US National Universities Ranking

Many organizations in the world have compiled university ranking or subject ranking lists before, but there has never been one that is the most “official” or the most “accurate”. At Litz USA, we always tell our students that rankings are there for reference only, what’s more important, is for students to find a school that suits them best.

# University Name Location of School
1 Princeton University New Jersey (NJ)
2 Harvard University Massachusetts (MA)
3 Columbia University New York (NY)
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts (MA)
4 Yale University Connecticut (CT)
6 Stanford University California (CA)
6 University of Chicago Illinois (IL)
8 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (PA)
9 California Institute of Technology California (CA)
9 Johns Hopkins University Maryland (MD)
9 Northwestern University Illinois (IL)
12 Duke University North Carolina (NC)
13 Dartmouth College New Hampshire (NH)
14 Brown University Rhode Island (RI)
14 Vanderbilt University Tennessee (TN)
16 Rice University Texas (TX)
16 Washington University in St. Louis Missouri (MO)
18 Cornell University New York (NY)
19 University of Notre Dame Indiana (IN)
20 University of California–Los Angeles California (CA)
21 Emory University Georgia (GA)
22 University of California–Berkeley California (CA)
23 Georgetown University Washington DC (DC)
24 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Michigan (MI)
24 University of Southern California California (CA)
26 Carnegie Mellon University Pennsylvania (PA)
26 University of Virginia Virginia (VA)
28 University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill North Carolina (NC)
28 Wake Forest University North Carolina (NC)
30 New York University New York (NY)
30 Tufts University Massachusetts (MA)
30 University of California–Santa Barbara California (CA)
30 University of Florida Florida (FL)
34 University of Rochester New York (NY)
35 Boston College Massachusetts (MA)
35 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia (GA)
35 University of California–Irvine California (CA)
35 University of California–San Diego California (CA)
39 University of California–Davis California (CA)
39 College of William & Mary Virginia (VA)
41 Tulane University Louisiana (LA)
42 Boston University Massachusetts (MA)
42 Brandeis University Massachusetts (MA)
42 Case Western Reserve University Ohio (OH)
42 University of Texas–Austin Texas (TX)
42 University of Wisconsin–Madison Wisconsin (WI)
47 University of Georgia Georgia (GA)
47 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Illinois (IL)
49 University of Miami Florida (FL)
49 Lehigh University Pennsylvania (PA)
49 Northeastern University Massachusetts (MA)
49 Pepperdine University California (CA)

Source: US News & World Report 2022