Exchange Student Program (Arkansas)

“I joined the exchange student last year, and I’m really glad I did that. I went to Arkansas and had a fabulous year. Before I left home, It’s got a kind of afraid for leaving home and being a part of a whole new country.

But it’s not as bad as I thought, in fact, it surprise me that my host family did a lot for me to help me overcome on my stay and my teachers and classmates be really nice and friendly to me. After a month of stay, I got a lot of friends and caught up the study at school. Study in America is a big difference, it’s a lots of fun! And I love the small class that we just got may be 10 students in the class and it feels good to be in there and you can discuss with teacher and classmate on the problem and it helps you to understand better.

In Christmas, I had a wonderful time with my family, we celebrate together with all the food and gift, we sit around on the living room and talk about the story of Christmas and everyone got the best blessing from Santa. My family got a huge back yard and I invited my friend to camping in there during spring break, and surely we had a good time.

Time pass fast, after prom and graduation, I know it’s time to say bye. But it’s tough to leave the people who gave me all those priceless memories. Overall, in this exchange student years, I learned many things that I have ever learned before and opened my eyes to a different world. “