Exchange Student Program (Utah)

“Hi! My name is Vanessa. I am seventeen. Last year I joined the USA exchange student program; it gave me a wonderful experience. Let me tell you about my exchange year.

I was living with my host family in Utah, Riverton. My host family has seven kids. So in my exchange year I got Dad, Mum, 3 brothers and 4 sisters. They made my life much easier .I love to be with them. Living with them I learned a lot about US culture. Like how they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are interested in knowing about my country and culture too. I remember they love me to speak the three little pig story in Cantonese and Mandarin. In February we celebrate Chinese New Year together. They are willing to try the Chinese herb tea even they think it taste awful. During the exchange year we did a lot culture exchange which gave us tons of fun and lots of unforgettable experience. They seemed like my second family now. We have a really good relationship. Until now I still remember the days to live with them, those memories those tears is priceless.

Every Monday we will have a family evening. Sometime we will watch movie, play board game, cooking …etc. The main point of the family evening is being together. Also every Sunday we go to church. I made a lot of friend there. Unlike the Hong Kong family, the USA family love gathering. Every month they will gather with the extended family to picnic or party. They preferred more outdoor activities.

In the house, they got some rule. Every children need to take turn to wish the dishes and finish clean up the house. In summer we need to go out to the back yard to pull out the carrots and potatoes which is so fun.

I went to Riverton High School with my host sister and host brother .I love my school life in USA. The school provides a wonderful environment for student to study and student can choose any subject that they love to study. Also in the school they always have different kinds of activities and clubs for student to join. I remember I got a chance to join the school charity event. It was so fun and it was so great to make friends and help someone who is in need. The teachers are so nice and always give me a helping hand to understand the difficulty. The education system in US is totally different from Hong Kong’s’. It is more relax and free. Students seem not care about their result as Hong Kong’s student. No compare in the class. Teacher always use activities or video to teach student. In school I also know the other exchange student which came from other places.

I try some subject that I never see in Hong Kong, like Early Children Care, sewing class and ballroom class. I love they way of teaching there. It will not make me have lots of pressure and it actually make me enjoy study.

During the exchange year, I become more independence. I understand that I can do a lot of things by myself without anyone’s help. I am not afraid to get on a flight alone. I am not afraid to make new friends. In this year I enlarge my social circle to USA even around the world. It makes me more active and outgoing. Also it improve my English speaking skill. Now I can speak fluently in English which make me have more confidence to study oversea. I am so happy that I joined this program, which makes me have a very nice American family and friends. It changes me a lot. And it will be a very good experience in my life. “