Service Overview

For 30 years, Litz USA has provided personalized services for all students. Starting from our first initial consultation, we will be there for our students throughout all stages of their US education journey – right till the day they successfully graduate. We take every process seriously and we strive to provide the best assistance possible to all our students and parents.

Understand Individual Needs and Requests

Our consultants will first understand the students’ and parents’ preferences of study in the US, their academic goals, budget, and any other special requests.


Academic Assessment

Our consultants will assess each student based on their school grades and extracurricular activities, so we can get a full picture of each student’s learning situation and personal potential.


School Recommendations

According to the overall performance of the student, our consultants will recommend several institutions for parents and students to choose from.


Testing Exemption

Students may exempt from SSAT/SAT exams when applying to Litz partner institutions, saving time and effort while increasing their chances of getting accepted by the school.


Test Prep

Litz provides a series of English training courses to improve students’ English ability and test skills needed to study overseas.



Students enrolled in some of our partner institutions can receive exclusive scholarships on tuition and accommodation.


Faster Application Process

The application procedures will be much simpler and institutions will expedite their decision-making when applying through our service.


Student Visa Application

Litz will follow up with our students’ US visas, including scheduling interview appointments at the US Consulate, document review, etc. Our visa success rate is as high as 99% and we also provide travel visa application services for our students’ parents.


Accommodation Arrangements

Depending on the accommodation arrangements provided by individual institutions, Litz will also submit the housing applications for our students.


Pre-departure Meetings

To prepare students before they leave their country to study abroad, Litz organizes briefing sessions to explain all important matters students need to know before studying in the USA. Students can get to know some alumni and new students who are also attending the same school so that they can take care of each other upon their arrival.


Group Departure and Airport Pick-up

Due to safety reasons with some of the students being underage, Litz can arrange students of the same school to depart together. We will also arrange airport pick-up services for students once they arrive in the US.


Thorough Follow Up Process

After arriving in the US, students may encounter many challenges in class or in their daily lives. We encourage students to take the initiative to find their teachers, counselors, dorm parents and host families for help directly, but of course, if further assistance is needed, parents and students are more welcomed to contact us at any time.

Our consultants will do their best to assist every student during their journey in the US until they graduate successfully.