The Storm King School


The Storm King School

The Storm King School


The Storm King School is an academic institution dedicated to empowering students to make the most of their intellectual abilities. It is flexible in arranging programs of study and in maximizing our resources. At the same time, Storm King expects attendance in all classes, completion of daily assignments, and full student cooperation.

Storm King’s strong academic program develops students' intellectual abilities, and is supported by experiential activities that go beyond the classroom. They were authored using collaborative technology by the students, faculty, and staff.

The Basics

Setting 45 minutes north of New York City
School Type USA High School
Tuition US$50,000 – $52,000
Housing Homestay or boarding
School Website
State New York
Nearest City New York City
Year Founded 1867
Admission Requirement HK F.3
Academic Calendar Fall/summer
Level Offered Grades 9-12
Enrollment Approximately 140 students
International Students
Student-Teacher Ratio 6:1

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Academic Programs

English, US History, Senior Social Studies, physical education, mathematics, science, foreign language, visual arts, performing arts, Public Speaking, Internet Safety, Health, Community Service


Laboratories, performance center, dining hall, theater, libraries etc.

Students Life

Although the SKS community loves being On The Mountain, we need to move around a bit, too! Whether it’s personal supplies our students need to purchase—or just a change of scenery—we regularly schedule weekend trips to the Palisades Mall, the Woodbury Commons Outlet Center, and evenings at the local movie theatres. Shorter runs to Target and Wal-Mart are also part of our standard weekend fare.

Our Activities Coordinator also regularly schedules special trips to the Asian Food Markets, ski hills, paintballing arenas, and even horseback riding.

The clubs often include: The Quarry Yearbook, Community Service, Weightlifting, Theater, Movie Writing, Movie Production, Cooking, Ski/Snowboarding, and Outdoor/Environment.