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Green River College

Green River College


Green River College is located in the state of Washington in the northwestern United States, about 35 minutes south of downtown Seattle. The college covers an area of 186 acres, the campus tree-lined, beautiful environment. College attached dormitory, and has a safe campus.

Green River College offers more than 75 Associate Degree and Certificate Programs, GRCC with ESL English Center and a Bachelor Degree in 2014.

All staff at Green River College are committed to providing quality education to their students and preparing students for transfer. Students at Green River Community College enjoy small-group teaching, individual counseling, and reports on whether to prepare for the higher-grade four-year university study. Intensive English courses offered to international students by Green River College are designed to enhance the ability of international students to communicate in English. They include conversational, grammar, writing and reading training. After completing all the courses, they can take formal courses at the university.

The Basics

Setting35 minutes from downtown Seattle
School TypeUSA Community College
TuitionApprox. US$12,000
HousingHomestay, Apartment
School Website
Nearest CitySeattle
Year Founded1963
Admission Requirement16 years old and over
Academic CalendarSpring/ Fall/ Winter
Level OfferedAssociate degree, High School Completion
EnrollmentApproximately 8,500 students
International StudentsApproximately 19%
Student-Teacher Ratio28:1
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Student transfer records:

In recent years, Green River College students transfer record includes: U of Washington, Washington State U, University of Washington, Seattle University, UC Davis, Indiana University, Purdue University, Ohio State University, University of Michigan, etc.

Campus facilities

Green River College campus has bookstores, cafeterias, gyms, gyms, counseling centers and student-run radio stations. The school has Chinese counselors who provide counseling to Chinese students. This school library has more than 100 computers, Microsoft Office system, fast Internet system for students to use.

This school is one of the few community colleges in the United States that offers on-campus dormitories. Dormitory attached to a full set of furniture, a private bedroom, kitchen, living / dining room, Internet, parking is also very convenient. The school also has many activities including skiing, camping, visiting museums, concerts, tours and more.

Subject Courses

Accounting, Business Administration, Arts, Music, Computer Information Systems, Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Foreign Languages, Psychology, Philosophy and others.

High School Diploma, Diploma of Education and Certificate: Students may study at university level (depending on student assessment and placement requirements) for a “Washington High School Diploma”. In the meantime, credits are also available for transfer to university. Students can earn two-year college degrees, any degree in science and business studies, and short-term advanced studies, and in some cases may transfer credits for these courses to university degree programs. Such subjects include: aviation technology, radio, international business, language exchange, information technology.

School life profile

In order to promote students’ life experience at Green River College, students are encouraged to participate in various campus activities. Green River College will also provide opportunities for students to experience the scenic beauty of the Northwest Pacific, such as: hiking, skiing, snowboarding, as well as visits to museums, theaters and concerts. During the holidays, Green River College offers popular tourist attractions such as Whistler Ski Resort in Hawaii and Vancouver, Canada.