University Rankings - QS, US News, THE, ARWU.
University Rankings – QS, US News, THE, ARWU.

Here are the latest university rankings by major organizations, each based on its own methodology. At the same time, students are reminded to test the strength of your intended program by checking the global university rankings broken down by subject.

It’s important to note that rankings should be considered as one of many factors when evaluating a university and its program, individual abilities, needs, preferences and family budget should also be taken into account.

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The top five universities in the ranking were: University of Oxford, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and University of Cambridge.

There was some rearrangement among the top tier of universities compared to the 2023 ranking. U of T swapped spots with University of California, Los Angeles, which took 18th place, followed by National University of Singapore and Cornell University.

There has been a noticeable decline in the fortunes of US and UK universities this year, as well as a further slide for European universities. An analysis of six years of data by THE shows that the average rank of US universities has declined from 296 in the 2019 rankings to 348 in the latest edition; the UK’s average rank has also sank but to a lesser extent, from 451 to 477.

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2024 THE Top 38 Word Univesities

Overall, U of T continues to be one of the world’s top-ranked public universities in the five most closely watched international rankings. Other Canadian schools in the top 200 included: University of British Columbia (41st), McGill University (49th), McMaster University (103rd), University of Alberta (109th), Université de Montréal (111th) University of Waterloo (158th) and University of Ottawa (177th).

2024 THE Top Canada Universities

Weaker research quality and reputation ratings, higher student-staff ratios and lower international student and co-authorship scores were the main factors in Australia’s decline this year.

2024 THE Top AUS & NZ Universities


Asia saw the largest rise of all continents in research quality, teaching score, and overall performance in the latest World University Rankings.


It’s China making the biggest impression rather than the West.

China is edging closer to the top 10 and now has two institutions in the top 15 for the first time. Tsinghua and Peking universities both overtake the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University to rank 12th and 14th respectively in this year’s 20th edition of the ranking.

2024 THE Top China HK & Mca Universities

Meanwhile, Japan’s University of Tokyo now outperforms the University of Edinburgh, King’s College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science, after rising 10 places to 29th.

The United Arab Emirates-based University of Sharjah leads the international outlook pillar with a top score of 98.8, while City University of Hong Kong follows closely with 98.7.

India Rises in Global Representation

India’s ascent in the 2024 rankings extends beyond the number of universities featured. India has now risen to become the fourth most well-represented nation, advancing from sixth place in the previous year’s rankings. This upward trajectory reflects the increasing recognition of Indian universities on the global stage.

2024 THE Top Asia Universities


2024 THE Top USA Universities (1)
2024 THE Top USA Universities (1)
2024 THE Top USA Universities (2)
2024 THE Top USA Universities (2)Methodology – How World University Rankings are Made?

Times Higher Education has unveiled its World University Rankings for 2024, encompassing 1,900 universities from across 100 countries and regions. The table has been constructed based on the newly introduced WUR 3.0 methodology, which meticulously assesses an institution’s performance in five key areas: teaching, research environment, research quality, industry engagement, and international outlook.

Times Higher Education also measures the international outlook of universities, the number of students compared to the university staff, and how universities are perceived globally.

It also takes into account the reputation of research done by universities and how often papers produced by universities were quoted around the world.

This year’s rankings have been drawn from more than 134 million citations sourced from 16.5 million research publications. Additionally, the rankings incorporate valuable insights from 68,400 scholars worldwide. In total, a staggering  411,789 data points were collected from over 2,670 institutions that actively participated in the data submission process. )

Australia Rankings 2024

Results from the 2024 edition suggest that the pandemic damaged the business model that had buttressed Australia’s seemingly irrepressible buoyancy in the rankings. Border closures undermined universities’ ability to harvest overseas tuition fees to compensate for shortfalls in research funding, while diluting the international mix of staff and students.

Covid-induced redundancies also exerted upward pressure on student-staff ratios that were already high by global standards. Tweaks to the ranking methodology and updates to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation data that inform the distribution and country weightings of the reputation survey that determines one-third of the ranking scores also denied Australian universities crucial points in the competition for the highest spots.

Australia’s top universities have slipped down the world’s most prestigious academic league table, with every institution in the top 200 recording a lower rank than 12 months ago.

The slide down the Times Higher Education rankings comes after an overhaul of the methodology used to score universities, but analysts say Australia’s poor performance is because of a research funding shortfall as well as student to staff ratios, which are among the worst in the world.

The University of Sydney dropped six places to rank 60th in the world; behind the University of Melbourne, which dropped three places to 37th on the list; and Monash University, which dropped 10 places to 54th.

Australian National University dropped five places to 67th spot; the University of NSW dropped 13 places to 84th; and the University of Technology, Sydney dropped 15 places to rank 148th.

Times Higher Education chief global affairs officer Phil Baty said Australian universities had been outpaced by research investment of other institutions while a drop-off in international students from 30 to 26 per cent meant revenue and consequentially research funding had taken a hit.

“We’ve seen the rise of mainland Chinese and east Asian universities … Australia does not have the same level of the same drive and level of commitment,” he said.

The University of Sydney is among the best 60 universities in the world – just –but it has slipped in the rankings.

“In addition, while the rankings show Australia has historically very high levels of research quality, current figures show a relative under-investment in research, which sends a clear red-light warning.”

The student-to-staff ratio in Australian universities is among the worst in the world, with the index finding they are in the bottom 15 per cent of the 1900 institutions assessed.

“Student ratios were already low, but it has become lower because of a spate of redundancies at universities over the past few years,” Baty said.

Many leading UK universities remain over-reliant on China, despite the risk to such ties from geopolitical tensions.

September 27, 2023. Patrick Jack

UK researchers rely on Chinese collaborators for nearly a quarter of all outputs in some key fields, Times Higher Education World University Rankings data shows.

Analysis of Elsevier bibliometrics shows that UK- and China-based academics co-authored 24,000 research papers in 2022, representing 10.9 per cent of the UK’s total publications. This was up from 7.1 per cent in 2018.

However, in certain key disciplines the reliance on China was much greater. In engineering, Chinese collaborations accounted for 23.5 per cent of all UK outputs in 2022, up from 16.5 per cent five years previously.

Across the physical sciences, such partnerships made up 17.6 per cent of UK output last year.

Citing Clarivate data, the King’s report identified a range of more narrow subject areas where Chinese collaboration is even more prominent: for example, 45.5 per cent of UK research papers on automation control systems published between 2017 and 2021 in 21,000 leading journals had a China-based co-author.

Telecommunications, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence and information systems all had Chinese collaboration rates of between 30 and 40 per cent.

UK research institutions would face significant damage if they disengaged from China, and that “no viable alternative partner exists to fill the gap”.

It said that ministers and intelligence agencies needed to produce “clearer guidance” for “universities to maintain scientific collaboration and intellectual exchange with China for as long as the geopolitical context permits and it remains in the national interest”.

As the world’s largest spender on research and development, China was a vital partner in scientific research.

With the US and China locked in an intensifying contest for technological leadership that is already drawing in the UK and many other countries, the chances that the global scientific endeavour will be disrupted by geopolitics have risen sharply over the last two years.

Assessing and mitigating the impact of such disruption is a critical responsibility of university leaders and policymakers as they contemplate a global knowledge economy that could begin to deglobalise at pace.

Nevertheless, the continued concentration of Chinese doctoral students in high-tariff institutions, as well as Chinese nationals working in research in these institutions with links to Chinese research institutions, suggests that high levels of UK-Chinese co-authorship are likely to continue.

This highlights the need for institutions to look at how to diversify their research partnerships in particular areas, and for sector-wide institutions to adopt a strategic and long-term approach, including undertaking further analysis of where de-risking is necessary and supporting actions that can be taken.


RankNameFull Time Students#Students / Staff% of Int’l StudentsCountry / Region
1University of Oxford21,80010.942.0%UK
2Stanford University14,6006.423.0%USA
3Massachusetts Institute of  Tech11,100833.0%USA
4Harvard University20,100925.0%USA
5University of Cambridge20,60011.538.0%UK
6Princeton University7,8007.323.0%USA
7California Institute of  Tech2,3006.133.0%USA
8Imperial College London20,30011.861.0%UK
9University of California, Berkeley40,00017.922.0%USA
10Yale University12,0005.221.0%USA
11ETH Zurich22,70015.443.0%Switzerland
12Tsinghua University38,60011.210.0%China
13The University of Chicago15,8006.236.0%USA
14Peking University33,10010.914.0%China
15Johns Hopkins University15,8004.128.0%USA
16University of Pennsylvania21,4006.222.0%USA
17Columbia University26,0005.235.0%USA
18University of California, Los Angeles42,7009.615.0%USA
19National University of Singapore33,4002024.0%Singapore
20Cornell University23,7001024.0%USA
21University of Toronto79,30025.827.0%Canada
23University of Michigan-Ann Arbor45,8008.116.0%USA
24Carnegie Mellon University13,60011.944.0%USA
25University of Washington49,50010.116.0%USA
26Duke University15,6003.918.0%USA
27New York University48,50011.842.0%USA
28Northwestern University18,90013.118.0%USA
29The University of Tokyo26,40010.315.0%Japan
30University of Edinburgh34,00011.546.0%UK
30Technical University of Munich35,60044.439.0%Germany
32Nanyang Technological University, Singapore25,90016.727.0%Singapore
33École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne12,60013.564.0%Switzerland
34University of California, San Diego40,6001219.0%USA
35University of Hong Kong18,20018.343.0%Hong Kong
36Georgia Institute of  Tech32,1002829.0%USA
37University of Melbourne51,40025.147.0%Australia
38King’s College London32,90013.953.0%UK
38LMU Munich34,70033.518.0%Germany
40Paris Scs et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris16,2001522.0%France
41University of British Columbia59,00019.434.0%Canada
42University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign50,30019.623.0%USA
43Shanghai Jiao Tong University38,50012.69.0%China
44Fudan University38,20012.69.0%China
45KU Leuven49,50037.319.0%Belgium
46London School of Economics & Political Sc12,00012.672.0%UK
47Universität Heidelberg19,40013.320.0%Germany
48Delft University of  Tech21,30015.930.0%Netherlands
49McGill University30,90011.929.0%Canada
50Karolinska Institute8,1009.927.0%Sweden
51University of Manchester40,80015.645.0%UK
52University of Texas at Austin48,60016.48.0%USA
53Chinese University of Hong Kong18,30018.825.0%Hong Kong
54Monash University58,50043.138.0%Australia
55Kyoto University21,900911.0%Japan
55Zhejiang University48,2001216.0%China
57University of Sc &  Tech of China20,3008.15.0%China
58Université Paris-Saclay31,7001324.0%France
59University of California, Davis38,00013.318.0%USA
60The University of Sydney57,50023.151.0%Australia
61University of Amsterdam28,70013.236.0%Netherlands
62Seoul National University28,70016.113.0%South Korea
63University of Wisconsin-Madison41,3009.913.0%USA
64Brown University9,80010.319.0%USA
64Wageningen University & Research15,90018.128.0%Netherlands
64The Hong Kong University of Sc &  Tech9,80019.930.0%Hong Kong
67Australian National University17,30015.148.0%Australia
68Washington University in St Louis13,9007.322.0%USA
69University of California, Santa Barbara25,60027.518.0%USA
70The University of Queensland42,90039.142.0%Australia
71Institut Polytechnique de Paris6,1006.842.0%France
72University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill30,8007.78.0%USA
73Nanjing University36,80016.78.0%China
74University of Southern California44,10014.224.0%USA
75Sorbonne University41,60014.522.0%France
76Yonsei University (Seoul campus)19,00013.917.0%South Korea
77Leiden University35,10019.321.0%Netherlands
78Boston University26,70010.829.0%USA
79University of Groningen32,00028.829.0%Netherlands
80University of Zurich25,70014.724.0%Switzerland
81University of Bristol27,40014.831.0%UK
82City University of Hong Kong9,10013.267.0%Hong Kong
83Korea Advanced Institute of Sc &  Tech (KAIST)10,20010.78.0%South Korea
84UNSW Sydney47,10036.640.0%Australia
85University of Minnesota59,60011.89.0%USA
86Purdue University West Lafayette42,70018.317.0%USA
87University of Glasgow32,30014.443.0%UK
87Hong Kong Polytechnic University20,10030.630.0%Hong Kong
87Humboldt University of Berlin34,80054.518.0%Germany
90RWTH Aachen University35,00043.329.0%Germany
91University of Bonn26,30044.517.0%Germany
92University of California, Irvine35,70016.226.0%USA
92Vanderbilt University13,0003.917.0%USA
94Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin8,90017.521.0%Germany
95Lomonosov Moscow State University32,7009.637.0%Russian Federation
95University of Tübingen21,70027.114.0%Germany
97University of Southampton20,0001335.0%UK
97KTH Royal Institute of  Tech13,30015.926.0%Sweden
99Ohio State University (Main campus)55,60011.411.0%USA
99Erasmus University Rotterdam33,9003625.0%Netherlands
101University of Birmingham32,70015.232.0%UK
102Free University of Berlin25,50041.520.0%Germany
103University of Copenhagen31,8004.314.0%Denmark
103McMaster University28,30030.922.0%Canada
105University of Sheffield27,90015.440.0%UK
106Emory University13,200419.0%USA
106University of Warwick25,00014.444.0%UK
106Lund University30,4001218.0%Sweden
109Aarhus University27,00013.59.0%Denmark
109University of Alberta33,80022.827.0%Canada
111University of Göttingen23,40027.414.0%Germany
111University of Montreal40,00020.522.0%Canada
111University of Adelaide23,80036.431.0%Australia
114University of Maryland, College Park34,000179.0%USA
115Ghent University41,50037.612.0%Belgium
116Michigan State University44,60016.111.0%USA
116University of Bern12,40018.216.0%Switzerland
118Texas A&M University64,50020.56.0%USA
119Rice University7,4009.826.0%USA
119University of Vienna31,40037.431.0%Austria
121University of Helsinki22,90015.95.0%Finland
122Penn State (Main campus)45,90014.215.0%USA
123University of Massachusetts63,50013.314.0%USA
123University of Basel8,60010.431.0%Switzerland
125Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam31,80019.218.0%Netherlands
126Technical University of Denmark10,5007.728.0%Denmark
127University of Oslo21,00012.515.0%Norway
128University of Freiburg19,50034.417.0%Germany
129University of Leeds33,50014.432.0%UK
130University of Nottingham33,6001627.0%UK
130Tohoku University17,50011.812.0%Japan
132University of Florida48,20016.79.0%USA
133University of Rochester9,9007.334.0%USA
134Trinity College Dublin18,80022.234.0%Ireland
135Queen Mary University of London22,30014.645.0%UK
136University of Hamburg29,30058.513.0%Germany
136Technical University of Berlin20,50049.629.0%Germany
138University of Colorado Boulder35,90016.58.0%USA
138Maastricht University21,40019.657.0%Netherlands
140Uppsala University24,80013.317.0%Sweden
140Radboud University Nijmegen23,10018.212.0%Netherlands
140Karlsruhe Institute of  Tech21,50020.525.0%Germany
143University of Lausanne14,50010.523.0%Switzerland
143The University of Western Australia19,40022.426.0%Australia
145University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh campus26,4005.410.0%USA
145Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)23,50019.419.0%South Korea
147University of York19,60016.131.0%UK
148University of  Tech Sydney28,30037.425.0%Australia
149Pohang University of Sc &  Tech (POSTECH)3,30010.55.0%South Korea
150University of Auckland35,70024.431.0%New Zealand
150Sichuan University49,20015.95.0%China
152National Taiwan University (NTU)24,80011.113.0%Taiwan
152University of Barcelona44,40015.311.0%Spain
152Université Paris Cité61,70016.918.0%France
155University of Arizona45,60019.97.0%USA
155Lancaster University15,40013.938.0%UK
155University of Bologna74,20024.711.0%Italy
158Huazhong University of Sc &  Tech57,70015.54.0%China
158University of Waterloo37,00024.223.0%Canada
160University of Cologne31,30028.717.0%Germany
161Dartmouth College6,3007.416.0%USA
161TU Dresden29,80029.417.0%Germany
161University of Antwerp16,20031.817.0%Belgium
164Case Western Reserve University10,3008.825.0%USA
164Wuhan University56,100155.0%China
166University of Virginia (Main campus)26,0008.911.0%USA
167University of Cape Town22,00013.613.0%South Africa
168University of Liverpool26,00014.232.0%UK
168Newcastle University25,70014.826.0%UK
168Eindhoven University of  Tech10,70021.427.0%Netherlands
168Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa7007.411.0%Italy
168Harbin Institute of  Tech31,00010.66.0%China
168Université Catholique de Louvain25,50037.320.0%Belgium
174Durham University19,6001432.0%UK
175Osaka University22,30010.410.0%Japan
175University of Würzburg23,70038.312.0%Germany
177University of Exeter27,20016.628.0%UK
177Beijing Normal University26,50014.49.0%China
177University of Ottawa38,40027.226.0%Canada
180Macquarie University30,40051.722.0%Australia
181Sapienza University of Rome60,60022.29.0%Italy
182Arizona State University (Tempe)48,90019.714.0%USA
183University of Geneva18,9008.440.0%Switzerland
184University of Twente10,00013.938.0%Netherlands
185Stockholm University29,80020.313.0%Sweden
185Tongji University31,70011.315.0%China
187Georgetown University17,60010.118.0%USA
187University of Mannheim7,50057.114.0%Germany
189Chalmers University of  Tech10,20015.417.0%Sweden
190Cardiff University28,9001527.0%UK
191Tufts University11,70010.516.0%USA
191Tokyo Institute of  Tech10,0009.617.0%Japan
193University of St Andrews10,40012.446.0%UK
193University of Macau11,00018.641.0%Macao
193University of Erlangen-Nuremberg29,50041.913.0%Germany
193University of Münster27,60025.15.0%Germany
193Ulm University10,40026.413.0%Germany
198Indiana University66,40012.312.0%USA
199University of Notre Dame12,60010.912.0%USA
199Ulsan National Institute of Sc &  Tech (UNIST)3,80011.89.0%South Korea
199Queensland University of  Tech35,20037.914.0%Australia
201–250University of California, Santa Cruz19,20024.212.0%USA
201–250George Washington University22,3001314.0%USA
201–250University of Hawai’i at Mānoa15,00011.310.0%USA
201–250University of Illinois Chicago28,90011.418.0%USA
201–250University of Iowa28,60010.96.0%USA
201–250University of Miami17,10010.414.0%USA
201–250Northeastern University, US22,30014.132.0%USA
201–250Rutgers University – New Brunswick46,30011.217.0%USA
201–250University of Utah31,60013.38.0%USA
201–250Abu Dhabi University2,60010.960.0%United Arab Emirates
201–250University of Aberdeen12,80015.340.0%UK
201–250University of Leicester14,00013.931.0%UK
201–250Queen’s University Belfast20,90017.241.0%UK
201–250University of Reading16,00016.631.0%UK
201–250University of Sussex17,70017.334.0%UK
201–250University of Gothenburg21,70011.913.0%Sweden
201–250Autonomous University of Barcelona33,00013.213.0%Spain
201–250Pompeu Fabra University12,20022.713.0%Spain
201–250Korea University22,40016.331.0%South Korea
201–250King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals6,9008.515.0%Saudi Arabia
201–250Moscow Institute of Physics &  Tech (MIPT)6,20011.621.0%Russian Federation
201–250Tilburg University13,30032.221.0%Netherlands
201–250University of Luxembourg5,60021.349.0%Luxembourg
201–250Nagoya University15,3001312.0%Japan
201–250University of Padua44,50026.57.0%Italy
201–250Politecnico di Milano39,00025.719.0%Italy
201–250Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa8007.420.0%Italy
201–250Tel Aviv University25,00024.25.0%Israel
201–250University College Dublin23,50020.725.0%Ireland
201–250Indian Institute of Sc4,5009.61.0%India
201–250Friedrich Schiller University Jena16,10018.914.0%Germany
201–250Goethe University Frankfurt28,60014.514.0%Germany
201–250University of Potsdam14,40038.116.0%Germany
201–250Aalto University14,50020.423.0%Finland
201–250Aalborg University17,30014.912.0%Denmark
201–250Southern University of Sc &  Tech (SUSTech)6,60091.0%China
201–250Sun Yat-sen University61,50015.25.0%China
201–250Tianjin University26,5008.913.0%China
201–250University of Calgary34,10018.824.0%Canada
201–250Western University30,2003324.0%Canada
201–250University of São Paulo83,20013.92.0%Brazil
201–250Université Libre de Bruxelles30,30051.730.0%Belgium
201–250Vrije Universiteit Brussel15,00035.123.0%Belgium
201–250Medical University of Graz4,10015.529.0%Austria
201–250Medical University of Vienna7,3008.430.0%Austria
201–250Curtin University29,30020.829.0%Australia
201–250University of Newcastle24,70031.316.0%Australia
201–250Swinburne University of  Tech14,40028.524.0%Australia
201–250University of Wollongong16,40026.122.0%Australia
251–300Boston College13,20014.910.0%USA
251–300Brandeis University4,80011.633.0%USA
251–300University of California, Riverside25,70019.614.0%USA
251–300Florida State University39,90024.66.0%USA
251–300North Carolina State University31,40015.911.0%USA
251–300University of South Florida40,4001913.0%USA
251–300Stony Brook University25,90010.519.0%USA
251–300Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University37,30018.613.0%USA
251–300Khalifa University3,3009.341.0%United Arab Emirates
251–300University of Bath15,30015.831.0%UK
251–300University of East Anglia16,50014.321.0%UK
251–300Loughborough University16,20013.925.0%UK
251–300University of Surrey14,70016.333.0%UK
251–300Swansea University18,60016.821.0%UK
251–300Università della Svizzera italiana3,8001467.0%Switzerland
251–300Linköping University15,30014.915.0%Sweden
251–300Kyung Hee University20,50017.630.0%South Korea
251–300Sejong University11,70018.915.0%South Korea
251–300King Abdulaziz University60,60013.93.0%Saudi Arabia
251–300Qatar University10,1008.436.0%Qatar
251–300University of Bergen15,8001311.0%Norway
251–300University of Malaya19,40010.222.0%Malaysia
251–300Macau University of Sc &  Tech14,10041.892.0%Macao
251–300Humanitas University2,00017.918.0%Italy
251–300Vita-Salute San Raffaele University4,10013.95.0%Italy
251–300RCSI University of Medicine & Health Scs2,80023.967.0%Ireland
251–300Semmelweis University10,00012.837.0%Hungary
251–300Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf28,20030.113.0%Germany
251–300University of Hohenheim8,40037.714.0%Germany
251–300Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz30,80024.111.0%Germany
251–300University of Konstanz7,60034.511.0%Germany
251–300Ruhr University Bochum37,80046.716.0%Germany
251–300University of Stuttgart15,20025.320.0%Germany
251–300Technical University of Darmstadt15,9003719.0%Germany
251–300École Normale Supérieure de Lyon2,1007.911.0%France
251–300Lappeenranta-Lahti University of  Tech LUT5,10031.614.0%Finland
251–300University of Oulu10,80020.88.0%Finland
251–300University of Southern Denmark18,3009.913.0%Denmark
251–300Beijing Institute of  Tech34,10013.48.0%China
251–300Nankai University31,50011.77.0%China
251–300South China University of  Tech40,50012.66.0%China
251–300Xi’an Jiaotong University45,80014.77.0%China
251–300Université Laval30,40017.916.0%Canada
251–300Queen’s University27,10025.916.0%Canada
251–300Simon Fraser University27,30026.831.0%Canada
251–300Medical University of Innsbruck3,40012.944.0%Austria
251–300TU Wien11,4001931.0%Austria
251–300Deakin University41,00032.718.0%Australia
251–300Griffith University34,80031.615.0%Australia
251–300La Trobe University19,20028.229.0%Australia
251–300RMIT University32,6002434.0%Australia
251–300University of Tasmania16,90022.531.0%Australia
301–350University at Buffalo27,10017.212.0%USA
301–350Drexel University17,0001115.0%USA
301–350Oregon Health & Sc University3,0000.93.0%USA
301–350The University of Tennessee-Knoxville28,400173.0%USA
301–350Washington State University28,90018.86.0%USA
301–350United Arab Emirates University8,20012.618.0%United Arab Emirates
301–350University of Dundee14,20018.125.0%UK
301–350University of Essex15,6001641.0%UK
301–350Royal Holloway, University of London11,30016.131.0%UK
301–350St George’s, University of London3,80013.118.0%UK
301–350University of Strathclyde20,40016.325.0%UK
301–350China Medical University, Taiwan7,20014.77.0%Taiwan
301–350Swedish University of Agricultural Scs4,5004.78.0%Sweden
301–350University of Navarra12,00014.326.0%Spain
301–350Hanyang University19,40013.221.0%South Korea
301–350Stellenbosch University25,20025.77.0%South Africa
301–350University of the Witwatersrand27,80024.47.0%South Africa
301–350Norwegian University of Sc &  Tech37,900159.0%Norway
301–350University of Otago19,40020.616.0%New Zealand
301–350Universiti Teknologi Petronas4,60013.112.0%Malaysia
301–350Kyushu University18,3007.713.0%Japan
301–350Catholic University of the Sacred Heart28,90039.17.0%Italy
301–350University of Pavia17,80031.59.0%Italy
301–350University of Rome II – Tor Vergata18,5002420.0%Italy
301–350Hebrew University of Jerusalem19,3008.95.0%Israel
301–350University of Galway15,80026.116.0%Ireland
301–350University College Cork18,60021.116.0%Ireland
301–350Sharif University of  Tech9,40021.82.0%Iran
301–350Hong Kong Baptist University7,50010.255.0%Hong Kong
301–350University of Bremen12,30019.513.0%Germany
301–350University of Kiel29,50023.98.0%Germany
301–350Université Grenoble Alpes51,30018.417.0%France
301–350Montpellier University40,80020.515.0%France
301–350Tampere University16,30020.77.0%Finland
301–350University of Turku13,60015.76.0%Finland
301–350University of Tartu9,700912.0%Estonia
301–350Copenhagen Business School16,80027.523.0%Denmark
301–350Beihang University32,90012.34.0%China
301–350East China Normal University28,80014.18.0%China
301–350Northwestern Polytechnical University36,80014.54.0%China
301–350Southeast University39,70012.44.0%China
301–350Xiamen University44,80015.12.0%China
301–350Dalhousie University17,40014.727.0%Canada
301–350University of Liège23,60029.220.0%Belgium
301–350University of Innsbruck15,40023.748.0%Austria
301–350Flinders University17,50029.433.0%Australia
301–350University of South Australia22,90030.217.0%Australia
301–350Western Sydney University35,60041.821.0%Australia
351–400Aix-Marseille University73,00017.314.0%France

< Top 300 university list can be found at the bottom of the page >

U.S. News revamps formula for its latest national university ranking

U.S. News & World Report's 2024 college rankings features many of the usual prestigious institutions at the top of the list, but also vaults some schools much higher after the publisher revised its grading system to reward different criteria.

"The significant changes in this year's methodology are part of the ongoing evolution to make sure our rankings capture what is most important for students as they compare colleges and select the school that is right for them," U.S. News CEO Eric Gertler said in a statement.

~ Our “Elite Program” helps students enter these world-famous schools, please contact our center today - free enquiry: Tel 2391-9713, WhatsApp 5531-1001. ~

2024 US News National University Top 28

2024 US News National University Top 28Changes to suit students’ Academic Needs and Financial Circumstances

The change comes after a chorus of critics complained that the publication's old rankings reinforce elitism and do little to help students find schools that suit their academic needs and financial circumstances.

The system places greater emphasis on "social mobility," which generally refers to an individual making gains in education, income and other markers of socioeconomic status.

This year’s overhauled ranking formula uses 19 measures of academic quality to asses schools. It dropped five factors that affected a college's ranking: 1. Class size 2. Faculty with terminal degrees 3.Alumni giving  4. High school class standing  and 5. Proportion of graduates who borrow federal  loans.

Refer Note 1 on Methodology.

Greater emphasis on social mobility and outcomes for graduating college students

This year, US News increased the emphasis on how often schools' students from all socioeconomic backgrounds earned degrees and took advantage of information on graduate outcomes that was not available until recently.

As in past years, changes in methodology, together with changes in individual schools' data, can result in significant changes to schools' rankings.

As a result, a growing number of schools, including elite institutions such as Columbia University and the Harvard and Yale law schools, also have stopped participating in the ranking and publicly criticized U.S. News' methodology.

The State schools rose. The Private universities fell.

2024 US News National University Top 28-53
2024 US News National University Top 28-53

Overall, more than a dozen public universities shot up 50 spots on the annual list of the U.S.' best colleges, while several elite private schools largely held their ground.

Public institutions notched some of the biggest gains on U.S. News' ranking, which many students and families use to help guide their choice of where to matriculate. For example, the University of Texas at San Antonio and California State University, East Bay, jumped 92 and 88 spots up the list, respectively. Other well-known public universities, like Rutgers University in New Jersey, saw its three campuses rise at least 15 places each.

Meanwhile, private Christian institutions such as Gwynedd Mercy University and the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, rose 71 and 106 spots in the ranking, respectively.

Despite the new ranking system, the top 10 universities on U.S. News' list barely budged. Princeton notched the No. 1 spot for the new academic year, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Stanford and Yale.

Among schools focused on liberal arts, Massachusetts' Williams College was ranked No. 1, with Amherst, the U.S. Naval Academy, California's Pomona College and Swarthmore in Pennsylvania rounded out the top 5.

2024 US News National University Top 53-86

2024 US News National University Top 53-862024 Best National Universities - Top 3

  1. Princeton University (NJ)
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Harvard University (MA) (tie)
  4. Stanford University (CA) (tie)

2024 Best National Liberal Arts Colleges – Top 3

  1. Williams College (MA)
  2. Amherst College (MA)
  3. United States Naval Academy (MD)

2024 Top Public Schools: National Universities – Top 3

  1. University of California, Berkeley (tie)
  2. University of California, Los Angeles (tie)
  3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2024 Top Public Schools: National Liberal Arts Colleges – Top 3

  1. United States Naval Academy (MD)
  2. United States Air Force Academy (CO)
  3. United States Military Academy at West Point (NY)

2024 Top Performers on Social Mobility: National Universities – Top 3

  1. California State University, Long Beach
  2. California State University, Fullerton (tie)
  3. California State University, Riverside (tie)
  4. California State University, San Bernardino (tie)
  5. University of California, Merced (tie)

2024 Top Performers on Social Mobility: National Liberal Arts Colleges – Top 3

  1. Lake Forest College (IL)
  2. Agnes Scott College (GA) (tie)
  3. Salem College (NC) (tie)
  4. Spelman College (GA)

Schools with significant increases in their rank:

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (NC) +106

University of Texas at San Antonio (TX) +92

California State University, East Bay +88

Florida Gulf Coast University +80

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley +72

Gwynedd Mercy University (PA) +71

University of Nevada, Reno +68

Northern Arizona University +68

The University of Texas at El Paso +68

California State University, Fresno +65

The University of Texas at Arlington +63

Northern Illinois University +62

Aurora University (IL) +62

Texas Woman's University +62

San Francisco State University (CA) +56

Florida Atlantic University +54

Augusta University (GA) +52

University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh (WI) +52

Texas State University +51

University of Houston, Clear Lake +51

Note 1 – The Methodology

How U.S. News Calculated the 2024 Best Colleges Rankings.


2024 Best National University Rankings

"U.S. News's change in methodology has led to dramatic movement in the rankings overall.

"U.S. News's change in methodology has led to dramatic movement in the rankings overall, disadvantaging many private research universities while privileging large public institutions," Chancellor Daniel Diermeier and Provost C. Cybele Raver wrote in an email to alumni, according to the news service.

RankUniversityUndergrad enrollmentTuition & FeesLocation
1Princeton University5,604 (fall 2022)$59,710Princeton, NJ
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology4,657 (fall 2022)$60,156Cambridge, MA
3Harvard University7,240 (fall 2022)$59,076Cambridge, MA
3Stanford University8,049 (fall 2022)$62,484Stanford, CA
5Yale University6,645 (fall 2022)$64,700New Haven, CT
6University of Pennsylvania9,760 (fall 2022)$66,104Philadelphia, PA
7Duke University6,640 (fall 2022)$66,172Durham, NC
7California Institute of Technology982 (fall 2022)$63,255Pasadena, CA
9Johns Hopkins University6,044 (fall 2022)$63,340Baltimore, MD
9Brown University7,639 (fall 2022)$68,230Providence, RI
9Northwestern University8,659 (fall 2022)$65,997Evanston, IL
12Cornell University15,735 (fall 2022)$66,014Ithaca, NY
12Columbia UniversityN/A$65,524New York, NY
15University of California, Los Angeles32,423 (fall 2022)$46,326 (out-of-state)$13,752 (in-state)Los Angeles, CA
15University of California, Berkeley32,831 (fall 2022)$48,465 (out-of-state)$15,891 (in-state)Berkeley, CA
18Dartmouth College4,458 (fall 2022)$65,511Hanover, NH
18V&erbilt University7,151 (fall 2022)$63,946Nashville, TN
20University of Notre Dame8,971 (fall 2022)$62,693Notre Dame, IN
21University of Michigan-Ann Arbor32,695 (fall 2022)$57,273 (out-of-state)$17,786 (in-state)Ann Arbor, MI
22University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill20,210 (fall 2022)$39,338 (out-of-state)$8,998 (in-state)Chapel Hill, NC
22Georgetown University7,900 (fall 2022)$65,082Washington, DC
24University of Virginia17,496 (fall 2022)$58,950 (out-of-state)$22,323 (in-state)Charlottesville, VA
24Emory University7,101 (fall 2022)$60,774Atlanta, GA
24Carnegie Mellon University7,509 (fall 2022)$63,829Pittsburgh, PA
28University of Southern California20,699 (fall 2022)$68,237Los Angeles, CA
28University of California, Davis31,532 (fall 2022)$46,043 (out-of-state)$15,266 (in-state)Davis, CA
28University of California, San Diego33,096 (fall 2022)$48,630 (out-of-state)$16,056 (in-state)La Jolla, CA
28University of Florida34,552 (fall 2022)$28,658 (out-of-state)$6,381 (in-state)Gainesville, FL
33Georgia Institute of Technology18,415 (fall 2022)$32,876 (out-of-state)$11,764 (in-state)Atlanta, GA
33University of California, Irvine28,661 (fall 2022)$47,759 (out-of-state)$15,185 (in-state)Irvine, CA
35University of California, Santa Barbara23,460 (fall 2022)$45,658 (out-of-state)$14,881 (in-state)Santa Barbara, CA
35New York University29,401 (fall 2022)$60,438New York, NY
35University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign35,120 (fall 2022)$36,068 (out-of-state)$17,572 (in-state)Champaign, IL
35University of Wisconsin-Madison37,230 (fall 2022)$40,603 (out-of-state)$11,205 (in-state)Madison, WI
39Boston College9,484 (fall 2022)$67,680Chestnut Hill, MA
40Rutgers University-New Brunswick36,344 (fall 2022)$36,001 (out-of-state)$17,239 (in-state)Piscataway, NJ
40University of Washington36,872 (fall 2022)$41,997 (out-of-state)$12,643 (in-state)Seattle, WA
40Tufts University6,815 (fall 2022)$67,844Medford, MA
43Purdue University-Main Campus37,949 (fall 2022)$28,794 (out-of-state)$9,992 (in-state)West Lafayette, IN
43The Ohio State University46,123 (fall 2022)$36,722 (out-of-state)$12,485 (in-state)Columbus, OH
46University of Maryland &, College Park30,353 (fall 2022)$40,306 (out-of-state)$11,505 (in-state)College Park, MD
47Virginia Tech30,434 (fall 2022)$36,090 (out-of-state)$15,478 (in-state)Blacksburg, VA
47University of Georgia30,714 (fall 2022)$30,220 (out-of-state)$11,180 (in-state)Athens, GA
47Wake Forest University5,447 (fall 2022)$64,758Winston-Salem, NC
47Lehigh University5,624 (fall 2022)$62,180Bethlehem, PA
47Texas A&M University57,512 (fall 2022)$40,607 (out-of-state)$12,413 (in-state)College Station, TX
47University of Rochester6,767 (fall 2022)$64,384Rochester, NY
53Northeastern University16,302 (fall 2022)$63,141Boston, MA
53Florida State University32,936 (fall 2022)$21,683 (out-of-state)$6,517 (in-state)Tallahassee, FL
53University of Minnesota, Twin Cities39,248 (fall 2022)$36,402 (out-of-state)$16,488 (in-state)Minneapolis, MN
53Case Western Reserve University6,017 (fall 2022)$62,234Cleveland, OH
53William & Mary6,797 (fall 2022)$48,841 (out-of-state)$25,041 (in-state)Williamsburg, VA
58University of Connecticut18,983 (fall 2022)$43,034 (out-of-state)$20,366 (in-state)Storrs, CT
60North Carolina State University26,254 (fall 2022)$31,976 (out-of-state)$9,105 (in-state)Raleigh, NC
60Br&eis University3,687 (fall 2022)$62,722Waltham, MA
60Michigan State University39,201 (fall 2022)$41,958 (out-of-state)$15,372 (in-state)East Lansing, MI
60The Pennsylvania State University-University Park41,745 (fall 2022)$38,651 (out-of-state)$19,835 (in-state)University Park, PA
60Santa Clara University6,115 (fall 2022)$59,241Santa Clara, CA
60University of California, Merced8,344 (fall 2022)$43,777 (out-of-state)$13,000 (in-state)Merced, CA
67George Washington University11,482 (fall 2022)$64,990Washington, DC
67University of Miami12,504 (fall 2022)$59,926Coral Gables, FL
67University of Pittsburgh19,928 (fall 2022)$39,890 (out-of-state)$21,524 (in-state)Pittsburgh, PA
67University of Massachusetts-Amherst24,391 (fall 2022)$39,293 (out-of-state)$17,357 (in-state)Amherst, MA
67Villanova University6,989 (fall 2022)$64,906Villanova, PA
73Binghamton University-SUNY14,402 (fall 2022)$28,203 (out-of-state)$10,363 (in-state)Binghamton, NY
76University of Delaware18,883 (fall 2022)$39,720 (out-of-state)$16,080 (in-state)Newark, DE
76University at Buffalo-SUNY20,761 (fall 2022)$30,571 (out-of-state)$10,781 (in-state)Buffalo, NY
76University of California, Riverside22,903 (fall 2022)$46,266 (out-of-state)$13,692 (in-state)Riverside, CA
76Pepperdine University3,662 (fall 2022)$66,742Malibu, CA
76Stevens Institute of Technology3,988 (fall 2022)$60,952Hoboken, NJ
82University of California, Santa Cruz17,502 (fall 2022)$47,862 (out-of-state)$15,288 (in-state)Santa Cruz, CA
82University of Illinois-Chicago21,807 (fall 2022)$32,833 (out-of-state)$17,811 (in-state)Chicago, IL
82Worcester Polytechnic Institute5,246 (fall 2022)$58,870Worcester, MA
82Rutgers University-Newark7,511 (fall 2022)$35,348 (out-of-state)$16,586 (in-state)Newark, NJ
86Clemson University22,566 (fall 2022)$39,502 (out-of-state)$15,558 (in-state)Clemson, SC
86Marquette University7,528 (fall 2022)$48,700Milwaukee, WI
86New Jersey Institute of Technology9,019 (fall 2022)$34,972 (out-of-state)$18,512 (in-state)Newark, NJ
89Fordham University10,098 (fall 2022)$61,567New York, NY
89Temple University24,106 (fall 2022)$35,956 (out-of-state)$21,095 (in-state)Philadelphia, PA
89University of South Florida38,046 (fall 2022)$17,324 (out-of-state)$6,410 (in-state)Tampa, FL
89Southern Methodist University7,056 (fall 2022)$64,460Dallas, TX
93Baylor University15,213 (fall 2022)$54,844Waco, TX
93Auburn University25,379 (fall 2022)$33,944 (out-of-state)$12,536 (in-state)Auburn, AL
93Gonzaga University5,084 (fall 2022)$53,500Spokane, WA
98Texas Christian University10,523 (fall 2022)$57,220Fort Worth, TX
98Drexel University12,482 (fall 2022)$60,663Philadelphia, PA
98University of Oregon19,565 (fall 2022)$41,194 (out-of-state)$14,751 (in-state)Eugene, OR
98Illinois Institute of Technology3,125 (fall 2022)$51,763Chicago, IL
98Rutgers University-Camden4,185 (fall 2022)$35,841 (out-of-state)$17,079 (in-state)Camden, NJ
98University of San Diego5,669 (fall 2022)$56,444San Diego, CA
105CUNY-City College11,929 (fall 2022)$19,010 (out-of-state)$7,340 (in-state)New York, NY
105George Mason University27,014 (fall 2022)$37,976 (out-of-state)$13,812 (in-state)Fairfax, VA
105University of Tennessee, Knoxville27,039 (fall 2022)$31,434 (out-of-state)$13,244 (in-state)Knoxville, TN
105University of Colorado Boulder31,103 (fall 2022)$41,966 (out-of-state)$13,622 (in-state)Boulder, CO
105California State University-Long Beach32,711 (fall 2022)$17,200 (out-of-state)$6,904 (in-state)Long Beach, CA
105Arizona State University65,492 (fall 2022)$32,193 (out-of-state)$12,051 (in-state)Tempe, AZ
105Saint Louis University7,426 (fall 2022)$53,244St. Louis, MO
105American University7,917 (fall 2022)$56,544Washington, DC
115SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry1,621 (fall 2022)$21,036 (out-of-state)$9,206 (in-state)Syracuse, NY
115University of New Hampshire11,480 (fall 2022)$38,882 (out-of-state)$19,112 (in-state)Durham, NH
115The University of Texas at Dallas21,617 (fall 2022)$44,812 (out-of-state)$16,412 (in-state)Richardson, TX
115Iowa State University of Science & Technology25,241 (fall 2022)$26,617 (out-of-state)$10,133 (in-state)Ames, IA
115University of Utah26,355 (fall 2022)$33,045 (out-of-state)$10,287 (in-state)Salt Lake City, UT
115Brigham Young University31,401 (fall 2022)$6,496Provo, UT
115University of San Francisco6,018 (fall 2022)$58,222San Francisco, CA
115Howard University9,809 (fall 2022)$33,344Washington, DC
124James Madison University20,346 (fall 2022)$30,790 (out-of-state)$13,576 (in-state)Harrisonburg, VA
124University of Oklahoma21,294 (fall 2022)$25,880 (out-of-state)$9,312 (in-state)Norman, OK
124University of Missouri23,752 (fall 2022)$34,322 (out-of-state)$14,122 (in-state)Columbia, MO
124University of South Carolina27,343 (fall 2022)$33,928 (out-of-state)$12,688 (in-state)Columbia, SC
124Fairfield University4,757 (fall 2022)$56,360Fairfield, CT
124Florida International University45,442 (fall 2022)$18,964 (out-of-state)$6,566 (in-state)Miami, FL
124University of Central Florida58,749 (fall 2022)$22,467 (out-of-state)$6,368 (in-state)Orlando, FL
124University of Denver6,160 (fall 2022)$59,340Denver, CO
133University of Maryl&, Baltimore County10,625 (fall 2022)$30,308 (out-of-state)$12,952 (in-state)Baltimore, MD
133University of Vermont11,898 (fall 2022)$43,890 (out-of-state)$18,890 (in-state)Burlington, VT
133University at Albany-SUNY12,264 (fall 2022)$28,998 (out-of-state)$10,408 (in-state)Albany, NY
133Miami University-Oxford16,865 (fall 2022)$38,127 (out-of-state)$17,055 (in-state)Oxford, OH
133California State University-Fullerton35,239 (fall 2022)$18,954 (out-of-state)$7,074 (in-state)Fullerton, CA
133University of Houston37,943 (fall 2022)$27,110 (out-of-state)$11,870 (in-state)Houston, TX
133Elon University6,337 (fall 2022)$44,536Elon, NC
133Chapman University7,869 (fall 2022)$62,784Orange, CA
133University of Dayton8,416 (fall 2022)$47,600Dayton, OH
142Loyola University Chicago11,703 (fall 2022)$51,706Chicago, IL
142University of Alabama at Birmingham13,032 (fall 2022)$26,520 (out-of-state)$11,040 (in-state)Birmingham, AL
142Clark University2,389 (fall 2022)$55,187Worcester, MA
142Clarkson University2,668 (fall 2022)$57,950Potsdam, NY
142Oregon State University28,905 (fall 2022)$35,664 (out-of-state)$13,494 (in-state)Corvallis, OR
142University of Cincinnati29,989 (fall 2022)$27,140 (out-of-state)$13,530 (in-state)Cincinnati, OH
142University of the Pacific3,294 (fall 2022)$55,340Stockton, CA
142Thomas Jefferson University3,771 (fall 2022)$45,733Philadelphia, PA
151Simmons University1,789 (fall 2022)$45,538Boston, MA
151University of Rhode Isl&13,927 (fall 2022)$35,804 (out-of-state)$16,408 (in-state)Kingston, RI
151University of Kansas19,241 (fall 2022)$28,035 (out-of-state)$11,167 (in-state)Lawrence, KS
151Colorado State University26,062 (fall 2022)$33,752 (out-of-state)$12,896 (in-state)Fort Collins, CO
151Duquesne University5,095 (fall 2022)$47,146Pittsburgh, PA
151Michigan Technological University5,710 (fall 2022)$41,340 (out-of-state)$18,392 (in-state)Houghton, MI
159University of Massachusetts-Lowell12,391 (fall 2022)$35,396 (out-of-state)$16,570 (in-state)Lowell, MA
159University of Nebraska - Lincoln19,189 (fall 2022)$27,748 (out-of-state)$10,108 (in-state)Lincoln, NE
159University of Kentucky22,735 (fall 2022)$33,406 (out-of-state)$13,212 (in-state)Lexington, KY
159Stockton University8,138 (fall 2022)$23,420 (out-of-state)$15,532 (in-state)Galloway, NJ
163Rowan University15,264 (fall 2022)$25,564 (out-of-state)$15,700 (in-state)Glassboro, NJ
163Montclair State University17,290 (fall 2022)$22,470 (out-of-state)$14,767 (in-state)Montclair, NJ
163University of Mississippi17,302 (fall 2022)$26,980 (out-of-state)$9,412 (in-state)University, MS
163Seattle University4,099 (fall 2022)$54,285Seattle, WA
163Adelphi University5,055 (fall 2022)$47,290Garden City, NY
163University of St. Thomas (MN)5,942 (fall 2022)$52,284St. Paul, MN
170University of Hawaii at Manoa14,198 (fall 2022)$34,218 (out-of-state)$12,186 (in-state)Honolulu, HI
170Kansas State University15,046 (fall 2022)$27,816 (out-of-state)$10,942 (in-state)Manhattan, KS
170California State University-San Bernardino16,813 (fall 2022)$14,311 (out-of-state)$7,679 (in-state)San Bernardino, CA
170The University of Alabama32,458 (fall 2022)$33,200 (out-of-state)$11,900 (in-state)Tuscaloosa, AL
170Mercer University4,859 (fall 2022)$40,890Macon, GA
170Quinnipiac University6,073 (fall 2022)$53,090Hamden, CT
170Florida A&M University7,709 (fall 2022)$17,725 (out-of-state)$5,785 (in-state)Tallahassee, FL
178Ohio University17,860 (fall 2022)$24,114 (out-of-state)$13,746 (in-state)Athens, OH
178Drake University2,835 (fall 2022)$50,114Des Moines, IA
178San Francisco State University21,868 (fall 2022)$19,404 (out-of-state)$7,524 (in-state)San Francisco, CA
178Washington State University22,612 (fall 2022)$29,073 (out-of-state)$12,997 (in-state)Pullman, WA
178University of North Carolina-Charlotte23,461 (fall 2022)$21,338 (out-of-state)$7,214 (in-state)Charlotte, NC
178University of Arkansas26,269 (fall 2022)$28,772 (out-of-state)$9,748 (in-state)Fayetteville, AR
185St. John Fisher University2,629 (fall 2022)$39,666Rochester, NY
185Oklahoma State University20,801 (fall 2022)$24,764 (out-of-state)$9,244 (in-state)Stillwater, OK
185California State University, Fresno21,305 (fall 2022)$13,112 (out-of-state)$6,974 (in-state)Fresno, CA
185University of Detroit Mercy3,156 (fall 2022)$31,058Detroit, MI
185Samford University3,672 (fall 2022)$38,144Birmingham, AL
185Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge30,952 (fall 2022)$28,631 (out-of-state)$11,954 (in-state)Baton Rouge, LA
185Bradley University4,143 (fall 2022)$39,680Peoria, IL
185Missouri University of Science & Technology5,501 (fall 2022)$31,862 (out-of-state)$14,462 (in-state)Rolla, MO
185Hofstra University6,110 (fall 2022)$55,450Hempstead, NY
195Russell Sage College1,126 (fall 2022)$36,756Troy, NY
195University of Louisville15,921 (fall 2022)$29,174 (out-of-state)$12,828 (in-state)Louisville, KY
195University of Nevada, Reno16,973 (fall 2022)$25,950 (out-of-state)$8,994 (in-state)Reno, NV
195University of Tulsa2,647 (fall 2022)$48,102Tulsa, OK
195East Carolina University21,688 (fall 2022)$23,602 (out-of-state)$7,325 (in-state)Greenville, NC
195Touro University4,860 (fall 2022)$21,810New York, NY
201University of North Carolina-Wilmington14,294 (fall 2022)$22,985 (out-of-state)$7,317 (in-state)Wilmington, NC
201Wayne State University16,116 (fall 2022)$31,614 (out-of-state)$14,925 (in-state)Detroit, MI
201Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis17,727 (fall 2022)$33,717 (out-of-state)$10,449 (in-state)Indianapolis, IN
201Valparaiso University2,349 (fall 2022)$46,588Valparaiso, IN
201La Salle University2,776 (fall 2022)$35,520Philadelphia, PA
201Robert Morris University2,782 (fall 2022)$34,740Moon Township, PA
201Xavier University4,860 (fall 2022)$48,125Cincinnati, OH
201The New School7,208 (fall 2022)$56,244New York, NY
209Chatham University1,499 (fall 2022)$43,810Pittsburgh, PA
209West Chester University of Pennsylvania14,392 (fall 2022)$22,261 (out-of-state)$10,687 (in-state)West Chester, PA
209Illinois State University18,055 (fall 2022)$27,011 (out-of-state)$15,171 (in-state)Normal, IL
209University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth5,517 (fall 2022)$30,992 (out-of-state)$14,854 (in-state)North Dartmouth, MA
216The College of St. Scholastica1,938 (fall 2022)$40,454Duluth, MN
216University of Massachusetts-Boston12,221 (fall 2022)$37,211 (out-of-state)$15,535 (in-state)Boston, MA
216University of North Carolina at Greensboro14,198 (fall 2022)$22,539 (out-of-state)$7,379 (in-state)Greensboro, NC
216Ball State University14,416 (fall 2022)$28,766 (out-of-state)$10,758 (in-state)Muncie, IN
216Mississippi State University18,305 (fall 2022)$26,580 (out-of-state)$9,815 (in-state)Mississippi State, MS
216Springfield College2,005 (fall 2022)$43,707Springfield, MA
216St. Catherine University2,416 (fall 2022)$49,758St. Paul, MN
216University of St. Thomas (TX)2,729 (fall 2022)$33,660Houston, TX
216University of Wyoming8,518 (fall 2022)$22,718 (out-of-state)$6,938 (in-state)Laramie, WY
227Misericordia University1,777 (fall 2022)$38,370Dallas, PA
227Widener University2,555 (fall 2022)$53,638Chester, PA
227Kent State University20,418 (fall 2022)$22,316 (out-of-state)$12,846 (in-state)Kent, OH
227Georgia State University28,927 (fall 2022)$29,306 (out-of-state)$10,268 (in-state)Atlanta, GA
227Nova Southeastern University6,971 (fall 2022)$37,080Ft. Lauderdale, FL
227University of Alabama at Huntsville7,169 (fall 2022)$24,770 (out-of-state)$11,878 (in-state)Huntsville, AL
227Western Carolina University9,956 (fall 2022)$8,532 (out-of-state)$4,532 (in-state)Cullowhee, NC
227University of Puerto Rico-Rio PiedrasN/A$2,168 (out-of-state)$5,324 (in-state)Rio Piedras, PR
236University of North Florida14,171 (fall 2022)$20,107 (out-of-state)$6,398 (in-state)Jacksonville, FL
236University of New Mexico15,914 (fall 2022)$26,452 (out-of-state)$10,092 (in-state)Albuquerque, NM
236Western New Engl& University2,406 (fall 2022)$46,430Springfield, MA
236Bethel University (MN)2,533 (fall 2022)$42,930St. Paul, MN
236Azusa Pacific University2,588 (fall 2022)$42,330Azusa, CA
236Lipscomb University2,955 (fall 2022)$38,824Nashville, TN
236Biola University3,499 (fall 2022)$46,704La Mirada, CA
236The University of Texas at Arlington30,791 (fall 2022)$29,660 (out-of-state)$11,728 (in-state)Arlington, TX
236Belmont University7,376 (fall 2022)$41,320Nashville, TN
236University of North Dakota9,928 (fall 2022)$15,570 (out-of-state)$10,951 (in-state)Grand Forks, ND
236Gallaudet University914 (fall 2022)$18,254Washington, DC
249Union University1,899 (fall 2022)$38,300Jackson, TN
249North Dakota State University10,096 (fall 2022)$15,646 (out-of-state)$10,992 (in-state)Fargo, ND
249Keiser University16,960 (fall 2022)$36,020Ft. Lauderdale, FL
249Sam Houston State University18,235 (fall 2022)$22,996 (out-of-state)$10,756 (in-state)Huntsville, TX
249Northern Arizona University23,207 (fall 2022)$28,900 (out-of-state)$12,654 (in-state)Flagstaff, AZ
249Suffolk University4,437 (fall 2022)$45,380Boston, MA
249Maryville University of St. Louis5,809 (fall 2022)$27,166St Louis, MO
249Pace University8,223 (fall 2022)$51,424New York, NY
249Tennessee Tech University8,537 (fall 2022)$15,030 (out-of-state)$10,830 (in-state)Cookeville, TN
249University of Wisconsin-La Crosse9,352 (fall 2022)$18,814 (out-of-state)$9,774 (in-state)La Crosse, WI
249University of Maine9,774 (fall 2022)$35,346 (out-of-state)$12,606 (in-state)Orono, ME
260Gwynedd Mercy University1,412 (fall 2022)$38,310Gwynedd Valley, PA
260Central Michigan University10,421 (fall 2022)$14,790 (out-of-state)$14,790 (in-state)Mount Pleasant, MI
260University of Missouri-St. Louis12,431 (fall 2022)$31,516 (out-of-state)$12,648 (in-state)St. Louis, MO
260Regis University2,398 (fall 2022)$43,980Denver, CO
260Gannon University2,991 (fall 2022)$36,676Erie, PA
260Loyola University New Orleans3,289 (fall 2022)$47,240New Orleans, LA
260University of New Engl&3,718 (fall 2022)$42,550Biddeford, ME
260University of North Texas33,024 (fall 2022)$24,644 (out-of-state)$12,044 (in-state)Denton, TX
260Winston-Salem State UniversityN/A$16,932 (out-of-state)$6,276 (in-state)Winston-Salem, NC
269Lincoln Memorial University1,560 (fall 2022)$26,150Harrogate, TN
269University of Missouri-Kansas City10,190 (fall 2022)$30,734 (out-of-state)$12,734 (in-state)Kansas City, MO
269Northern Illinois University11,429 (fall 2022)$12,504 (out-of-state)$12,504 (in-state)DeKalb, IL
269Seattle Pacific University2,428 (fall 2022)$38,814Seattle, WA
269Utah State University24,835 (fall 2022)$24,802 (out-of-state)$9,228 (in-state)Logan, UT
269University of Nevada, Las Vegas25,365 (fall 2022)$26,099 (out-of-state)$9,143 (in-state)Las Vegas, NV
269University of South Dakota7,132 (fall 2022)$12,942 (out-of-state)$9,432 (in-state)Vermillion, SD
280Oklahoma City University1,361 (fall 2022)$33,586Oklahoma City, OK
280University of St. Francis1,417 (fall 2022)$37,000Joliet, IL
280Immaculata University1,508 (fall 2022)$28,550Immaculata, PA
280North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University11,833 (fall 2022)$20,243 (out-of-state)$6,733 (in-state)Greensboro, NC
280University of Toledo11,965 (fall 2022)$21,280 (out-of-state)$11,920 (in-state)Toledo, OH
280Bowling Green State University13,853 (fall 2022)$21,424 (out-of-state)$13,436 (in-state)Bowling Green, OH
280Portl& State University16,864 (fall 2022)$24,495 (out-of-state)$9,375 (in-state)Portland, OR
280Old Dominion University18,375 (fall 2022)$32,662 (out-of-state)$12,262 (in-state)Norfolk, VA
280DeSales University2,231 (fall 2022)$44,800Center Valley, PA
280Bellarmine University2,343 (fall 2022)$46,780Louisville, KY
280Hampton University2,794 (fall 2022)$29,312Hampton, VA
280Marian University (IN)2,860 (fall 2022)$39,100Indianapolis, IN
280Texas State University33,834 (fall 2022)$24,447 (out-of-state)$12,207 (in-state)San Marcos, TX
280Clarke University785 (fall 2022)$39,600Dubuque, IA
280Southern Illinois University-Carbondale8,000 (fall 2022)$15,522 (out-of-state)$15,522 (in-state)Carbondale, IL
296New Mexico State University11,591 (fall 2022)$27,385 (out-of-state)$9,058 (in-state)Las Cruces, NM
296Alvernia University2,018 (fall 2022)$42,810Reading, PA
296South Dakota State University9,921 (fall 2022)$12,809 (out-of-state)$9,299 (in-state)Brookings, SD
296California State University-East BayN/A$18,875 (out-of-state)$6,995 (in-state)Hayward, CA
296Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-PonceN/A$5,920Ponce, PR
296Southeastern Baptist Theological SeminaryN/A$10,234Wake Forest, NC
304Louisiana Tech University10,083 (fall 2022)$19,608 (out-of-state)$10,695 (in-state)Ruston, LA
304Florida Gulf Coast University14,137 (fall 2022)$25,161 (out-of-state)$6,118 (in-state)Fort Myers, FL
304Concordia University Wisconsin2,817 (fall 2022)$34,250Mequon, WI
304Harding University3,523 (fall 2022)$24,888Searcy, AR
304Ferris State University9,000 (fall 2022)$14,686 (out-of-state)$14,686 (in-state)Big Rapids, MI


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This year’s edition includes 1,500 institutions. QS World University Rankings 2024 introduces three new indicators to reflect the changing priorities of students and the evolving missions of world-class higher education institutions today: a commitment to sustainability; even greater emphasis on supporting graduate employability and increased international research collaboration to solve the world’s biggest challenges.  

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*QS 2024 Top Universities in Asia

QS 2024 Top Universities in Asia
QS 2024 Top Universities in Asia

2024 QS Top Universties in UK, Canada and Australia

*QS 2024 Top Universities in USA

QS 2024 Top Universities in USA

*QS 2024 Top Universities in UK, Canada and Australia:

2024 QS Top Universties in UK, Canada and Australia*QS 2024 Top Universities in Asia

QS 2024 Top Universities in Asia
QS 2024 Top Universities in Asia

QS World University Ranking 2024 - Top 60

QS World University Ranking 2024 - Top 60QS University Ranking - 61th onward (selected countries)

QS University Ranking - 61th onward (selected countries)Source:

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Cambridge, United States
2University of CambridgeCambridge, United Kingdom
3University of OxfordOxford, United Kingdom
4Harvard UniversityCambridge, United States
5Stanford UniversityStanford, United States
6Imperial College LondonLondon, United Kingdom
7ETH ZurichZürich, Switzerland
8National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore, Singapore
9UCLLondon, United Kingdom
10University of California, Berkeley (UCB)Berkeley, United States
11University of ChicagoChicago, United States
12University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia, United States
13Cornell UniversityIthaca, United States
14The University of MelbourneParkville, Australia
15California Institute of Technology (Caltech)Pasadena, United States
16Yale UniversityNew Haven, United States
17Princeton UniversityPrinceton, United States
17Peking UniversityBeijing, China (Mainland)
19The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Sydney, Australia
19The University of SydneySydney, Australia
21University of TorontoToronto, Canada
22The University of EdinburghEdinburgh, United Kingdom
23Columbia UniversityNew York City, United States
24Université PSLParis, France
25Tsinghua UniversityBeijing, China (Mainland)
26Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore)Singapore, Singapore
26The University of Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
28The University of TokyoTokyo, Japan
29University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)Los Angeles, United States
30McGill UniversityMontreal, Canada
32The University of ManchesterManchester, United Kingdom
33University of Michigan-Ann ArborAnn Arbor, United States
34University of British ColumbiaVancouver, Canada
34Australian National University (ANU)Canberra, Australia
36EPFLLausanne, Switzerland
37Technical University of MunichMunich, Germany
38Institut Polytechnique de ParisPalaiseau Cedex, France
38New York University (NYU)New York City, United States
40King's College LondonLondon, United Kingdom
41Seoul National UniversitySeoul, South Korea
42Monash UniversityMelbourne, Australia
43The University of QueenslandBrisbane City, Australia
44Zhejiang UniversityHangzhou, China (Mainland)
46Kyoto UniversityKyoto, Japan
47The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
47Northwestern UniversityEvanston, United States
47Delft University of TechnologyDelft, Netherlands
50Fudan UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
51Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
52Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburgh, United States
53University of AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands
54Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität MünchenMunich, Germany
55University of BristolBristol, United Kingdom
56KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & TechnologyDaejeon, South Korea
57Duke UniversityDurham, United States
58University of Texas at AustinAustin, United States
59Sorbonne UniversityParis, France
60The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
61KU LeuvenLeuven, Belgium
62University of California, San Diego (UCSD)San Diego, United States
63University of WashingtonSeattle, United States
64University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignChampaign, United States
65Universiti Malaya (UM)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
65The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR
67The University of WarwickCoventry, United Kingdom
68The University of AucklandAuckland, New Zealand
69National Taiwan University (NTU)Taipei, Taiwan
71Université Paris-SaclayGif-sur-Yvette,, France
72The University of Western AustraliaPerth, Australia
73KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm, Sweden
73Brown UniversityProvidence, United States
75University of LeedsLeeds, United Kingdom
76Yonsei UniversitySeoul, South Korea
76University of GlasgowGlasgow, United Kingdom
78Durham UniversityDurham, United Kingdom
79Korea UniversitySeoul, South Korea
80Osaka UniversityOsaka City, Japan
81University of SouthamptonSouthampton, United Kingdom
81Trinity College Dublin, The University of DublinDublin, Ireland
83Pennsylvania State UniversityUniversity Park, United States
84University of BirminghamBirmingham, United Kingdom
85Universidade de São PauloSão Paulo, Brazil
85Lund UniversityLund, Sweden
87Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityMoscow, Russia
87Universität HeidelbergHeidelberg, Germany
89The University of AdelaideAdelaide, Australia
90University of Technology SydneyHaymarket, Australia
91University of ZurichZürich, Switzerland
91Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)Tokyo, Japan
93Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)Mexico City, Mexico
93Boston UniversityBoston, United States
95University of St AndrewsSt. Andrews, United Kingdom
95Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)Buenos Aires, Argentina
97Georgia Institute of TechnologyAtlanta, United States
98Freie Universitaet BerlinBerlin, Germany
99Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, United States
100Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH)Pohang , South Korea
100University of NottinghamNottingham, United Kingdom
102University of Wisconsin-MadisonMadison, United States
103Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC)Santiago, Chile
104The University of SheffieldSheffield, United Kingdom
105Uppsala UniversityUppsala, Sweden
106RWTH Aachen UniversityAachen, Germany
107Utrecht UniversityUtrecht, Netherlands
107University of CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark
109Aalto UniversityEspoo, Finland
110Newcastle UniversityNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
111University of AlbertaEdmonton, Canada
112University of WaterlooWaterloo, Canada
113Tohoku UniversitySendai City, Japan
114Western UniversityLondon, Canada
115University of HelsinkiHelsinki, Finland
116University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, United States
117University of OsloOslo, Norway
118Stockholm UniversityStockholm, Sweden
119KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyKarlsruhe, Germany
120Humboldt-Universität zu BerlinBerlin, Germany
121Technical University of DenmarkKongens Lyngby, Denmark
122Lancaster UniversityLancaster,, United Kingdom
123Politecnico di MilanoMilan, Italy
124Eindhoven University of TechnologyEindhoven, Netherlands
124University of BaselBasel, Switzerland
126Leiden UniversityLeiden, Netherlands
126University of BernBern, Switzerland
128University of GenevaGeneva, Switzerland
129Chalmers University of TechnologyGothenburg, Sweden
130University of ViennaVienna, Austria
130Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)Sydney, Australia
132University of North Carolina at Chapel HillChapel Hill, United States
134Sapienza University of RomeRome, Italy
134Texas A&M UniversityCollege Station, United States
136Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing, United States
137University of Science and Technology of ChinaHefei, China (Mainland)
137Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)Gelugor, Malaysia
139University of GroningenGroningen, Netherlands
140RMIT UniversityMelbourne, Australia
141Nanjing UniversityNanjing, China (Mainland)
141Université de MontréalMontreal, Canada
143King Abdulaziz University (KAU)Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
143Aarhus UniversityAarhus, Denmark
145Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)Suwon, South Korea
145Queen Mary University of LondonLondon, United Kingdom
145Rice UniversityHouston, United States
148University of BathBath, United Kingdom
149Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)Mumbai, India
149Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain
151Wageningen University & ResearchWageningen, Netherlands
151The Ohio State UniversityColumbus, United States
153University of ExeterExeter, United Kingdom
154Washington University in St. LouisSt. Louis, United States
154Cardiff UniversityCardiff, United Kingdom
154Alma Mater Studiorum - University of BolognaBologna, Italy
154Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)Berlin, Germany
158Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
159Universidad de ChileSantiago, Chile
159Ghent UniversityGhent, Belgium
159Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)Bangi, Malaysia
162University of WollongongWollongong, Australia
163University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)Santa Barbara, United States
164Hanyang UniversitySeoul, South Korea
164Kyushu UniversityFukuoka City, Japan
164Universitat de BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain
167University of YorkYork, United Kingdom
168University of FloridaGainesville, United States
169University of ReadingReading, United Kingdom
169University of Maryland, College ParkCollege Park, United States
171Complutense University of MadridMadrid, Spain
171University College DublinDublin, Ireland
173Qatar UniversityDoha, Qatar
173University of Cape TownCape Town, South Africa
173The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)Callaghan, Australia
176Erasmus University RotterdamRotterdam, Netherlands
176Nagoya UniversityNagoya, Japan
176University of LiverpoolLiverpool, United Kingdom
179Arizona State UniversityTempe, United States
180Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
180King Fahd University of Petroleum & MineralsDhahran, Saudi Arabia
182University of CalgaryCalgary, Canada
183Curtin UniversityPerth, Australia
184Technische Universität WienVienna, Austria
184Tecnológico de MonterreyMonterrey, Mexico
184École Normale Supérieure de LyonLyon, France
187University of GothenburgGothenburg, Sweden
188Universiti Teknologi MalaysiaSkudai, Malaysia
189McMaster UniversityHamilton, Canada
189Universite libre de BruxellesBrussels, Belgium
189Queensland University of Technology (QUT)Brisbane, Australia
192Ecole des Ponts ParisTechParis, France
192Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet FreiburgFreiburg im Breisgau, Germany
194Wuhan UniversityWuhan, China (Mainland)
195University of Minnesota Twin CitiesMinneapolis, United States
196Hokkaido UniversitySapporo, Japan
197Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)New Delhi, India
198Universidad de los AndesBogotá, Colombia
199Waseda UniversityTokyo, Japan
199Universidad Autónoma de MadridMadrid, Spain
202Queen's University BelfastBelfast, United Kingdom
203King Saud UniversityRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
203University of OttawaOttawa, Canada
205Universität HamburgHamburg, Germany
206University of OtagoDunedin, New Zealand
207Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands
208University of AberdeenAberdeen, United Kingdom
209Queen's University at KingstonKingston, Canada
210University of TwenteEnschede, Netherlands
211Chulalongkorn UniversityBangkok, Thailand
212Loughborough UniversityLoughborough, United Kingdom
213Eberhard Karls Universität TübingenTübingen, Germany
214Keio UniversityTokyo, Japan
215Tel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv, Israel
216Tongji UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
217National Yang Ming Chiao Tung UniversityHsinchu City, Taiwan
218University of SussexBrighton, United Kingdom
219Università di PadovaPadova, Italy
220University of LausanneLausanne, Switzerland
220Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)Campinas, Brazil
222University of PittsburghPittsburgh, United States
222Radboud UniversityNijmegen, Netherlands
224University of RochesterRochester, United States
225Indian Institute of ScienceBangalore, India
226Universidad Nacional de ColombiaBogotá, Colombia
226American University of Beirut (AUB)Beirut , Lebanon
228National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)Tainan City, Taiwan
229Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-NürnbergErlangen, Germany
230Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmaty, Kazakhstan
230Khalifa UniversityAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
232University of GöttingenGöttingen, Germany
233National Tsing Hua UniversityHsinchu City, Taiwan
233Deakin University.Burwood, Australia
235Heriot-Watt UniversityEdinburgh, United Kingdom
236Université Paris CitéParis, France
237Dartmouth CollegeHanover, United States
237Universitas IndonesiaDepok, Indonesia
239Massey UniversityPalmerston North, New Zealand
239Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität BonnBonn, Germany
241Victoria University of WellingtonKelburn, Wellington, New Zealand
242La Trobe UniversityMelbourne, Australia
243Griffith UniversityNathan, Australia
244University of SurreyGuildford, United Kingdom
245University of Massachusetts AmherstAmherst, United States
246Technische Universität DresdenDresden, Germany
246Technical University of DarmstadtDarmstadt, Germany
248Charles UniversityPrague, Czechia
248University of AntwerpAntwerp, Belgium
250University of WaikatoHamilton , New Zealand
251The Hebrew University of JerusalemJerusalem, Israel
252Politecnico di TorinoTurin, Italy
253University of PortoPorto, Portugal
254University of Macaunull Macau SAR
255Case Western Reserve UniversityCleveland, United States
256Maastricht UniversityMaastricht, Netherlands
256Harbin Institute of TechnologyHarbin, China (Mainland)
256University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o WaitahaChristchurch, New Zealand
259Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)Brussels, Belgium
260University of VirginiaCharlottesville, United States
261Vanderbilt UniversityNashville, United States
262University of WarsawWarsaw, Poland
263Gadjah Mada UniversityYogyakarta, Indonesia
264University of WitwatersrandJohannesburg, South Africa
264University of Colorado BoulderBoulder, United States
266Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)Ulsan, South Korea
266University of LisbonLisbon, Portugal
268Linköping UniversityLinköping, Sweden
268University of California, IrvineIrvine, United States
268University of CologneCologne, Germany
271Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP)Kharagpur, India
272University of LeicesterLeicester, United Kingdom
272Beijing Normal UniversityBeijing, China (Mainland)
274North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh, United States
275Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyWuhan, China (Mainland)
276University of MilanMilan, Italy
276University of StrathclydeGlasgow, United Kingdom
278University of MiamiMiami, United States
278Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)Kanpur, India
280University of NavarraPamplona, Spain
281University of BergenBergen, Norway
281Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)Bandung, Indonesia
283Stellenbosch UniversityStellenbosch, South Africa
284Taylor's UniversitySubang Jaya, Malaysia
285The University of ArizonaTucson, United States
285Tianjin UniversityTianjin, China (Mainland)
285Swinburne University of TechnologyMelbourne, Australia
285Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)Chennai, India
289University of GalwayGalway, Ireland
290United Arab Emirates UniversityAl Ain, United Arab Emirates
291Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityXi'an, China (Mainland)
292Norwegian University of Science And TechnologyTrondheim, Norway
292University College CorkCork, Ireland
294Université Grenoble AlpesGrenoble, France
295University of East Anglia (UEA)Norwich, United Kingdom
295Hong Kong Baptist UniversityHong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
297Georgetown UniversityWashington D.C., United States
298Dalhousie UniversityHalifax, Canada
299Rutgers University–New BrunswickNew Brunswick, United States
300UCSI UniversityKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
301Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
302Goethe-University Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt, Germany
302Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburg, United States
304University of Notre DameNotre Dame, United States
304Jagiellonian UniversityKrakow, Poland
306University of JohannesburgJohannesburg, South Africa
307Swansea UniversitySwansea, United Kingdom
307Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)Seri Iskandar, Malaysia
307University of TasmaniaHobart, Australia
310Hamad bin Khalifa UniversityDoha, Qatar
310Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)Barcelona, Spain
312Universität StuttgartStuttgart, Germany
313University of OuluOulu, Finland
313Indiana University BloomingtonBloomington, United States
315University of TurkuTurku, Finland
315Saint Petersburg State UniversitySaint Petersburg, Russia
315Quaid-i-Azam UniversityIslamabad, Pakistan
318Simon Fraser UniversityBurnaby, Canada
319Sciences PoParis, France
319Bauman Moscow State Technical UniversityMoscow, Russia
319Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)Madrid, Spain
322University of Victoria (UVic)Victoria, Canada
323University of PretoriaPretoria, South Africa
323Sun Yat-sen UniversityGuangzhou, China (Mainland)
323University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)Chicago, United States
326University of Southern Denmark (SDU)Odense, Denmark
326University of South AustraliaAdelaide, Australia
328Université Paris 1 Panthéon-SorbonneParis, France
328USI - Università della Svizzera italianaLugano, Switzerland
328City, University of LondonLondon, United Kingdom
328Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)Gwangju, South Korea
332Kyung Hee UniversitySeoul, South Korea
332University of California, Santa CruzSanta Cruz, United States
334Sharif University of TechnologyTehran, Iran
335University of Naples - Federico IINaples, Italy
336Pontificia Universidad Catolica del PeruLima, Peru
336University of KentCanterbury, United Kingdom
336Middle East Technical UniversityAnkara, Turkey
336Aalborg UniversityAalborg, Denmark
340George Washington UniversityWashington D.C., United States
340Beijing Institute of TechnologyBeijing, China (Mainland)
342RUDN UniversityMoscow, Russia
343Brunel University LondonLondon, United Kingdom
344University of AveiroAveiro, Portugal
345Airlangga UniversitySurabaya, Indonesia
345University of SaskatchewanSaskatoon, Canada
347Pontificia Universidad JaverianaBogotá, Colombia
347National Technical University of AthensAthens, Greece
349University of PisaPisa, Italy
349Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)Madrid, Spain
351Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUTLappeenranta, Finland
351University of CoimbraCoimbra, Portugal
353York UniversityToronto, Canada
354Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC)Barcelona, Spain
355University of TsukubaTsukuba City, Japan
355L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU)Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
355Sichuan UniversityChengdu, China (Mainland)
358University of TartuTartu, Estonia
358University of FlorenceFlorence, Italy
360University of TehranTehran, Iran
360Shandong UniversityJinan, China (Mainland)
362Lincoln UniversityLincoln, New Zealand
362Universität InnsbruckInnsbruck, Austria
364University of TurinTurin, Italy
364American University of SharjahSharjah, United Arab Emirates
364Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG)Guwahati, India
367National University of Sciences And Technology (NUST) IslamabadIslamabad, Pakistan
368University of Cyprus (UCY)Nicosia, Cyprus
369Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)Roorkee, India
369Yeshiva UniversityNew York City, United States
371Tilburg UniversityTilburg, Netherlands
371Universidade Federal do Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro, Brazil
371Cairo UniversityGiza, Egypt
374Birkbeck, University of LondonLondon, United Kingdom
375Amirkabir University of TechnologyTehran, Iran
375Western Sydney UniversityMilperra, Australia
375Northeastern UniversityBoston, United States
375Ruhr-Universität BochumBochum, Germany
379Tufts UniversityMedford, United States
380Flinders UniversityAdelaide, Australia
381University of LuxembourgLuxembourg, Luxembourg
382Mahidol UniversityNakhon Pathom, Thailand
382Université de MontpellierMontpellier, France
384Nankai UniversityTianjin, China (Mainland)
384University of MünsterMunster, Germany
386University of Hawaiʻi at MānoaHonolulu, United States
387National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech)Taipei City, Taiwan
387Concordia UniversityMontreal, Canada
387Belarusian State UniversityMinsk, Belarus
387Aix-Marseille UniversityMarseille, France
387Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
392Xiamen UniversityXiamen, China (Mainland)
392Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA)Lyon, France
392Technion - Israel Institute of TechnologyHaifa, Israel
392South China University of TechnologyGuangzhou, China (Mainland)
396Stony Brook University, State University of New YorkStony Brook, United States
396Kazan (Volga region) Federal UniversityKazan, Russia
396Justus-Liebig-University GiessenGiessen, Germany
399HSE UniversityMoscow, Russia
400Universidade Nova de LisboaLisbon, Portugal
400Masaryk UniversityBrno, Czechia
400Iowa State UniversityAmes, United States
403University of GranadaGranada, Spain
404University of California, RiversideRiverside, United States
404University of the PhilippinesQuezon City, Philippines
404Istanbul Technical UniversityMaslak-Istanbul, Turkey
407University of DelhiNew Delhi, India
407Auckland University of Technology (AUT)Auckland, New Zealand
409Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, United States
410University of Southern QueenslandToowoomba, Australia
410Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH)Santiago, Chile
410University of KansasLawrence, United States
413Oxford Brookes UniversityOxford, United Kingdom
413Royal Holloway University of LondonEgham, United Kingdom
415James Cook UniversityTownsville, Australia
415Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT / Moscow Phystech)Dolgoprudny, Russia
415The American University in CairoCairo, Egypt
418Tomsk State UniversityTomsk, Russia
419UNESPSao Paulo, Brazil
419Washington State UniversityPullman, United States
421Université de StrasbourgStrasbourg, France
421Novosibirsk State UniversityNovosibirsk , Russia
421Université de LiègeLiège, Belgium
421Graz University of TechnologyGraz, Austria
421University of CanberraBruce, Australia
426University of LimerickLimerick, Ireland
427Anna UniversityChennai, India
428IE UniversitySegovia, Spain
429University of TrentoTrento, Italy
429Singapore University of Technology and DesignSingapore, Singapore
431National Taipei University of TechnologyTaipei City, Taiwan
431National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaipei City, Taiwan
431University of StirlingStirling, United Kingdom
431Murdoch UniversityMurdoch, Australia
431Koç UniversityIstanbul, Turkey
436Tampere UniversityTampere, Finland
436University of St.Gallen (HSG)St. Gallen, Switzerland
436Sejong UniversitySeoul, South Korea
436Dublin City UniversityDublin, Ireland
436University of Science and Technology BeijingBeijing, China (Mainland)
441University of UtahSalt Lake City, United States
441Université LavalQuébec, Canada
441University of DundeeDundee, United Kingdom
444University of ConnecticutStorrs, United States
444National and Kapodistrian University of AthensAthens, Greece
446Toyota Technological InstituteNagoya, Japan
446Johannes Kepler University LinzLinz, Austria
446The University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleKnoxville, United States
446University of JyväskyläJyväskylä, Finland
446Aston UniversityBirmingham, United Kingdom
451Iran University of Science and TechnologyTehran, Iran
452Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1Villeurbanne, France
452Central South UniversityChangsha Shi, China (Mainland)
454Czech Technical University in PraguePrague, Czechia
454Southeast UniversityNanjing, China (Mainland)
454Sultan Qaboos UniversityMuscat, Oman
454Universität MannheimMannheim, Germany
454Indian Institute of Technology IndoreIndore, India
459Essex, University ofColchester, United Kingdom
460Universität PotsdamPotsdam, Germany
461Florida State UniversityTallahassee, United States
461National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)Moscow, Russia
461Universität JenaJena, Germany
464Johannes Gutenberg Universität MainzMainz, Germany
465Umea UniversityUmeå, Sweden
465University of BordeauxTalence, France
465University of SharjahSharjah, United Arab Emirates
465Colorado School of MinesGolden, United States
469Università degli Studi di PaviaPavia, Italy
469Illinois Institute of TechnologyChicago, United States
469Ben-Gurion University of The NegevBe'er Sheva, Israel
472Hiroshima UniversityHigashihiroshima City, Japan
473Vilnius UniversityVilnius, Lithuania
473Ural Federal University - UrFUEkaterinburg, Russia
473Beihang University (former BUAA)Beijing, China (Mainland)
476Universitat Politecnica de ValenciaValència, Spain
476Kobe UniversityKobe City, Japan
478Universität KonstanzKonstanz, Germany
479Universität LeipzigLeipzig, Germany
480Missouri University of Science and TechnologyRolla, United States
481Hitotsubashi UniversityKunitachi City, Japan
481Leibniz University HannoverHanover, Germany
481Bangor UniversityBangor, United Kingdom
481Satbayev UniversityAlmaty, Kazakhstan
485Universitat de ValenciaValència, Spain
486University of GuelphGuelph, Canada
486University of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaChengdu, China (Mainland)
489University of Rome "Tor Vergata"Rome, Italy
489IPB University (aka Bogor Agricultural University)Bogor, Indonesia
491University of IowaIowa City, United States
491Dalian University of TechnologyDalian, China (Mainland)
491University at Buffalo SUNYBuffalo, United States
494Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroy, United States
494Universidad de SevillaSeville, Spain
494Chung-Ang University (CAU)Seoul, South Korea
494Hunan UniversityChangsha, China (Mainland)
498Ewha Womans UniversitySeoul, South Korea
498University of DelawareNewark, United States
498Ulster UniversityColeraine, United Kingdom
498University of JordanAmman, Jordan
502University of PortsmouthPortsmouth, United Kingdom
502Jilin UniversityChangchun, China (Mainland)
502Bilkent UniversityAnkara, Turkey
505Università Cattolica del Sacro CuoreMilan, Italy
505Macau University of Science and TechnologyMacau, Macau SAR
505National Sun Yat-sen UniversityKaohsiung City, Taiwan
505Oregon State UniversityCorvallis, United States
509Sogang UniversitySeoul, South Korea
509University of BayreuthBayreuth, Germany
511Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse IIIToulouse, France
511East China Normal UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
511SOAS University of LondonLondon, United Kingdom
514Shanghai UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
514Bogaziçi ÜniversitesiIstanbul, Turkey
514Duy Tan UniversityDa Nang, Vietnam
514Pontificia Universidad Católica ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Argentina
514Universität BremenBremen, Germany
514The University of GeorgiaAthens, United States
520University of Texas DallasRichardson, United States
520Universidad AustralPilar, Argentina
520Kyungpook National UniversityDaegu, South Korea
523Universidad de ZaragozaZaragoza, Spain
523University of HullHull, United Kingdom
525Universiti Teknologi BruneiBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
526MGIMO UniversityMoscow, Russia
526Sabanci UniversityIstanbul, Turkey
526University of MadrasChennai, India
529Edith Cowan UniversityJoondalup, Australia
530Aristotle University of ThessalonikiThessaloniki, Greece
530Christian-Albrechts-University zu KielKiel, Germany
530University of GenoaGenoa, Italy
530Universidad de Palermo (UP)Buenos Aires, Argentina
534Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic UniversitySt. Petersburg, Russia
534University of SalamancaSalamanca, Spain
534University of CreteHeraklion, Greece
534China Agricultural UniversityBeijing, China (Mainland)
538Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)Sintok, Malaysia
538Universidad de AlcaláAlcalá de Henares, Spain
540Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)Lahore, Pakistan
540Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)La Plata, Argentina
542Ulm UniversityUlm, Germany
542ITMO UniversitySt. Petersburg, Russia
544Universidad de Costa RicaSan Jose, Costa Rica
545Singapore Management UniversitySingapore, Singapore
545Bar-Ilan UniversityRamat Gan, Israel
545City University of New YorkNew York City, United States
548Northumbria University at NewcastleNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
548University of Eastern FinlandKuopio, Finland
548Lehigh UniversityBethlehem, United States
551University of Nebraska - LincolnLincoln, United States
551Canadian University DubaiDubai, United Arab Emirates
551Hasselt UniversityDiepenbeek, Belgium
551Ajman UniversityAjman, United Arab Emirates
555Universiti Teknologi MARA - UiTMShah Alam, Malaysia
556University of Chemistry and Technology, PraguePrague, Czechia
556INTI International UniversityNilai, Malaysia
556Florida International UniversityMiami, United States
556Renmin (People's) University of ChinaBeijing, China (Mainland)
556Politecnico di BariBari, Italy
561University of PlymouthPlymouth, United Kingdom
561Chongqing UniversityChongqing, China (Mainland)
563University of South FloridaTampa, United States
563Ateneo de Manila UniversityQuezon City, Philippines
563Université de FribourgFribourg, Switzerland
567National Chengchi UniversityTaipei City, Taiwan
567Universidad Adolfo IbáñezSantiago, Chile
567University of HuddersfieldHuddersfield, United Kingdom
567Bond UniversityGold Coast, Australia
571Warsaw University of TechnologyWarsaw, Poland
571Indian Institute of Technology BHU Varanasi (IIT BHU Varanasi)Varanasi, India
571Coventry UniversityCoventry, United Kingdom
571Chiang Mai UniversityChiang Mai, Thailand
575HUFS - Hankuk (Korea) University of Foreign StudiesSeoul, South Korea
575University of South CarolinaColumbia, United States
577University of Tromsø The Arctic University of NorwayTromsø, Norway
577Taipei Medical University (TMU)Taipei, Taiwan
577Lebanese UniversityBeirut, Lebanon
580University of KlagenfurtKlagenfurt, Austria
580Abu Dhabi UniversityAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
582Comillas Pontifical UniversityMadrid, Spain
582Universidad Católica Andres BelloCaracas City, Venezuela
582Applied Science University - BahrainAl-Ekir, Bahrain
586National Research Tomsk Polytechnic UniversityTomsk, Russia
586Sunway UniversityPetaling Jaya, Malaysia
586University of Missouri, ColumbiaColumbia, United States
590Central Queensland University (CQUniversity Australia)Norman Gardens, Australia
590Manchester Metropolitan UniversityManchester , United Kingdom
590Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd universityAl Khobar, Saudi Arabia
593University of Central FloridaOrlando, United States
593Goldsmiths, University of LondonLondon, United Kingdom
595Shenzhen UniversityShenzhen, China (Mainland)
595Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro, Brazil
595Nottingham Trent UniversityNottingham, United Kingdom
595Università Vita-Salute San RaffaeleMilan, Italy
595Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU)Dammam, Saudi Arabia
600Saarland UniversitySaarbrücken, Germany
600Tulane UniversityNew Orleans, United States
600Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyNanjing, China (Mainland)
600Thammasat UniversityBangkok, Thailand
601-610Abo Akademi UniversityTurku, Finland
601-610University of SzegedSzeged, Hungary
601-610Drexel UniversityPhiladelphia, United States
601-610Jawaharlal Nehru UniversityNew Delhi, India
601-610Umm Al-Qura UniversityMakkah, Saudi Arabia
601-610Kingston University, LondonKingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
601-610American University in DubaiDubai, United Arab Emirates
601-610Universidad de ConcepciónConcepción, Chile
601-610Charles Darwin UniversityCasuarina, Australia
611-620Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU)Tokyo, Japan
611-620National Central UniversityTaoyuan City, Taiwan
611-620Auezov South Kazakhstan University (SKU)Shymkent, Kazakhstan
611-620Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-WittenbergHalle, Germany
611-620Pusan National UniversityBusan, South Korea
611-620Brno University of TechnologyBrno, Czechia
611-620University of MinhoBraga, Portugal
611-620Al Ain UniversityAl Ain,, United Arab Emirates
621-630Zhengzhou UniversityZhengzhou, China (Mainland)
621-630Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityXi'an, China (Mainland)
621-630Chang Gung UniversityTaoyuan City, Taiwan
621-630Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS Surabaya)Surabaya, Indonesia
621-630Management and Science UniversityShah Alam, Malaysia
621-630University of Kwazulu-NatalPinetown, South Africa
621-630University of LjubljanaLjubljana, Slovenia
621-630University of the Basque CountryLeioa, Spain
621-630Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) MalaysiaKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
621-630Stevens Institute of TechnologyHoboken, United States
621-630Universitat Ramon LlullBarcelona, Spain
631-640Ajou UniversitySuwon, South Korea
631-640Palacký University OlomoucOlomouc,, Czechia
631-640Université de LilleLille, France
631-640Ritsumeikan UniversityKyoto, Japan
631-640Jinan University (China)Guangzhou, China (Mainland)
631-640Boston CollegeChestnut Hill, United States
631-640Universidad Central de VenezuelaCaracas, Venezuela
631-640Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ)Beirut, Lebanon
631-640University of New MexicoAlbuquerque, United States
641-650University of WindsorWindsor, Canada
641-650Far Eastern Federal UniversityVladivostok, Russia
641-650Memorial University of NewfoundlandSt. John's, Canada
641-650University of OklahomaNorman, United States
641-650New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)Newark, United States
641-650The New SchoolNew York, United States
641-650University of Modena and Reggio EmiliaModena, Italy
641-650Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)Islamabad, Pakistan
641-650University of HoustonHouston, United States
641-650Lingnan University, Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
641-650Universidad de La HabanaHavana, Cuba
641-650University of BradfordBradford, United Kingdom
641-650Free University of Bozen-BolzanoBolzano, Italy
641-650Kazakh National Agrarian Research University KazNARUAlmaty, Kazakhstan
651-660Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)Tallinn, Estonia
651-660University of HohenheimStuttgart, Germany
651-660Universidad de Montevideo (UM)Montevideo, Uruguay
651-660Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)Mexico City, Mexico
651-660Southern Cross UniversityLismore, Australia
651-660COMSATS University IslamabadIslamabad, Pakistan
651-660University of HaifaHaifa, Israel
661-670Brandeis UniversityWaltham, United States
661-670Ca' Foscari University of VeniceVenice, Italy
661-670Universitat Rovira i VirgiliTarragona, Spain
661-670National Chung Hsing UniversityTaichung City, Taiwan
661-670Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman UniversityRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
661-670Università degli Studi di PerugiaPerugia, Italy
661-670Universidad Panamericana (UP)Mexico City, Mexico
661-670Middlesex UniversityLondon, United Kingdom
661-670Tokyo University of ScienceKagurazaka, Japan
661-670Holy Spirit University of KaslikJounieh, Lebanon
661-670Karl-Franzens-Universitaet GrazGraz, Austria
661-670Lebanese American UniversityByblos, Lebanon
661-670Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD)Bandung, Indonesia
661-670Aberystwyth UniversityAberystwyth, United Kingdom
671-680University of ManitobaWinnipeg, Canada
671-680Dongguk UniversitySeoul, South Korea
671-680Carleton UniversityOttawa, Canada
671-680University of GreenwichGreenwich, United Kingdom
671-680American University of the Middle EastEgaila, Kuwait
671-680University of DebrecenDebrecen, Hungary
681-690Pontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoValparaíso, Chile
681-690Soochow UniversitySuzhou, China (Mainland)
681-690Shiraz UniversityShiraz, Iran
681-690East China University of Science and TechnologyShanghai, China (Mainland)
681-690Paris Lodron University of SalzburgSalzburg , Austria
681-690The National University of Science and Technology MISISMoscow, Russia
681-690El Colegio de México, A.C.Mexico City, Mexico
681-690De La Salle UniversityManila, Philippines
681-690University of KentuckyLexington, United States
681-690Taras Shevchenko National University of KyivKyiv, Ukraine
681-690Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical UniversityAlmaty, Kazakhstan
691-700University of TriesteTrieste, Italy
691-700Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH)Sangareddy, India
691-700Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Do SulPorto Alegre, Brazil
691-700University of MonsMons, Belgium
691-700Universidad Iberoamericana IBEROMexico City, Mexico
691-700V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National UniversityKharkiv, Ukraine
691-700Inha UniversityIncheon, South Korea
691-700University of DhakaDhaka, Bangladesh
691-700University of CincinnatiCincinnati, United States
691-700Universidade Federal de Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte, Brazil
701-710Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem, United States
701-710Universidade de Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de Compostela, Spain
701-710Czech University of Life Sciences in PraguePrague, Czechia
701-710Universidad de AntioquiaMedellin, Colombia
701-710Chiba UniversityChiba City, Japan
701-710Eötvös Loránd UniversityBudapest, Hungary
701-710Altai State UniversityBarnaul, Russia
701-710Zayed UniversityAbu Dhabi,, United Arab Emirates
711-720Université de Rennes 1Rennes, France
711-720Savitribai Phule Pune UniversityPune, India
711-720Victoria UniversityMelbourne, Australia
711-720University of WestminsterLondon, United Kingdom
711-720International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
711-720Istanbul UniversityIstanbul, Turkey
711-720University of New BrunswickFredericton, Canada
711-720Universidad del RosarioBogotá, Colombia
711-720Beirut Arab UniversityBeirut, Lebanon
711-720China University of Petroleum, BeijingBeijing, China (Mainland)
711-720University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyBaltimore, United States
721-730Temple UniversityPhiladelphia, United States
721-730Université Côte d'AzurNice, France
721-730Université de LorraineNancy, France
721-730Jeonbuk National UniversityJeonju, South Korea
721-730Ton Duc Thang UniversityHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
721-730University of OregonEugene, United States
721-730University of Colorado, DenverDenver, United States
721-730Ain Shams University in Cairo (ASU, Cairo)Cairo, Egypt
721-730University of BelgradeBelgrade, Serbia
721-730Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyBeijing, China (Mainland)
721-730Universita' Politecnica delle MarcheAncona, Italy
731-740University of SienaSiena, Italy
731-740Universidade Federal de São PauloSão Paulo, Brazil
731-740Alfaisal UniversityRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
731-740Adam Mickiewicz University, PoznańPoznań, Poland
731-740Bournemouth UniversityPoole, United Kingdom
731-740Universidad EAFITMedellin, Colombia
731-740National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"Kyiv, Ukraine
731-740Jordan University of Science & TechnologyIrbid, Jordan
731-740Indian Institute of Technology BhubaneswarBhubaneswar, India
741-750Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"Sofia, Bulgaria
741-750Universität RegensburgRegensburg, Germany
741-750Swarthmore CollegePhiladelphia, United States
741-750University of the PunjabLahore, Pakistan
741-750Jadavpur UniversityKolkata, India
741-750University of Agriculture, FaisalabadFaisalabad, Pakistan
741-750Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN)Ciudad de México, Mexico
741-750Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsBudapest, Hungary
741-750University of the West of EnglandBristol, United Kingdom
741-750University of BariBari, Italy
751-760University of ZagrebZagreb, Croatia
751-760University of UlsanUlsan, South Korea
751-760Riga Technical UniversityRiga, Latvia
751-760Université du QuébecQuébec, Canada
751-760University of MumbaiMumbai, India
751-760Ahlia UniversityManama, Bahrain
751-760Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool , United Kingdom
751-760ISCTE-IULLisbon, Portugal
751-760Wayne State UniversityDetroit, United States
751-760Technische Universität BraunschweigBraunschweig, Germany
751-760Universidad Externado de ColombiaBogotá, Colombia
751-760Kasetsart UniversityBangkok, Thailand
761-770Universität RostockRostock, Germany
761-770Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, United States
761-770Philipps-Universität MarburgMarburg, Germany
761-770Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)Kajang, Malaysia
761-770Universidad de BelgranoBuenos Aires, Argentina
761-770Hacettepe UniversityAnkara, Turkey
761-770King Khalid UniversityAbha, Saudi Arabia
771-780Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management SciencesSolan, India
771-780Rutgers University–NewarkNewark, United States
771-780Nantes UniversitéNantes, France
771-780Sechenov UniversityMoscow, Russia
771-780Universidad ORT UruguayMontevideo, Uruguay
771-780Chandigarh UniversityMohali, India
771-780Universidad Anáhuac MéxicoHuixquilucan, Mexico
771-780Universität Duisburg-EssenDuisburg, Germany
771-780University of BrightonBrighton, United Kingdom
771-780Comenius University BratislavaBratislava, Slovakia
771-780University at Albany SUNYAlbany, United States
781-790China University of Mining and TechnologyXuzhou, China (Mainland)
781-790Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish UniversityTurkestan, Kazakhstan
781-790National Institute of Technology, TiruchirappalliTiruchirappalli, India
781-790Syracuse UniversitySyracuse, United States
781-790University of Northern British ColumbiaPrince George, Canada
781-790Nanjing Agricultural UniversityNanjing, China (Mainland)
781-790Universiti Malaysia PahangKuantan, Malaysia
781-790Keele UniversityKeele, United Kingdom
781-790The Catholic University of KoreaGyeonggi, South Korea
781-790University of Alaska FairbanksFairbanks, United States
791-800American UniversityWashington D.C., United States
791-800Diponegoro UniversitySemarang, Indonesia
791-800Clarkson UniversityPotsdam, United States
791-800University of PatrasPatras, Greece
791-800Plekhanov Russian University of EconomicsMoscow, Russia
791-800Lanzhou UniversityLanzhou, China (Mainland)
791-800University of Engineering & Technology (UET) LahoreLahore, Pakistan
791-800Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)Buenos Aires, Argentina
791-800University of BresciaBrescia, Italy
791-800Universidad de La SabanaBogotá, Colombia
801-850Yokohama City UniversityYokohama City, Japan
801-850China University of GeosciencesWuhan, China (Mainland)
801-850Clark UniversityWorcester, United States
801-850Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH)Vilnius, Lithuania
801-850Verona UniversityVerona, Italy
801-850Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (USM)Valparaíso, Chile
801-850Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyTokyo, Japan
801-850Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityTbilisi, Georgia
801-850Université de SherbrookeSherbrooke, Canada
801-850Konkuk UniversitySeoul, South Korea
801-850Jouf UniversitySakaka, Saudi Arabia
801-850University of LatviaRiga, Latvia
801-850Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)Quito, Ecuador
801-850Almaty Technological UniversityProvo, Kazakhstan
801-850Poznan University of Life SciencesPoznań, Poland
801-850North-West UniversityPotchefstroom, South Africa
801-850University of PecsPécs, Hungary
801-850Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsNanjing, China (Mainland)
801-850Nagasaki UniversityNagasaki City, Japan
801-850Universidad de la República (Udelar)Montevideo, Uruguay
801-850Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU)Minsk, Belarus
801-850Australian Catholic UniversityMelbourne, Australia
801-850Universidad Pontificia BolivarianaMedellín, Colombia
801-850Maynooth UniversityMaynooth, Ireland
801-850University of Santo TomasManila, Philippines
801-850Universitas BrawijayaMalang , Indonesia
801-850Texas Tech UniversityLubbock, United States
801-850De Montfort UniversityLeicester, United Kingdom
801-850University of CalcuttaKolkata, India
801-850Kaunas University of TechnologyKaunas, Lithuania
801-850Vytautas Magnus UniversityKaunas, Lithuania
801-850Karaganda State Technical UniversityKaraganda, Kazakhstan
801-850Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)Kampar, Malaysia
801-850Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal UniversityKaliningrad, Russia
801-850University of HyderabadHyderabad, India
801-850Universidade Federal de Santa CatarinaFlorianópolis, Brazil
801-850University of SalernoFisciano, Italy
801-850Edinburgh Napier UniversityEdinburgh, United Kingdom
801-850University DuesseldorfDüsseldorf, Germany
801-850University of DubaiDubai, United Arab Emirates
801-850Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyDhaka, Bangladesh
801-850Babes-Bolyai UniversityCluj-Napoca, Romania
801-850Universidad de San Andrés - UdeSABuenos Aires, Argentina
801-850Universidade de BrasíliaBrasília, Brazil
801-850University of Massachusetts BostonBoston, United States
801-850Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityBeppu City, Japan
801-850University of BalamandBeirut, Lebanon
801-850Beijing University of TechnologyBeijing, China (Mainland)
801-850Louisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, United States
801-850Charles Sturt UniversityBathurst, Australia
801-850Auburn UniversityAuburn, United States
801-850Al-Ahliyya Amman UniversityAmman, Jordan
801-850University of AlicanteAlicante, Spain
851-900Huazhong Agricultural UniversityWuhan, China (Mainland)
851-900Wuhan University of TechnologyWuhan, China (Mainland)
851-900Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcester, United States
851-900Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, IndiaVellore, India
851-900Toronto Metropolitan UniversityToronto, Canada
851-900Oklahoma State UniversityStillwater, United States
851-900National Research Saratov State UniversitySaratov, Russia
851-900Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las VillasSanta Clara, Cuba
851-900University of SalfordSalford, United Kingdom
851-900Southern Federal UniversityRostov-on-Don, Russia
851-900University of South AfricaPretoria, South Africa
851-900University of ParmaParma, Italy
851-900CY Cergy Paris UniversityParis, France
851-900Universite Paris-Pantheon-AssasParis, France
851-900University of PalermoPalermo, Italy
851-900Niigata UniversityNiigata City, Japan
851-900Queen Margaret University , EdinburghMusselburgh, United Kingdom
851-900University of MaltaMsida, Malta
851-900Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU)Montevideo, Uruguay
851-900Wesleyan UniversityMiddletown, United States
851-900University of Messina (UniME)Messina, Italy
851-900University of MariborMaribor, Slovenia
851-900Kansas State UniversityManhattan, United States
851-900London South Bank UniversityLondon, United Kingdom
851-900University of East LondonLondon, United Kingdom
851-900University of LincolnLincoln, United Kingdom
851-900Gulf University for Science and TechnologyKuwait City, Kuwait
851-900Kuwait UniversityKuwait City, Kuwait
851-900Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in KošiceKošice, Slovakia
851-900Karaganda Buketov UniversityKaraganda, Kazakhstan
851-900Kanazawa UniversityKanazawa, Japan
851-900Michigan Technological UniversityHoughton, United States
851-900King Faisal UniversityHofuf, Saudi Arabia
851-900University of HertfordshireHatfield, United Kingdom
851-900Chonnam National UniversityGwangju, South Korea
851-900Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG)Guadalajara, Mexico
851-900Gdańsk University of TechnologyGdańsk, Poland
851-900Universita' degli Studi di FerraraFerrara, Italy
851-900Technological University DublinDublin, Ireland
851-900TU Dortmund UniversityDortmund, Germany
851-900North South UniversityDhaka, Bangladesh
851-900Chungnam National UniversityDaejeon, South Korea
851-900Clemson UniversityClemson, United States
851-900Catania UniversityCatania, Italy
851-900Universidad Torcuato Di TellaBuenos Aires, Argentina
851-900University of BucharestBucharest, Romania
851-900Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas UniversityBishkek, Kyrgyzstan
851-900Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsBeijing, China (Mainland)
851-900Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, United States
851-900Addis Ababa UniversityAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
901-950University of WroclawWroclaw, Poland
901-950Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WRUST)Wroclaw , Poland
901-950College of William and MaryWilliamsburg, United States
901-950Universidade de VigoVigo, Spain
901-950D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical UniversityUst-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
901-950Nicolaus Copernicus UniversityToruń, Poland
901-950Sophia UniversityTokyo, Japan
901-950Asia University TaiwanTaichung City, Taiwan
901-950Saint Louis UniversitySt. Louis, United States
901-950Donghua UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
901-950Sungshin Women's UniversitySeoul, South Korea
901-950Samara National Research University (Samara University)Samara, Russia
901-950Università degli studi Roma TreRome, Italy
901-950Riga Stradins UniversityRiga, Latvia
901-950Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE)Quito, Ecuador
901-950Ocean University of ChinaQingdao, China (Mainland)
901-950University of Central LancashirePreston, United Kingdom
901-950Okayama UniversityOkayama City, Japan
901-950University of MurciaMurcia, Spain
901-950West Virginia UniversityMorgantown, United States
901-950National Chung Cheng UniversityMinxiong Township, Taiwan
901-950Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM)Mexico City, Mexico
901-950London Metropolitan UniversityLondon, United Kingdom
901-950Universidade Católica Portuguesa - UCPLisbon, Portugal
901-950Universidad Nacional Mayor de San MarcosLima, Peru
901-950Kumamoto UniversityKumamoto City, Japan
901-950AGH University of KrakowKrakow, Poland
901-950Notre Dame University-Louaize NDUKoura, Lebanon
901-950National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"Kharkiv, Ukraine
901-950Prince of Songkla UniversityHat Yai, Thailand
901-950Rhodes UniversityGrahamstown, South Africa
901-950University of DenverDenver, United States
901-950UPESDehradun, India
901-950Hallym UniversityChuncheon, South Korea
901-950Loyola University ChicagoChicago, United States
901-950Universidad ICESICali, Colombia
901-950University of VermontBurlington, United States
901-950Qassim UniversityBuraydah, Saudi Arabia
901-950Mendel University in BrnoBrno, Czechia
901-950University of Alabama at BirminghamBirmingham, United States
901-950Beijing Jiaotong UniversityBeijing, China (Mainland)
901-950Athens University of Economics and BusinessAthens, Greece
901-950Northern Borders UniversityArar, Saudi Arabia
901-950Ankara ÜniversitesiAnkara, Turkey
901-950Princess Sumaya University for TechnologyAmman, Jordan
901-950Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical UniversityAlmaty, Kazakhstan
901-950Alexandria UniversityAlexandria, Egypt
901-950Robert Gordon UniversityAberdeen, United Kingdom
951-1000University of BahrainZallaq, Bahrain
951-1000Yokohama National UniversityYokohama City, Japan
951-1000Northwest Agriculture and Forestry UniversityYangling, China (Mainland)
951-1000Universidad de ValladolidValladolid, Spain
951-1000The University of AlabamaTuscaloosa, United States
951-1000Université de Tunis El ManarTunis, Tunisia
951-1000Université Toulouse 1 CapitoleToulouse, France
951-1000Tokyo Metropolitan UniversityTokyo, Japan
951-1000Shahid Beheshti University (SBU)Tehran, Iran
951-1000Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)Tanjong Malim, Malaysia
951-1000Sumy State UniversitySumy, Ukraine
951-1000Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University ETU-LETISt. Petersburg, Russia
951-1000O.P. Jindal Global UniversitySonepat, India
951-1000University of SeoulSeoul, South Korea
951-1000Universidad de los Andes - ChileSantiago, Chile
951-1000Universidad Diego Portales (UDP)Santiago, Chile
951-1000Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH)San Martin, Peru
951-1000Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR)Rosario, Argentina
951-1000University of CalabriaRende, Italy
951-1000Birla Institute of Technology and Science, PilaniPilani, India
951-1000University of PeshawarPeshawar, Pakistan
951-1000Thapar Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPatiala, India
951-1000Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP)Panama City, Panama
951-1000Jamia Millia IslamiaNew Delhi, India
951-1000Universidad Rey Juan CarlosMóstoles, Spain
951-1000Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Karnataka, IndiaManipal, India
951-1000Gunma UniversityMaebashi, Japan
951-1000Islamic University of MadinahMadinah, Saudi Arabia
951-1000Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityLviv, Ukraine
951-1000University of LodzLodz, Poland
951-1000Universidad Nacional de IngenieríaLima, Peru
951-1000University of GhanaLegon, Ghana
951-1000Khon Kaen UniversityKhon Kaen, Thailand
951-1000Makerere UniversityKampala, Uganda
951-1000Yildiz Technical UniversityIstanbul, Turkey
951-1000Indiana University–Purdue University IndianapolisIndianapolis, United States
951-1000Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
951-1000Vietnam National University, HanoiHanoi, Vietnam
951-1000Yeungnam UniversityGyeongsan, South Korea
951-1000Gifu UniversityGifu City, Japan
951-1000UNIVERSITY OF GDANSKGdańsk, Poland
951-1000George Mason UniversityFairfax, United States
951-1000Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - UNCCórdoba, Argentina
951-1000Universidad de Castilla-La ManchaCiudad Real, Spain
951-1000Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)Cholula, Mexico
951-1000South Ural State University (National Research University)Chelyabinsk, Russia
951-1000Tecnológico de Costa Rica -TECCartago, Costa Rica
951-1000Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB)Caracas, Venezuela
951-1000University of the Western CapeCape Town, South Africa
951-1000Bielefeld UniversityBielefeld, Germany
951-1000King Mongkut's University of Technology ThonburiBangkok, Thailand
951-1000University of BaghdadBaghdad, Iraq
951-1000University of New England AustraliaArmidale, Australia
951-1000NJSC KIMEP UniversityAlmaty, Kazakhstan
1001-1200Tomas Bata University in ZlinZlin, Czechia
1001-1200University of ZilinaZilina, Slovakia
1001-1200Northwest University (China)Xi'an, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Jiangnan UniversityWuxi, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Howard UniversityWashington D.C., United States
1001-1200Baylor UniversityWaco, United States
1001-1200Università degli Studi della Tuscia (University of Tuscia)Viterbo, Italy
1001-1200Mykolas Romeris UniversityVilnius, Lithuania
1001-1200Banaras Hindu UniversityVaranasi, India
1001-1200Universidad Austral de ChileValdivia, Chile
1001-1200Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU)Ufa, Russia
1001-1200Università degli Studi di UdineUdine, Italy
1001-1200University of TyumenTyumen, Russia
1001-1200University of TulsaTulsa, United States
1001-1200Université Toulouse - Jean JaurèsToulouse, France
1001-1200Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEMex)Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico
1001-1200University of ToledoToledo, United States
1001-1200International Christian UniversityTokyo, Japan
1001-1200Meiji UniversityTokyo, Japan
1001-1200Tokushima UniversityTokushima City, Japan
1001-1200ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de GuadalajaraTlaquepaque, Mexico
1001-1200Universidad Autonoma ChapingoTexcoco, Mexico
1001-1200University of WolverhamptonTelford, United Kingdom
1001-1200Chung Yuan Christian UniversityTaoyuan City, Taiwan
1001-1200Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN)Tandil, Argentina
1001-1200Tallinn UniversityTallinn, Estonia
1001-1200Universidad de TalcaTalca, Chile
1001-1200Chang Jung Christian UniversityTainan City, Taiwan
1001-1200Universitas Sebelas MaretSurakarta, Indonesia
1001-1200University of the Sunshine CoastSunshine Coast, Australia
1001-1200Mississippi State UniversityStarkville, United States
1001-1200Saint-Petersburg Mining UniversitySt. Petersburg, Russia
1001-1200Université de SousseSousse, Tunisia
1001-1200Universität SiegenSiegen, Germany
1001-1200Shanghai International Studies UniversityShanghai, China (Mainland)
1001-1200University of SfaxSfax, Tunisia
1001-1200Dankook UniversitySeoul, South Korea
1001-1200Kookmin UniversitySeoul, South Korea
1001-1200Seoul National University of Science and TechnologySeoul, South Korea
1001-1200Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São PauloSão Paulo, Brazil
1001-1200Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar)São Paulo, Brazil
1001-1200Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC)Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
1001-1200Universidad Andrés BelloSantiago, Chile
1001-1200Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de CubaSantiago de Cuba, Cuba
1001-1200Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM)San Pedro Garza García, Mexico
1001-1200Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo LeónSan Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico
1001-1200Universidad Nacional de San LuisSan Luis , Argentina
1001-1200Universidad Nacional de la AsunciónSan Lorenzo, Paraguay
1001-1200Universidad de Puerto RicoSan Juan, Puerto Rico
1001-1200University of San FranciscoSan Francisco, United States
1001-1200San Diego State UniversitySan Diego , United States
1001-1200University of Texas at San AntonioSan Antonio, United States
1001-1200Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)Rochester, United States
1001-1200Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University – IMSIURiyadh, Saudi Arabia
1001-1200University of ReginaRegina, Canada
1001-1200Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE)Recife, Brazil
1001-1200Escuela Politécnica NacionalQuito, Ecuador
1001-1200Brigham Young UniversityProvo, United States
1001-1200Poznan University of TechnologyPoznan, Poland
1001-1200Université de PoitiersPoitiers, France
1001-1200University of PardubicePardubice, Czechia
1001-1200Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH)Pachuca, Mexico
1001-1200University of MississippiOxford, United States
1001-1200Universidad de OviedoOviedo, Spain
1001-1200VSB - Technical University of OstravaOstrava, Czechia
1001-1200Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National UniversityOdessa, Ukraine
1001-1200Novosibirsk State Technical UniversityNovosibirsk, Russia
1001-1200University of Novi SadNovi Sad, Serbia
1001-1200The University of NorthamptonNorthampton, United Kingdom
1001-1200Amity UniversityNoida, India
1001-1200Lobachevsky UniversityNizhny Novgorod, Russia
1001-1200Harper Adams UniversityNewport, United Kingdom
1001-1200Fordham UniversityNew York City, United States
1001-1200Future University in EgyptNew Cairo, Egypt
1001-1200University of Naples ParthenopeNaples, Italy
1001-1200Nanjing Normal UniversityNanjing, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Vancouver Island UniversityNanaimo, Canada
1001-1200University of NairobiNairobi, Kenya
1001-1200An-Najah National UniversityNablus, Palestinian Territories
1001-1200Mutah UniversityMu'tah, Jordan
1001-1200University of IdahoMoscow, United States
1001-1200Financial University under the Government of the Russian FederationMoscow, Russia
1001-1200Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public AdministrationMoscow, Russia
1001-1200Paul Valéry University MontpellierMontpellier, France
1001-1200Universidad Peruana de Ciencias AplicadasMonterrico, Peru
1001-1200University of Wisconsin MilwaukeeMilwaukee, United States
1001-1200Universidad La Salle, MéxicoMexico City, Mexico
1001-1200Universidad de Los Andes - (ULA) MéridaMerida, Venezuela
1001-1200Universidad Nacional de CuyoMendoza, Argentina
1001-1200Taibah UniversityMedina, Saudi Arabia
1001-1200Shinshu UniversityMatsumoto City, Japan
1001-1200Ferdowsi University of MashhadMashhad, Iran
1001-1200Mansoura UniversityMansoura , Egypt
1001-1200Universitas HasanuddinMakassar, Indonesia
1001-1200CEU UniversitiesMadrid, Spain
1001-1200Université Lumière Lyon 2Lyon, France
1001-1200University of Louisville College of BusinessLouisville, United States
1001-1200Utah State UniversityLogan, United States
1001-1200Lodz University of TechnologyLodz, Poland
1001-1200Universitat de Lleida (University of Lleida)Lleida, Spain
1001-1200Universidad de LimaLima, Peru
1001-1200Technical University of LiberecLiberec, Czechia
1001-1200Universidad de LeónLeón, Spain
1001-1200Leeds Beckett UniversityLeeds, United Kingdom
1001-1200University of SalentoLecce (LE), Italy
1001-1200University of WyomingLaramie, United States
1001-1200The University of LahoreLahore, Pakistan
1001-1200Doshisha UniversityKyoto, Japan
1001-1200Kyoto Institute of TechnologyKyoto, Japan
1001-1200National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA)Kyiv, Ukraine
1001-1200Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)Kuching, Malaysia
1001-1200Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
1001-1200Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
1001-1200Siberian Federal University, SibFUKrasnoyarsk, Russia
1001-1200Cracow University of Technology (Politechnika Krakowska)Krakow, Poland
1001-1200Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
1001-1200Technical University of KosiceKošice, Slovakia
1001-1200University of PrimorskaKoper, Slovenia
1001-1200Kyushu Institute of TechnologyKitakyushu, Japan
1001-1200University of Rhode IslandKingston, United States
1001-1200Kent State UniversityKent, United States
1001-1200Kazan National Research Technological UniversityKazan, Russia
1001-1200University of KarachiKarachi, Pakistan
1001-1200University of Missouri, Kansas CityKansas City, United States
1001-1200Universiti Malaysia PerlisKangar, Malaysia
1001-1200Kagoshima UniversityKagoshima City, Japan
1001-1200Universidad del PacíficoJesús María, Peru
1001-1200Bina Nusantara University (BINUS)Jakarta, Indonesia
1001-1200EGE UNIVERSITYİzmir, Turkey
1001-1200University of IoanninaIoannina, Greece
1001-1200University of Hradec KraloveHradec Králové, Czechia
1001-1200Tokai UniversityHiratsuka City, Japan
1001-1200Universidad Nacional Costa RicaHeredia, Costa Rica
1001-1200Harbin Engineering UniversityHarbin, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Szechenyi Istvan University (University of Gyor)Győr, Hungary
1001-1200Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL)Guayaquil, Ecuador
1001-1200Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG)Guadalajara, Mexico
1001-1200Silesian University of TechnologyGliwice, Poland
1001-1200Glasgow Caledonian UniversityGlasgow, United Kingdom
1001-1200Northern Arizona UniversityFlagstaff, United States
1001-1200University of Arkansas FayettevilleFayetteville, United States
1001-1200Sheffield Hallam Universityfalse false
1001-1200University of Texas El PasoEl Paso, United States
1001-1200Al-Quds UniversityEast Jerusalem, Palestinian Territories
1001-1200University of New HampshireDurham, United States
1001-1200BRAC UniversityDhaka, Bangladesh
1001-1200University of DerbyDerby, United Kingdom
1001-1200University of North TexasDenton, United States
1001-1200Southern Methodist UniversityDallas, United States
1001-1200Multimedia University (MMU)Cyberjaya, Malaysia
1001-1200Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPRCuritiba, Brazil
1001-1200Universidad de CórdobaCórdoba, Spain
1001-1200University of ColomboColombo,, Sri Lanka
1001-1200Kangwon National UniversityChuncheon, South Korea
1001-1200Southwest UniversityChongqing, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Universita' degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti PescaraChieti, Italy
1001-1200Chungbuk National UniversityCheongju, South Korea
1001-1200Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be University)Chennai, India
1001-1200University of North Carolina at CharlotteCharlotte, United States
1001-1200Panjab UniversityChandigarh, India
1001-1200University of South Bohemia in České BudějoviceČeské Budějovice, Czechia
1001-1200Universidad MetropolitanaCaracas, Venezuela
1001-1200Universidad del ValleCali, Colombia
1001-1200Université de Caen NormandieCaen, France
1001-1200Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN)Buenos Aires, Argentina
1001-1200Corvinus University of BudapestBudapest, Hungary
1001-1200MATE Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life SciencesBudapest, Hungary
1001-1200Universidad Industrial de Santander - UISBucaramanga, Colombia
1001-1200Slovak University of Technology in BratislavaBratislava, Slovakia
1001-1200University of the Free StateBloemfontein, South Africa
1001-1200Birmingham City UniversityBirmingham, United Kingdom
1001-1200Binghamton University SUNYBinghamton, United States
1001-1200University of DeustoBilbao, Spain
1001-1200Canterbury Christ Church UniversityBexleyheath, United Kingdom
1001-1200Beijing Foreign Studies UniversityBeijing, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Beijing University of Chinese MedicineBeijing, China (Mainland)
1001-1200Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)Batu Pahat, Malaysia
1001-1200Universidad del NorteBarranquilla, Colombia
1001-1200Telkom UniversityBandung, Indonesia
1001-1200Azerbaijan State University of EconomicsBaku, Azerbaijan
1001-1200Baku State UniversityBaku, Azerbaijan
1001-1200Mustansiriyah UniversityBaghdad, Iraq
1001-1200Ohio UniversityAthens, United States
1001-1200Assiut UniversityAsyut, Egypt
1001-1200Soonchunhyang UniversityAsan, South Korea
1001-1200The University of Texas at ArlingtonArlington, United States
1001-1200Gazi ÜniversitesiAnkara, Turkey
1001-1200Amrita Vishwa VidyapeethamAmritapuri, India
1001-1200German Jordanian UniversityAmman, Jordan
1001-1200Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World LanguagesAlmaty, Kazakhstan
1001-1200Kazakh-British Technical UniversityAlmaty, Kazakhstan
1001-1200Aligarh Muslim UniversityAligarh, India
1001-1200Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)Alexandria, Egypt
1001-1200Universidade da CoruñaA Coruña, Spain

* QS Quacquarelli Symonds is the world's leading provider of services, analytics, and insight to the global higher education sector, whose mission is to enable motivated people anywhere in the world to fulfil their potential through educational achievement, international mobility, and career development.

Shanghai, People's Republic of China / August 15, 2023

Since 2003, ARWU has been presenting the world's top universities annually based on transparent methodology and objective third-party data.  This year, more than 2500 institutions were scrutinized, and the best 1000 universities in the world are published.

Harvard University tops the ranking list for the 21st year, followed by Stanford and MIT. Other Top 10 universities are Cambridge (4th), Berkeley (5th), Princeton (6th), Oxford (7th), Columbia (8th), Caltech (9th), and Chicago (10th).

In Continental Europe, Paris-Saclay University (15th) rises one position and remains the best, followed by ETH Zurich (20th). Among Asian universities, Tsinghua University (22nd) moves up four positions and holds the best place in Asia for the first time. The University of Melbourne (35th) tops of other universities in Oceania for thirteen consecutive years since 2011.

Two Chinese universities make their first appearance in ARWU Top 100, namely Central South University (95th) and Nanjing University (96th). There are 35 universities enter into Top 1000 for the first time.


Top 100 Universities in ARWU 2023
2023 Rank2022 RankInstitutionCountry/Region
11Harvard UniversityUnited States
22Stanford UniversityUnited States
33Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT)United States
44University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
55University of California, BerkeleyUnited States
66Princeton UniversityUnited States
77University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
88Columbia UniversityUnited States
99California Institute of TechnologyUnited States
1010University of ChicagoUnited States
1111Yale UniversityUnited States
1212Cornell UniversityUnited States
1313University of California, Los AngelesUnited States
1415University of PennsylvaniaUnited States
1516Paris-Saclay UniversityFrance
1614Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
1718University College LondonUnited Kingdom
1817University of WashingtonUnited States
1921University of California, San DiegoUnited States
2020ETH ZurichSwitzerland
2119Univ California - San FranciscoUnited States
2226Tsinghua UniversityChina
2323Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
2422University of TorontoCanada
2527Washington University in St. LouisUnited States
2628University of Michigan-Ann ArborUnited States
2724The University of TokyoJapan
2825New York UniversityUnited States
2934Peking UniversityChina
3030Northwestern UniversityUnited States
3129Univ North Carolina - Chapel HillUnited States
3239University of CopenhagenDenmark
3336Zhejiang UniversityChina
3431Duke UniversityUnited States
3532The University of MelbourneAustralia
3533University of Wisconsin - MadisonUnited States
3741Karolinska InstituteSweden
3835The University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
3941Kyoto UniversityJapan
3944Rockefeller UniversityUnited States
4140PSL UniversityFrance
4138The University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom
4337The University of Texas at AustinUnited States
4444University of British ColumbiaCanada
4444University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesUnited States
4654Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina
4643Sorbonne UniversityFrance
4852Univ Texas Southwestern Med CenterUnited States
4962University of GenevaSwitzerland
5050University of Maryland, College ParkUnited States
5147The University of QueenslandAustralia
5249Univ Illinois - Urbana ChampaignUnited States
5254Utrecht UniversityNetherlands
54101-150Swiss Fed Inst Tech - LausanneSwitzerland
5570Heidelberg UniversityGermany
5667Fudan UniversityChina
5751University of Colorado at BoulderUnited States
5853University of Southern CaliforniaUnited States
5948King's College LondonUnited Kingdom
5956Technical University of MunichGermany
5957University of MunichGermany
5959University of ZurichSwitzerland
6357Univ California - Santa BarbaraUnited States
6462Univ Sci & Tech ChinaChina
6561University of California, IrvineUnited States
6664Vanderbilt UniversityUnited States
6776University of BonnGermany
6883Weizmann Institute of ScienceIsrael
6978Université Paris CitéFrance
7073McGill UniversityCanada
7171National University of SingaporeSingapore
7264The University of New South WalesAustralia
7379Sun Yat-sen UniversityChina
7367University of OsloNorway
7360University of SydneyAustralia
7666University of GroningenNetherlands
7775Monash UniversityAustralia
7869Aarhus UniversityDenmark
7983Technion Israel Inst TechIsrael
8071Univ Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer CenterUnited States
8183University of BaselSwitzerland
8289Uppsala UniversitySweden
8382University of PittsburghUnited States
8474Ghent UniversityBelgium
8479The Australian National UniversityAustralia
8695KU LeuvenBelgium
8677The Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael
8887Erasmus University RotterdamNetherlands
8896The University of Hong KongChina-Hong Kong
8881University of BristolUnited Kingdom
9196Huazhong Univ Sci & TechChina
9192University of AlbertaCanada
9388Nanyang Technological UniversitySingapore
9498Seoul National UniversitySouth Korea
95101-150Central South UniversityChina
96101-150Nanjing UniversityChina
9683Purdue University - West LafayetteUnited States
9899Brown UniversityUnited States
9890McMaster UniversityCanada
9890Stockholm UniversitySweden

About Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)

Starting from 2003, ARWU has been presenting the world’s top universities annually based on a set of objective indicators and third-party data.

ARWU uses six objective indicators to rank world universities

1..Number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals

2..Number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science

3..Nnumber of Highly Cited Researchers™ selected by Clarivate™

4..Number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded™  in the Web of Science™

5..Number of articles indexed in  Social Sciences Citation Index™ in the Web of Science™

6..Per capita performance of a university.

More than 2,500 universities are ranked by ARWU every year and the best 1,000 universities are published.

Chinese Mainland universities dominate the ARWU list for the first time

China has 191 universities ranked in the Top 1000, outnumbering 187 universities in United States. However, United States maintains an overwhelming advantage at the Top 100 level, it holds 38 Top 100 seats, far more than that in Mainland China (10), United Kingdom (8) and Australia (6).

Number of Top Universities by Country

Country/RegionTop 100Top 500Top 1000
United States38120187
China-Hong Kong157
United Kingdom83864
South Korea01130
Saudi Arabia0612
South Africa048
New Zealand048

Next top 300 schools

101University of HelsinkiHelsinki, Finland9282
101University of FloridaGainesville, FL, United States9497
101Boston UniversityBoston, MA, United States10195
101Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburgh, PA, United States10197
101University of California, DavisDavis, CA, United States101100
101Arizona State UniversityTempe, AZ, United States101101
101Emory UniversityAtlanta, GA, United States101101
101Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiManhattan, NY, United States101101
101Institute for European Studies - Universite Libre de BruxellesBrussels, Belgium101101
101King Saud UniversityRiyadh, Saudi Arabia101101
101University of FreiburgFreiburg, Germany101101
101University of GothenburgGöteborg, Sweden101101
101University of LausanneLausanne, Switzerland101101
101University of LiverpoolLiverpool, ENG, United Kingdom101101
101University of Liverpool Online ProgrammesLiverpool, ENG, United Kingdom101101
101University of NottinghamNottingham, ENG, United Kingdom101101
101University of Sao PauloSão Paulo, Brazil101101
101University of UtahSalt Lake City, UT, United States101101
101University of WarwickCoventry, ENG, United Kingdom101101
101Xi'an Jiaotong UniversityXi’an, China101101
101University of GlasgowGlasgow, SCT, United Kingdom101151
101Wuhan UniversityWuhan, China101151
101Beijing Institute of TechnologyBeijing, China151151
101City University of Hong KongKowloon, Hong Kong (SAR)151151
101Harbin Institute of TechnologyHarbin, China151151
101Jilin UniversityChangchun, China151151
101University of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaChengdu, China151151
101University of ViennaVienna, Austria151151
101Boston University Metropolitan CollegeBrookline, MA, United States--
101WMG University of WarwickCoventry, ENG, United Kingdom--
151Aix-Marseille UniversityMarseille, France101101
151University of AdelaideAdelaide, 05, Australia101101
151University of BirminghamBirmingham, ENG, United Kingdom101101
151University of Birmingham onlineBirmingham, ENG, United Kingdom101101
151University of MontrealMontréal, Canada101101
151University of SheffieldSheffield, ENG, United Kingdom101101
151University of StrasbourgStrasbourg, France101101
151Tokyo Institute of TechnologyMeguro, Japan151101
151University of GöttingenGöttingen, Germany151101
151University of LeedsLeeds, ENG, United Kingdom151101
151Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands151101
151Wageningen University and ResearchWageningen, Netherlands151101
151Baylor College of MedicineHouston, TX, United States151151
151Cardiff UniversityCardiff, WLS, United Kingdom151151
151The University of MilanSesto San Giovanni, Italy151151
151Tongji UniversityShanghai, China151151
151Tufts UniversityMedford, MA, United States151151
151University of California, Santa CruzSanta Cruz, CA, United States151151
151University of CologneKöln, Germany151151
151University of MontpellierMontpellier, France151151
151University of PaduaPadova, Italy151151
151University of PisaPisa, Italy151151
151University of SouthamptonSouthampton, ENG, United Kingdom151151
151University of TübingenTübingen, Germany151151
151University of WaterlooWaterloo, Canada151151
151University of Massachusetts AmherstAmherst, MA, United States151201
151Xiamen UniversityXiamen, China151201
151Beihang UniversityBeijing, China201201
151Beijing Normal UniversityBeijing, China201201
151Zhengzhou UniversityZhengzhou, China201301
151Aix-Marseille Graduate School of ManagementAix-en-Provence, France--
151Tongji University School of MedicineShanghai, China--
201Tel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv, Israel151151
201Tel Aviv University Online ProgramsTel Aviv, Israel151151
201Tohoku UniversitySendai-shi, Japan151151
201Trinity College DublinDublin, Ireland151151
201University of BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain151151
201University of CalgaryCalgary, Canada151151
201University of RochesterRochester, NY, United States151151
201University of SussexBrighton, ENG, United Kingdom151151
201Hokkaido UniversitySapporo-shi, Japan201151
201UCLouvainLouvain-la-Neuve, Belgium201151
201University of MünsterMünster, Germany201151
201University of VirginiaCharlottesville, VA, United States201151
201Bologna Business SchoolBologna, Italy201201
201China Agricultural UniversityBeijing, China201201
201China Medical UniversityTaichung, Taiwan201201
201Chongqing UniversityChongqing, China201201
201Claude Bernard Lyon 1Villeurbanne, France201201
201Curtin UniversityPerth, 08, Australia201201
201Deakin UniversityBurwood, 07, Australia201201
201Florida State UniversityTallahassee, FL, United States201201
201Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)Nuremberg, Germany201201
201George Mason UniversityFairfax, VA, United States201201
201Hanyang UniversitySeoul, South Korea201201
201Politecnico di MilanoMilano, Italy201201
201Queen Mary University of LondonLondon, ENG, United Kingdom201201
201Queen's UniversityKingston, Canada201201
201RWTH Aachen UniversityAachen, Germany201201
201Shanghai UniversityShanghai, China201201
201Swinburne University of TechnologyHawthorn, 07, Australia201201
201The University of IowaIowa City, IA, United States201201
201TU DresdenDresden, Germany201201
201University of AberdeenAberdeen, SCT, United Kingdom201201
201University of AntwerpAntwerpen, Belgium201201
201University of AucklandAuckland, New Zealand201201
201University of BolognaBologna, Italy201201
201University of BordeauxBordeaux, France201201
201University of Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, Argentina201201
201University of California, RiversideRiverside, CA, United States201201
201University of Cape TownCape Town, South Africa201201
201University of Colorado DenverDenver, CO, United States201201
201University of DelawareNewark, DE, United States201201
201University of East AngliaNorwich, ENG, United Kingdom201201
201University of GranadaGranada, Spain201201
201University of HamburgHamburg, Germany201201
201University of KielKiel, Germany201201
201University of LisbonLisbon, Portugal201201
201University of LorraineMaxéville, France201201
201University of Massachusetts Medical School - WorcesterWorcester, MA, United States201201
201University of Missouri - ColumbiaColumbia, MO, United States201201
201University of Nebraska-LincolnLincoln, NE, United States201201
201University of OttawaOttawa, Canada201201
201University of Science and Technology BeijingBeijing, China201201
201University of Technology SydneySydney, 02, Australia201201
201University of Tennessee KnoxvilleKnoxville, TN, United States201201
201University of TsukubaNaka, Japan201201
201University of TurinTorino, Italy201201
201University of WollongongWollongong, 02, Australia201201
201University of WürzburgWürzburg, Germany201201
201Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, VA, United States201201
201Virginia TechBlacksburg, VA, United States201201
201Yonsei UniversitySeoul, South Korea201201
201Dalian University of TechnologyDalian, China201301
201East China Normal UniversityShanghai, China201301
201George Washington UniversityWashington, D. C., DC, United States201301
201Ulsan National Institute of Science and TechnologyUlsan, South Korea201301
201University of ManitobaWinnipeg, Canada201301
201University of Naples Federico IINapoli, Italy201301
201University of PortoPorto, Portugal201301
201University of TasmaniaHobart, 06, Australia201301
201TU BerlinBerlin, Germany301201
201University of CincinnatiCincinnati, OH, United States301201
201Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyBeijing, China301301
201Capital Medical UniversityBeijing, China301301
201China University of Geosciences WuhanWuhan, China301301
201École Normale Supérieure de LyonLyon, France301301
201Fuzhou UniversityFuzhou, China301301
201The University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonHouston, TX, United States301301
201Wuhan University of Technology (WUT)Wuhan, China301301
201Qingdao UniversityQingdao, China401401
201ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and ManagementLisbon, Portugal-201
201International College ManitobaWinnipeg, Canada--
201RWTH Business SchoolAachen, Germany--
201School of Economics and Management - University of PortoPorto, Portugal--
201Swinburne OnlineHawthorn East, 07, Australia--
201University of Sussex OnlineBrighton, ENG, United Kingdom--
301Autonomous University of BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain201201
301Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbane, 04, Australia201201
301University of KansasLawrence, KS, United States201201
301University of MiamiCoral Gables, FL, United States201201
301University of South FloridaTampa, FL, United States201201
301Western University - CanadaLondon, Canada201201
301La Trobe UniversityMelbourne, 07, Australia201301
301University of Southern DenmarkNeder Holluf, Denmark201301
301University of ValenciaValencia, Spain201301
301University Toulouse III - Paul SabatierToulouse, France201301
301Charles UniversityPrague, Czech Republic301201
301Kyushu UniversityFukuoka-shi, Japan301201
301Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)Brussels, Belgium301201
301Aalborg UniversityAalborg, Denmark301301
301Aalborg University - EsbjergEsbjerg, Denmark301301
301Aalto UniversityHelsinki, Finland301301
301Autonomous University of MadridAlcobendas, Spain301301
301Brandeis UniversityWaltham, MA, United States301301
301Lancaster UniversityLancaster, ENG, United Kingdom301301
301Laval UniversityQuébec, Canada301301
301Linköping UniversityLinköping, Sweden301301
301Nanchang UniversityNanchang, China301301
301Nanjing Agricultural UniversityXiaolingwei, China301301
301Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsXiaolingwei, China301301
301Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyNanjing, China301301
301National and Kapodistrian University of AthensAthens, Greece301301
301Northeastern University ChinaShenyang, China301301
301Ocean University of ChinaQingdao, China301301
301RMIT UniversityMelbourne, 07, Australia301301
301University of KentuckyLexington, KY, United States301301
301University of LeicesterLeicester, ENG, United Kingdom301301
301University of LiègeLiège, Belgium301301
301University of Maryland BaltimoreBaltimore, MD, United States301301
301University of Milano - BicoccaSesto San Giovanni, Italy301301
301University of ReadingReading, ENG, United Kingdom301301
301University of SaskatchewanSaskatoon, Canada301301
301University of St AndrewsSaint Andrews, SCT, United Kingdom301301
301University of StuttgartStuttgart, Germany301301
301University of SurreyGuildford, ENG, United Kingdom301301
301University of the Witwatersrand, JohannesburgJohannesburg, South Africa301301
301University of VictoriaVictoria, Canada301301
301Vienna University of TechnologyVienna, Austria301301
301Western Sydney UniversityParamatta, 02, Australia301301
301Cairo UniversityCairo, Egypt301401
301National Cheng Kung UniversityTainan, Taiwan301401
301Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech)Enjitsu, South Korea301401
301Pompeu Fabra UniversityBarcelona, Spain301401
301Queen's University BelfastBelfast, NIR, United Kingdom301401
301Ruhr University BochumBochum, Germany301401
301University of LilleLille, France301401
301University of TurkuTurku, Finland401301
301Beijing University of TechnologyBeijing, China401401
301Nanjing University of Information Science and TechnologyNanjing, China401401
301University of MacauMacau, Macao (SAR)401401
301University of YorkYork, ENG, United Kingdom401401
301Yangzhou UniversityYangzhou, China401401
301Northwest A & F UniversityXi’an, China401501
301Zhejiang University of TechnologyHangzhou, China401501
301La Trobe University Sydney CampusMelbourne, 07, Australia--
301Lancaster University - Management SchoolLancaster, ENG, United Kingdom--
301Ruhr University Research SchoolBochum, Germany--
301University of Miami OnlineCoral Gables, FL, United States--
301University of Miami School of LawCoral Gables, FL, United States--
301Western Sydney University International CollegeParamatta, 02, Australia--
301Western Sydney University, The CollegeQuakers Hill, 02, Australia--
401Albert Einstein College of MedicineEastchester, NY, United States301301
401Drexel UniversityPhiladelphia, PA, United States301301
401Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)Eindhoven, Netherlands301301
401Bar Ilan UniversityRamat Gan, Israel301401
401Polytechnic University of ValenciaValencia, Spain40130
401Georgetown UniversityWashington, D. C., DC, United States401201
401Federal University of Rio Grande do SulPorto Alegre, Brazil401301
401Kyungpook National UniversityTaegu, South Korea401301
401Chalmers University of TechnologyGöteborg, Sweden401401
401China University of Mining and Technology (Xuzhou)Tongshan, China401401
401China University of Petroleum (East China)Qingdao, China401401
401CUNY Graduate CenterNew York City, NY, United States401401
401Federal University of Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte, Brazil401401
401Friedrich Schiller University JenaJena, Germany401401
401Istanbul UniversityIstanbul, Turkey401401
401Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland401401
401King Fahd University of Petroleum & MineralsDhahran, Saudi Arabia401401
401Kyung Hee UniversitySeoul, South Korea401401
401National Tsing Hua UniversityHsinchu, Taiwan401401
401National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)Taipei, Taiwan401401
401Philip University in MarburgMarburg an der Lahn, Germany401401
401Darmstadt University of TechnologyDarmstadt, Germany401501
401Hannover Medical SchoolHannover, Germany401501
401Hiroshima UniversityHiroshima-shi, Japan401501
401Humanitas UniversityPieve Emanuele, Italy401501
401Louisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA, United States401501
401Murdoch UniversityMurdoch, 08, Australia401501
401Masaryk UniversityBrno, Czech Republic401601
401Iowa State UniversityAmes, IA, United States501301
401Nanjing Normal UniversityNanjing, China501401
401Northern Arizona UniversityFlagstaff, AZ, United States501401
401Guangzhou UniversityDasha, China501501
401Macau University of Science & TechnologyMacau, Macao (SAR)501601
401Henan UniversityKaifeng, China501701
401Nanjing Forestry UniversityNanjing, China601601
401Kunming University of Science and TechnologyKunming, China601701
401King Khalid UniversityAbha, Saudi Arabia601801
401CyberSchool – Graduate Cybersecurity Research SchoolRennes, France--
401Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg UniversitySaint Petersburg, Russia--
401IGR-IAE Rennes, Graduate School Of ManagementRennes, France

The complete list and detailed methodologies can be found at ShanghaiRanking’s website

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU): Starting from 2003, ARWU has been presenting the world's top universities annually based on a set of objective indicators and third-party data. ARWU has been recognized as the precursor of global university rankings and the most trustworthy league table. ARWU adopts six objective indicators to rank world universities, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science, the number of Highly Cited Researchers and articles indexed in Science Citation Index - Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index based on data in the Web of Science, and per capita performance. More than 2500 universities are ranked by ARWU, and the best 1000 universities are published.

ShanghaiRanking Consultancy: ShanghaiRanking Consultancy is a fully independent organization dedicating to research on higher education intelligence and consultation. It has been the official publisher of the Academic Ranking of World Universities since 2009.


  1. QS World University Rankings

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) evaluates universities based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, citations per faculty, international faculty and student ratios, and more. (In 2023, QS has introduced three new metrics: Sustainability, Employment Outcomes and International Research Network to emphasise employability and sustainability.)


Relies on surveys, which may be subjective and prone to bias.

Critics argue that the methodology favors universities with strong brand recognition and overlooks smaller institutions with niche expertise.


Incorporates academic and employer reputation, which provides insights into the perception of universities by experts and employers.

Includes indicators like faculty/student ratio and international diversity, which reflect the learning environment and global outlook.

Provides subject-specific rankings that allow for comparison within specific disciplines.

  1. U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities

U.S. News evaluates universities worldwide based on indicators like global research reputation, regional research reputation, publications, conferences, international collaboration, and more.


The use of reputation surveys may introduce subjectivity and bias.

Relies heavily on bibliometric data, which has limitations in capturing the full breadth of university performance.


Incorporates global and regional research reputation, providing insights into the perceived research strength of universities.

Includes indicators like publications, international collaboration, and normalized citation impact, which evaluate research influence.

Offers subject-specific rankings for more precise comparisons.

  1. Times Higher Education (THE)

THE ranks universities based on criteria such as teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income.


The weightage assigned to subjective indicators, such as reputation surveys, can be debated.

The emphasis on research metrics may overshadow other important aspects like teaching quality and student outcomes.


Emphasizes a diverse range of indicators, including teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income.

Utilizes a robust citation database to measure research impact.

  1. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU or Shanghai Ranking)

Developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ARWU focuses on research-oriented indicators such as the number of Nobel laureates, highly cited researchers, and publications in top journals. It places a strong emphasis on scientific research and has a limited focus on other factors like teaching quality.


Concentrates primarily on research performance and does not consider teaching quality or other dimensions of university performance.

Critics argue that the methodology lacks transparency, as specific weightings are not disclosed.


Puts a strong focus on research indicators, including Nobel laureates, highly cited researchers, and publications in top journals.

Offers a stable methodology that provides consistency for longitudinal analysis.

  1. CWTS Leiden Ranking

This ranking focuses primarily on scientific impact and collaboration, using bibliometric indicators such as publications, citations, and collaborations. It assesses universities' research performance and scientific excellence.

  1. Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

CWUR ranks universities based on indicators like quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, research output, and citations. It aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of universities worldwide.

  1. Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

Webometrics ranks universities based on their web presence and impact. It assesses factors like web visibility, number of external links, and content richness of university websites.