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Collegiate School is an independent school for boys in New York City and is the oldest school in the United States. It is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is a member of both the New York Interschool and the Ivy Preparatory School League. It is ranked the best K-12 all boys prep school in the United States.

The school offers an extraordinary education with particular emphasis on development of intellectual curiosity and service. Collegiate students universally graduate as confident, independent thinkers and leaders. The academically rigorous environment is tempered by tremendous camaraderie, fellowship and teamwork. Collegiate regularly matriculates the great majority of its graduates at the very best colleges and universities.

Though tuition at the Collegiate School runs nearly $40,000 a year, it is far from spacious or luxurious. Collegiate, which has around 650 students from kindergarten through high school, is a mishmash of buildings and borrowings. Its upper school is housed in the church buildings, at West 77th Street and West End Avenue; it owns a building at 260 West 78th street, called Platten Hall, as well as an apartment building next door called West End Plaza, both of which house lower and middle school classrooms. An “infill building” connects the two.

Notable alumni of Collegiate include David Benioff, 1988 (screenwriter), Peter Bogdanovich, 1957, (filmmaker and author), Edgar Bronfman, Jr., 1973, (CEO of Warner Music Group), John F. Kennedy Jr, 1978 (Son of President John F. Kennedy), Edward Glaeser, 1984 (economics professor), Paul Hodes, 1968, U.S. Representative from New Hampshire, David Porter, 1954 (college president), Ben Rhodes, 1996 (Deputy Director of Speechwriting and Chief National Security Speechwriter for President Barack Obama).

The Basics

School TypeUSA High School
School Website
StateNew York
Nearest Cityin New York
Year Founded1628
Admission Requirement
Academic Calendar
Level OfferedG1 – 12
EnrollmentApprox. 660 students
International Students
Student-Teacher Ratio6:1
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School Programs

The Upper School (high school) curriculum consists of English, Math, Science, History, Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, or Chinese), Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek), Religion & Ethics, Music, Visual Art, Drama, Technology, and Physical Education.

University Acceptance

In 2007, The Wall Street Journal ranked Collegiate number one in the world in terms of percent of the senior class matriculating to eight selective American colleges. In 2002, Worth ranked Collegiate third among the nation’s independent schools in terms of percentage of graduates attending Harvard University, Yale University, and Princeton University.

School Activities

Collegiate kids excel in a variety of sports, including basketball, wrestling, and tennis.

Sports and co-curricular activities

The school’s athletic success has mainly been with the varsity basketball, baseball, track and field, and cross country teams. Collegiate also has varsity and junior varsity soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, and tennis teams. Students not participating in a sport take either PE, Yoga, or weightlifting. Yearly fitness tests are administered in the lower and middle schools

The school has a number of clubs, especially in the Upper School.

The level of music in Collegiate is outstanding, and Collegiate is home to multiple amazing violinists and pianists. Parent involvement is evident, but it is completely unneeded due to the quality of teachers, the community in general, students, academic work, sport levels, and musicality in this ruly un-comparable school.

Reviews say some students do come out egotistical because the school does convince them that they are better than everyone else. However, if a student wants to appreciate the quality education they can receive at this school, they develop into great, extremely smart people.