338 (out-of-state)$7,214 (in-state)Charlotte, NC
178University of Arkansas26,269 (fall 2022)$28,772 (out-of-state)$9,748 (in-state)Fayetteville, AR
185St. John Fisher University2,629 (fall 2022)$39,666Rochester, NY
185Oklahoma State University20,801 (fall 2022)$24,764 (out-of-state)$9,244 (in-state)Stillwater, OK
185California State University, Fresno21,305 (fall 2022)$13,112 (out-of-state)$6,974 (in-state)Fresno, CA
185University of Detroit Mercy3,156 (fall 2022)$31,058Detroit, MI
185Samford University3,672 (fall 2022)$38,144Birmingham, AL
185Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge30,952 (fall 2022)$28,631 (out-of-state)$11,954 (in-state)Baton Rouge, LA
185Bradley University4,143 (fall 2022)$39,680Peoria, IL
185Missouri University of Science & Technology5,501 (fall 2022)$31,862 (out-of-state)$14,462 (in-state)Rolla, MO
185Hofstra University6,110 (fall 2022)$55,450Hempstead, NY
195Russell Sage College1,126 (fall 2022)$36,756Troy, NY
195University of Louisville15,921 (fall 2022)$29,174 (out-of-state)$12,828 (in-state)Louisville, KY
195University of Nevada, Reno16,973 (fall 2022)$25,950 (out-of-state)$8,994 (in-state)Reno, NV
195University of Tulsa2,647 (fall 2022)$48,102Tulsa, OK
195East Carolina University21,688 (fall 2022)$23,602 (out-of-state)$7,325 (in-state)Greenville, NC
195Touro University4,860 (fall 2022)$21,810New York, NY
201University of North Carolina-Wilmington14,294 (fall 2022)$22,985 (out-of-state)$7,317 (in-state)Wilmington, NC
201Wayne State University16,116 (fall 2022)$31,614 (out-of-state)$14,925 (in-state)Detroit, MI
201Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis17,727 (fall 2022)$33,717 (out-of-state)$10,449 (in-state)Indianapolis, IN
201Valparaiso University2,349 (fall 2022)$46,588Valparaiso, IN
201La Salle University2,776 (fall 2022)$35,520Philadelphia, PA
201Robert Morris University2,782 (fall 2022)$34,740Moon Township, PA
201Xavier University4,860 (fall 2022)$48,125Cincinnati, OH
201The New School7,208 (fall 2022)$56,244New York, NY
209Chatham University1,499 (fall 2022)$43,810Pittsburgh, PA
209West Chester University of Pennsylvania14,392 (fall 2022)$22,261 (out-of-state)$10,687 (in-state)West Chester, PA
209Illinois State University18,055 (fall 2022)$27,011 (out-of-state)$15,171 (in-state)Normal, IL
209University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth5,517 (fall 2022)$30,992 (out-of-state)$14,854 (in-state)North Dartmouth, MA
216The College of St. Scholastica1,938 (fall 2022)$40,454Duluth, MN
216University of Massachusetts-Boston12,221 (fall 2022)$37,211 (out-of-state)$15,535 (in-state)Boston, MA
216University of North Carolina at Greensboro14,198 (fall 2022)$22,539 (out-of-state)$7,379 (in-state)Greensboro, NC
216Ball State University14,416 (fall 2022)$28,766 (out-of-state)$10,758 (in-state)Muncie, IN
216Mississippi State University18,305 (fall 2022)$26,580 (out-of-state)$9,815 (in-state)Mississippi State, MS
216Springfield College2,005 (fall 2022)$43,707Springfield, MA
216St. Catherine University2,416 (fall 2022)$49,758St. Paul, MN
216University of St. Thomas (TX)2,729 (fall 2022)$33,660Houston, TX
216University of Wyoming8,518 (fall 2022)$22,718 (out-of-state)$6,938 (in-state)Laramie, WY
227Misericordia University1,777 (fall 2022)$38,370Dallas, PA
227Widener University2,555 (fall 2022)$53,638Chester, PA
227Kent State University20,418 (fall 2022)$22,316 (out-of-state)$12,846 (in-state)Kent, OH
227Georgia State University28,927 (fall 2022)$29,306 (out-of-state)$10,268 (in-state)Atlanta, GA
227Nova Southeastern University6,971 (fall 2022)$37,080Ft. Lauderdale, FL
227University of Alabama at Huntsville7,169 (fall 2022)$24,770 (out-of-state)$11,878 (in-state)Huntsville, AL
227Western Carolina University9,956 (fall 2022)$8,532 (out-of-state)$4,532 (in-state)Cullowhee, NC
227University of Puerto Rico-Rio PiedrasN/A$2,168 (out-of-state)$5,324 (in-state)Rio Piedras, PR
236University of North Florida14,171 (fall 2022)$20,107 (out-of-state)$6,398 (in-state)Jacksonville, FL
236University of New Mexico15,914 (fall 2022)$26,452 (out-of-state)$10,092 (in-state)Albuquerque, NM
236Western New Engl& University2,406 (fall 2022)$46,430Springfield, MA
236Bethel University (MN)2,533 (fall 2022)$42,930St. Paul, MN
236Azusa Pacific University2,588 (fall 2022)$42,330Azusa, CA
236Lipscomb University2,955 (fall 2022)$38,824Nashville, TN
236Biola University3,499 (fall 2022)$46,704La Mirada, CA
236The University of Texas at Arlington30,791 (fall 2022)$29,660 (out-of-state)$11,728 (in-state)Arlington, TX
236Belmont University7,376 (fall 2022)$41,320Nashville, TN
236University of North Dakota9,928 (fall 2022)$15,570 (out-of-state)$10,951 (in-state)Grand Forks, ND
236Gallaudet University914 (fall 2022)$18,254Washington, DC
249Union University1,899 (fall 2022)$38,300Jackson, TN
249North Dakota State University10,096 (fall 2022)$15,646 (out-of-state)$10,992 (in-state)Fargo, ND
249Keiser University16,960 (fall 2022)$36,020Ft. Lauderdale, FL
249Sam Houston State University18,235 (fall 2022)$22,996 (out-of-state)$10,756 (in-state)Huntsville, TX
249Northern Arizona University23,207 (fall 2022)$28,900 (out-of-state)$12,654 (in-state)Flagstaff, AZ
249Suffolk University4,437 (fall 2022)$45,380Boston, MA
249Maryville University of St. Louis5,809 (fall 2022)$27,166St Louis, MO
249Pace University8,223 (fall 2022)$51,424New York, NY
249Tennessee Tech University8,537 (fall 2022)$15,030 (out-of-state)$10,830 (in-state)Cookeville, TN
249University of Wisconsin-La Crosse9,352 (fall 2022)$18,814 (out-of-state)$9,774 (in-state)La Crosse, WI
249University of Maine9,774 (fall 2022)$35,346 (out-of-state)$12,606 (in-state)Orono, ME
260Gwynedd Mercy University1,412 (fall 2022)$38,310Gwynedd Valley, PA
260Central Michigan University10,421 (fall 2022)$14,790 (out-of-state)$14,790 (in-state)Mount Pleasant, MI
260University of Missouri-St. Louis12,431 (fall 2022)$31,516 (out-of-state)$12,648 (in-state)St. Louis, MO
260Regis University2,398 (fall 2022)$43,980Denver, CO
260Gannon University2,991 (fall 2022)$36,676Erie, PA
260Loyola University New Orleans3,289 (fall 2022)$47,240New Orleans, LA
260University of New Engl&3,718 (fall 2022)$42,550Biddeford, ME
260University of North Texas33,024 (fall 2022)$24,644 (out-of-state)$12,044 (in-state)Denton, TX
260Winston-Salem State UniversityN/A$16,932 (out-of-state)$6,276 (in-state)Winston-Salem, NC
269Lincoln Memorial University1,560 (fall 2022)$26,150Harrogate, TN
269University of Missouri-Kansas City10,190 (fall 2022)$30,734 (out-of-state)$12,734 (in-state)Kansas City, MO
269Northern Illinois University11,429 (fall 2022)$12,504 (out-of-state)$12,504 (in-state)DeKalb, IL
269Seattle Pacific University2,428 (fall 2022)$38,814Seattle, WA
269Utah State University24,835 (fall 2022)$24,802 (out-of-state)$9,228 (in-state)Logan, UT
269University of Nevada, Las Vegas25,365 (fall 2022)$26,099 (out-of-state)$9,143 (in-state)Las Vegas, NV
269University of South Dakota7,132 (fall 2022)$12,942 (out-of-state)$9,432 (in-state)Vermillion, SD
280Oklahoma City University1,361 (fall 2022)$33,586Oklahoma City, OK
280University of St. Francis1,417 (fall 2022)$37,000Joliet, IL
280Immaculata University1,508 (fall 2022)$28,550Immaculata, PA
280North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University11,833 (fall 2022)$20,243 (out-of-state)$6,733 (in-state)Greensboro, NC
280University of Toledo11,965 (fall 2022)$21,280 (out-of-state)$11,920 (in-state)Toledo, OH
280Bowling Green State University13,853 (fall 2022)$21,424 (out-of-state)$13,436 (in-state)Bowling Green, OH
280Portl& State University16,864 (fall 2022)$24,495 (out-of-state)$9,375 (in-state)Portland, OR
280Old Dominion University18,375 (fall 2022)$32,662 (out-of-state)$12,262 (in-state)Norfolk, VA
280DeSales University2,231 (fall 2022)$44,800Center Valley, PA
280Bellarmine University2,343 (fall 2022)$46,780Louisville, KY
280Hampton University2,794 (fall 2022)$29,312Hampton, VA
280Marian University (IN)2,860 (fall 2022)$39,100Indianapolis, IN
280Texas State University33,834 (fall 2022)$24,447 (out-of-state)$12,207 (in-state)San Marcos, TX
280Clarke University785 (fall 2022)$39,600Dubuque, IA
280Southern Illinois University-Carbondale8,000 (fall 2022)$15,522 (out-of-state)$15,522 (in-state)Carbondale, IL
296New Mexico State University11,591 (fall 2022)$27,385 (out-of-state)$9,058 (in-state)Las Cruces, NM
296Alvernia University2,018 (fall 2022)$42,810Reading, PA
296South Dakota State University9,921 (fall 2022)$12,809 (out-of-state)$9,299 (in-state)Brookings, SD
296California State University-East BayN/A$18,875 (out-of-state)$6,995 (in-state)Hayward, CA
296Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-PonceN/A$5,920Ponce, PR
296Southeastern Baptist Theological SeminaryN/A$10,234Wake Forest, NC
304Louisiana Tech University10,083 (fall 2022)$19,608 (out-of-state)$10,695 (in-state)Ruston, LA
304Florida Gulf Coast University14,137 (fall 2022)$25,161 (out-of-state)$6,118 (in-state)Fort Myers, FL
304Concordia University Wisconsin2,817 (fall 2022)$34,250Mequon, WI
304Harding University3,523 (fall 2022)$24,888Searcy, AR
304Ferris State University9,000 (fall 2022)$14,686 (out-of-state)$14,686 (in-state)Big Rapids, MI

Source: https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities

———————– past year ———————————————————–

U.S. News & World Report – National University Ranking 2020

U.S. News & World Report just released its 2020 Best Colleges rankings, covering approximately 1400 colleges and universities. For the ninth straight year, Princeton tops the National University list, followed, not unexpectedly, by Harvard in second. Columbia, MIT, and Yale tied for third. Williams College tops the list of National Liberal Arts Colleges, and UCLA is No. 1 among Top Public Schools. All the schools ranked in the top 20 National Universities list in 2020 were in the top 20 in 2019. This rankings inertia stems from both institutional continuity and a largely repetitive methodology.

Source: https://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/college-rankings-blog/articles/2019-09-09/what-changed-in-how-the-2020-us-news-best-colleges-rankings-were-calculated

2020 U.S. News & World Report implemented new ranking criteria that heavily weigh social mobility and graduation outcomes. The rankings compare bachelor’s degree-granting institutions from across the U.S. on 15 diverse measures of academic quality. They can help you craft a shortlist of places in which to dig deeper.

The publication evaluates schools based on the following – Student outcomes (including the new Social mobility factor), Student excellence, Faculty resources, Expert opinion, Financial resources, Alumni giving.


UC Berkeley had returned to a top-25 position on the national list (No. 22), after UCLA. (No. 20). Stanford tied with the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania at No. 6 position.

Note 1. UC Berkeley is back in the good graces of the collegiate kingmakers behind the U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of the nation’s top universities. The news comes not long after the publication discovered the school (along with the University of Oklahoma) had been misreporting alumni donation data since at least 2014.

Back in July, U.S. News removed Cal from the rankings after a person affiliated with the school disclosed the incorrect reporting, Forbes reported.

(Public colleges and universities typically operate under the supervision of state governments and are funded, in part, by tax dollars and subsidies from the state. As a result, these universities often offer discounted tuition to residents of their states. Public schools run the range from small liberal arts colleges to large research institutions. )

New England

Princeton and Harvard clocked in at first and second place, respectively, for best National Universities, with a three-way tie for third: Columbia, MIT, and Yale.

Boston University (BU) advanced two spots, to number 40, BU shares that spot with five peer institutions, two of them – Brandeis and Northeastern – also in Massachusetts. The other three are Case Western Reserve University, the College of William & Mary, and Tulane University.

BU moved up one notch in the magazine’s ranking of Most Innovative Schools, tying at number 27 with the University of Pennsylvania, Rice University, and UCLA. These are institutions that in the opinion of presidents, provosts, and admissions deans surveyed by U.S. News are making the most innovative improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology, or facilities.


Some of the Pennsylvania schools that made the national university rankings: University of Pennsylvania #6, Carnegie Mellon University #25, Villanova University #46, Lehigh University #50, Pennsylvania State University – University Park #57, University of Pittsburgh #57, Drexel University #97, Temple University #104, Duquesne University #132.

New York

A total of 121 New York colleges were featured on the national list with the highest-ranking college – Columbia University — coming in at No. 3 and the lowest-ranking New York school/schools earning rankings of between 164 and 381.

Among the New York schools that were featured on the social mobility rankings were Stony Brook University — SUNY, Pace University, Vassar College, United States Military Academy, Purchase College — SUNY, Monroe College, Nyack College, Iona College, Adelphi University and the United States Merchant Marine Academy.


The University of Washington again is the highest-ranked national university on U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 best colleges list. A total of five colleges were featured on the national list with UW coming in at No. 66 nationwide, and Whitman College in Walla Walla was ranked the 46th best liberal arts college in the nation. Washington schools that made the national university rankings – University of Washington (62), Gonzaga University (79), Seattle University (139), Washington State University (166), Seattle Pacific University (192).


Rice University is once again the top Texas school in U.S. News & World Report’s newest rankings , Rice was tied at No. 17 on the 2020 list of best national universities, along with Cornell University in New York. The University of Texas at Austin was the second Texas school on the 2020 list, once again, and moved up one spot from last year. Southern Methodist University in North Texas fell five spots from last year. The University of Houston also fell 14 spots.

Looking just at public schools, UT was No. 14 nationwide, Texas A&M University was No. 27, and UH came in at No. 92. They all fell from their spots last year.


The University of Chicago (#6) maintained its position as one of top institutions in the nation, once again earning a ranking in the top 10 of U.S. News and World Report’s “best colleges” list for 2020. The Hyde Park university tied with Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania for sixth place in the organization’s national rankings.

What has brought many of the world’s most promising students and distinguished faculty to the University of Chicag the most powerful environment for original research and new schools of thought.  The demonstrated success of the College over the last decade shows that more talented students than ever share these values and aspire to join, benefit from, and contribute to the University of Chicago’s distinctive intellectual community.

Northwestern University (#9) are delighted with their steady ascent in the U.S. News survey, it is an external endorsement of their extraordinarily talented community of faculty, staff and students does every day to make Northwestern one of the leading research universities in the world.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was the next highest-ranked Illinois school, finishing in 48th place. Loyola University (104th), the Illinois Institute of Technology (117th), DePaul University (125th) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (132nd) also finished among the rankings’ top 150.

Top Public Schools

California dominated the list. UCLA maintains its top spot with the University of California, Berkeley in second. It was the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor that rounded out the top three.

Methodology (adopted for 2020)


U.S. News made some changes for its 35th edition of the rankings. The publication updated its methodology to give the nearly 1,400 schools it evaluated more credit based on how they supported first-generation college students through graduation.

This year, the publication also created a new ranking category, Top Performers on Social Mobility, evaluating schools that best serve underrepresented students by looking at enrollment and graduation rates of low-income students

The publication evaluates schools based on the following.

Student outcomes (including the new Social mobility factor), Student excellence, Faculty resources, Expert opinion, Financial resources, Alumni giving.

The Ranking Factors

High school counselor opinion was discontinued as part of expert opinion. Otherwise, there were no changes in weights assigned to each factor for the 2020 edition. There are, however, small differences in how some of the factors were calculated, described below. For a more detailed look at how the rankings are computed on a factor-by-factor level, please see Ranking Criteria and Weights and Morse Code: Inside the College Rankings.

Factors and weights used in the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings.

Outcomes (35%)

More than one-third of a school’s rank comes from its success at retaining and graduating students within 150% of normal time (six years). It receives the highest weight in our rankings because degree completion is necessary to receive the full benefits of undergraduate study from employers and graduate schools. We approach outcomes from angles of graduation and retention (22%), graduation rate performance (8%) and social mobility (5%).

Graduation and retention rates: This has two components.

A four-year rolling average of the proportion of each entering class (fall 2009-fall 2012) earning a degree in six years or less (17.6%).

A four-year rolling average of the proportion of first-year entering students (fall 2014-fall 2017) who returned the following fall (4.4%).

Graduation rate performance: We compared each college’s actual six-year graduation rate with what we predicted for its fall 2012 entering class. The predicted rates were modeled from admissions data, proportion of undergraduates awarded Pell Grants, school financial resources, proportion of federal financial aid recipients who are first generation, and National Universities’ math and science, or STEM, orientations.

The first-generation students variable was new for the 2020 rankings and in effect gives schools more credit for their graduation rates when accomplished with higher proportions of students who were the first in their immediate families to attend college. The data was sourced from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard. Its inclusion improved the model’s predictive power.

Social mobility: Measures how well schools graduated students who received federal Pell Grants (those typically coming from households whose family incomes are less than $50,000 annually, though most Pell Grant money goes to students with a total family income below $20,000). New for the 2020 edition, data sourced from the federal government was used for nonresponders. Also, the below factors (weighted 2.5% each) were computed using two-year averages of fall 2011 and fall 2012 entering cohorts.

Pell Grant graduation rates are the six-year graduation rates of Pell Grant students adjusted to give much more credit to schools with larger Pell student proportions.

Pell Grant graduation rate performance is the factor that compares each school’s six-year graduation rate among Pell recipients with its six-year graduation rate among non-Pell recipients by dividing the former into the latter, then adjusting to give much more credit to schools with larger Pell student proportions. The higher a school’s Pell graduation rate relative to its non-Pell graduation rate up to the rates being equal, the better it scores.

U.S. News published a distinct social mobility ranking for all schools. The social mobility ranking is computed from the two ranking factors assessing graduation rates of Pell-awarded students (5% of the rankings total).

Additionally, for benchmarking purposes each schools’ ranking factors sections on its directory page includes both its social mobility rank and a distinct outcomes rank. Although the ranks themselves are not used to determine schools’ overall rankings, they are displayed to enable prospective students, parents and institutions to make comparisons on related ranking factors. The outcomes rank also includes the two social mobility ranking factors but also average graduation rates, first-year retention rates and graduation rate performance that in total comprise 35% of a school’s overall score.

We also changed how the graduation and retention rate benchmark ranking was calculated. It is once again computed from a school’s total score in these two ranking indicators: average six-year graduation rate and average first-year retention rate. In the 2019 edition only, it was based on a school’s score in these four ranking factors: average six-year graduation rate, average first-year retention rate, Pell Grant graduation rate and Pell Grant graduation rate performance.

Faculty Resources (20%)

Research shows the greater access students have to quality instructors, the more engaged they will be in class and the more they will learn and likely graduate. U.S. News uses five factors from the 2018-2019 academic year to assess a school’s commitment to instruction: class size, faculty salary, faculty with the highest degree in their fields, student-faculty ratio and proportion of faculty who are full time.

Class size is the most highly weighted faculty resource measure, at 8%. Schools score better the greater their proportions of smaller classes for fall 2018.

Faculty salary is weighted at 7% and is the average faculty pay plus benefits during the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years, adjusted for regional differences in the cost of living. Nonresponders to the faculty salary question for the first time had modified federal government faculty salary data used as the basis for their estimates. Also new for the 2020 rankings, the faculty salary figures were adjusted using open source data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis regional price parities 2017 dataset published in May 2019. These regional price indexes allow comparisons from one metro area to another and measure the differences in price levels across states and metropolitan areas for a given year. They are expressed as a percentage of the overall national price level. The regional price indexes cover all consumption goods and services, including housing rents.

U.S. News also factors the proportion of full-time faculty with the highest degree in their fields (3%), student-faculty ratio (1%) and the proportion of faculty who are full time (1%).

Expert Opinion (20%)

Academic reputation matters because it factors things that cannot easily be captured elsewhere. For example, an institution known for having innovative approaches to teaching may perform especially well on this indicator, whereas a school struggling to keep its accreditation will likely perform poorly.

We take a two-year weighted average of ratings from top academics – presidents, provosts and deans of admissions – who rate the academic quality of peer institutions with which they are familiar on a scale of 1 (marginal) to 5 (distinguished).

U.S. News collected the data by administering peer assessment surveys in spring 2018 and 2019 directly to schools. Of the 4,815 academics who were sent questionnaires, 43% responded. This response rate is well up from 36% the previous year.

The high school counselor opinion survey was not administered and its ranking factor was dropped from the National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges rankings formulas altogether because U.S. News had greater confidence in its peer assessment data. High school counselor ratings had never been included as a ranking factor in the Regional Universities and Regional Colleges methodology. The high school counselor assessment’s 5 percentage point weight in the ranking was added to the peer assessment weight for the National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges rankings formulas, increasing the weight of that indicator in those two categories from 15% to 20% – equal to what is done for Regional Universities and Regional Colleges.

Financial Resources (10%)

Generous per-student spending indicates that a college can offer a wide variety of programs and services. U.S. News measures financial resources by using the average spending per student on instruction, research, student services and related educational expenditures in the 2017 and 2018 fiscal years. Spending on sports, dorms and hospitals does not count.

A small adjustment for the 2020 rankings: For improved cohort alignment, we adjusted the denominator cohorts a year back so that fiscal year 2018 spending was compared with 2017 enrollment and fiscal year 2017 spending was compared with 2016 enrollment.

For non-responders, data sourced from the federal government was used – a change from the previous rankings edition.

Student Excellence (10%)

A school’s academic atmosphere is influenced by the selectivity of its admissions. Simply put, students who achieved strong grades and test scores during high school have the highest probability of succeeding at challenging college-level coursework; enabling instructors to design classes that have great rigor.

Standardized tests: U.S. News factors admissions test scores for all enrollees who took the mathematics and evidence-based reading and writing portions of the SAT and the composite ACT. We weighted standardized tests at 7.75%.

Schools sometimes fail to report SAT and ACT scores for students in these categories: athletes, international students, minority students, legacies, those admitted by special arrangement and those who started in summer 2018. For any school that did not report all scores or that declined to say whether all scores were reported, U.S. News reduced its combined SAT/ACT percentile distribution value used in the ranking model by 15%. If the combined percentage of the fall 2018 entering class submitting test scores is less than 75% of all new entrants, its combined SAT/ACT percentile distribution value used in the rankings was discounted by 15%.

High school class standing: U.S. News incorporates the proportion of enrolled first-year students at National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges who graduated in the top 10% of their high school classes. It contributes 2.25% toward schools’ overall scores.

For Regional Universities and Regional Colleges, we used the proportion of those who graduated in the top quarter of their high school classes. New for this ranking is that high school class standing data from high schools that reported on fewer than 10% of their fall 2018 new entrants received an estimate instead of having their scores discounted. Also new is that colleges that reported high school class standing data on less than 20% of new entrants have their fall 2018 data footnoted. This is a decrease from 50% of new entrants in previous editions.

Alumni Giving (5%)

This is the average percentage of living alumni with bachelor’s degrees who gave to their school during 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. Giving measures student satisfaction and post-graduate engagement. This year, U.S. News only incorporated data it collected from its own data collection.


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2019 U.S. News & World Report – Summary

Routinely, Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Princeton are among the top American universities, though their order often changes depending on the year and the specific methodology used. Also mainstays in the top grouping are usually Columbia, MIT and University of Chicago.

California is home to numerous high-quality colleges and universities. For the second year in a row, colleges located in California snagged more than 10 percent of the top 100 spots. Also a repeat: Stanford came in number one in the Golden State and seven of the state’s top 12 schools were part of the UC system.






Bruins and Trojans have something new to argue about: The magazine ranks the USC as the No. 23 national university and the UCLA at 24, tied with the University of Virginia.

UC Irvine is ranked 39th, UC San Diego is ranked 44th, Pepperdine University is tied at 50 with Penn State, UC Riverside is No. 118, San Diego State is No. 146, the University of La Verne is ranked 152, Azusa Pacific University is No. 183 and Cal State Fullerton is ranked 202.

The Philadelphia area’s abundance of higher-education institutions providing a strong showing. University of Pennsylvania rose one spot to tie with Duke University for 8th in the National University category.

Ranked 53rd, the University of Texas at Austin is a premier educational institution. More than 51,000 students and 3,000 faculty call this school home. Its undergraduate engineering and business programs are equally lauded, ranking 8th and 10th respectively. The flagship school of the sprawling University of Texas System offers undergraduate degrees in over 170 fields of interest. The honors programs is offered in business, engineering, liberal arts and natural sciences studies.

Source of Information資料來源:

US News & World Report – http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities