Exchange Student Program (Indiana)

“During these 10 months of exchange student life, I can tell you it was not easy but it was still a really joyful and unforgettable experience you’ll never have.

First, I really appreciate all the things that my host family gave me. I can tell you right now, not all the host families treated exchange students like their kids, but my host really did. They brought me to different states, they wanted me to have a good experience in the US. I’m glad and lucky to meet this lovely family who cares about my health, feeling, and my study. I love them so much!

Second, I was studying in grade 11 at North Harrison High School. In the first month, it was really hard to make new friends, I was shy and I didn’t know how to talk to others who are not from my country and do not speak Chinese. I got really sad and helpless. I always call my mom because I felt scared and my mom told me at that time, “sometimes you just have to stop being scared and go for it, either it will work or it won’t but at least you try!!” That’s right. The world won’t change for you, the only way to solve this issue is for you to change instead; and so after that, I made a lot of friends because I started to talk to people to share about my culture and to laugh about funny stuff. I made a lot of memories with my American friends.

Finally, I need to thank my family in Hong Kong for giving me a chance to go on this wonderful journey and always support me when I’m feeling down. Also, I need to say thank you to Litz for helping me get into this perfect program – I want to say USA is awesome!”