US National Universities Ranking

Many organizations in the world have compiled university ranking or subject ranking lists before, but there has never been one that is the most “official” or the most “accurate”. At Litz USA, we always tell our students that rankings are there for reference only, what’s more important, is for students to find a school that suits them best.

#University NameLocation of School
1Princeton UniversityNew Jersey (NJ)
2Harvard UniversityMassachusetts (MA)
3Columbia UniversityNew York (NY)
4Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts (MA)
4Yale UniversityConnecticut (CT)
6Stanford UniversityCalifornia (CA)
6University of ChicagoIllinois (IL)
8University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania (PA)
9California Institute of TechnologyCalifornia (CA)
9Johns Hopkins UniversityMaryland (MD)
9Northwestern UniversityIllinois (IL)
12Duke UniversityNorth Carolina (NC)
13Dartmouth CollegeNew Hampshire (NH)
14Brown UniversityRhode Island (RI)
14Vanderbilt UniversityTennessee (TN)
16Rice UniversityTexas (TX)
16Washington University in St. LouisMissouri (MO)
18Cornell UniversityNew York (NY)
19University of Notre DameIndiana (IN)
20University of California–Los AngelesCalifornia (CA)
21Emory UniversityGeorgia (GA)
22University of California–BerkeleyCalifornia (CA)
23Georgetown UniversityWashington DC (DC)
24University of Michigan–Ann ArborMichigan (MI)
24University of Southern CaliforniaCalifornia (CA)
26Carnegie Mellon UniversityPennsylvania (PA)
26University of VirginiaVirginia (VA)
28University of North Carolina–Chapel HillNorth Carolina (NC)
28Wake Forest UniversityNorth Carolina (NC)
30New York UniversityNew York (NY)
30Tufts UniversityMassachusetts (MA)
30University of California–Santa BarbaraCalifornia (CA)
30University of FloridaFlorida (FL)
34University of RochesterNew York (NY)
35Boston CollegeMassachusetts (MA)
35Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgia (GA)
35University of California–IrvineCalifornia (CA)
35University of California–San DiegoCalifornia (CA)
39University of California–DavisCalifornia (CA)
39College of William & MaryVirginia (VA)
41Tulane UniversityLouisiana (LA)
42Boston UniversityMassachusetts (MA)
42Brandeis UniversityMassachusetts (MA)
42Case Western Reserve UniversityOhio (OH)
42University of Texas–AustinTexas (TX)
42University of Wisconsin–MadisonWisconsin (WI)
47University of GeorgiaGeorgia (GA)
47University of Illinois–Urbana-ChampaignIllinois (IL)
49University of MiamiFlorida (FL)
49Lehigh UniversityPennsylvania (PA)
49Northeastern UniversityMassachusetts (MA)
49Pepperdine UniversityCalifornia (CA)

Source: US News & World Report 2022